Beach Road Weekend sees little incident

Tisbury Police managing public safety on Sunday, the last day of Beach Road Weekend. —Courtesy Tisbury Police Department

Although large crowds came for Beach Road Weekend, one of the biggest events on Martha’s Vineyard, police reported few issues arose during the event. 

The Beach Road Weekend music festival was held over three days at Veterans Memorial Park in Tisbury, bringing in various musical talents and excited concert goers. An estimated 11,000 came out for the Saturday performances. 

Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost told The Times on Monday the total number of people at the festival seemed similar to last year. 

“Overall, the crowd management and policing of the event went well with few issues,” he said. “One individual was placed into protective custody due to alcohol intoxication and there were several noise complaints related to music volume, and a few other complaints related to truck traffic loading equipment into the event grounds before the festival.”


  1. Tisbury as a town has been very lucky so far, but one incident will change all that luck to bad.

    • Tisbury as a town has been very skillful so far, no bad incidents.
      If there were to be a bad incident at the OB Fireworks should it be shut down?
      The Edgartown Forth of July Parade?
      The West Tisbury Fair.
      The SSA?

      Are you disappointed that there was no major incident?
      It took the Nattering Nabob Negativism out your sails.
      You have to find something else to grip about?

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