Dairy Queen up for sale

The Dairy Queen in Edgartown is up for sale. —Eunki Seonwoo

The Dairy Queen in Edgartown, a beloved eatery on Martha’s Vineyard, is up for sale. 

“Dairy Queen business for sale: serious buyers only. Send contact info and brief background to info.edgartowndq@gmail.com,” a classified ad placed with The Times reads.

The first Dairy Queen was built on the Island in 1967 by Richard Brown, across the street from where the current DQ is located. The initial space was sold in 1983, and the Island went a decade without the popular ice cream, until Erika and Tony Bettencourt built another one in Edgartown at its present location. 

The business was sold to the Celeste family, who also own Rosewater, in 2017. It remains one of the few national chains on the Island. 

The eatery’s annual opening has also been a sign of the approaching summer, with lines of people awaiting their cold, sweet treats. 

This isn’t the first time the Edgartown location was put up for sale; the Celeste family tried to sell it in 2020 as well.
Edgartown Dairy Queen owner Christopher Celeste was not immediately available for comment. 

Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty said if someone were to purchase the Dairy Queen, they would need to get a common victualler license from the Edgartown Select Board and approval from the Edgartown board of health. But there wouldn’t be many additional administrative steps.

Hagerty said additional work would be needed if a chain business was trying to set up a new location on the Island.


  1. Can we finally get rid of this God awful fast food joint?
    They are cute on the mainland, but not here.

  2. I hope the price isn’t exorbitant and a local family can buy. For example, dry cleaners is running GREAT! I also met locals who bought Sharkys. Please sell it to people who know this island and can access workers so it can continue.

  3. This must explain why it has been hard to get a dilly bar this summer. When you do not own the property it is hard to make a living as all you do is make money for the landlord. Please someone save our Dilly Bars as this has been a fabric of Upper Main Street longer than most people have been coming here.

  4. Its one of the only ice cream shop on the island that is affordable. Hopefully someone locally can buy & keep it going. It’s my favorite soft serve business!!

  5. Albert, lighten up please. DQ has been family owned and operated for decades. The annual spring opening greatly anticipated by young and old. The property was always well cared for. Crowds well managed. I certainly hope the new owners are local. And wish anyone buying it the best in difficult financially challenging times.

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