Local migrant flights documentary receives award

A screenshot from Circuit Arts' documentary "Waiting to Continue." —Courtesy Circuit Arts

The locally produced documentary “Waiting to Continue: The Venezuelan Asylum Seekers on Martha’s Vineyard” has been chosen to receive the Arlington International Film Festival’s Outstanding Massachusetts Filmmaker Award, Circuit Arts announced last week. 

The documentary short, which portrays the aftereffects of last year’s unexpected arrival of nearly 50 South American migrants on the Vineyard, was created by Circuit Films filmmakers Ollie Becker, Tim Persikno, and Tom Ellis.

“The recognition at the Arlington International Film Festival marks another milestone in the journey of ‘Waiting to Continue,’” Circuit Arts said in a recent press release. “Since its premiere at the annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival last March, the film has already garnered attention and acclaim around the state and from the Martha’s Vineyard community, and its impact continues to grow as it reaches wider audiences.

“The Outstanding Massachusetts Filmmaker Award not only recognizes the talent behind the camera, but also the cultural and social significance of a film,” the release continued. “It celebrates the importance of cinema and its power to shed light on pressing issues and inspire change. Circuit Arts’ and Circuit Films’ mission is to produce thought-provoking documentaries. ‘Waiting to Continue’ aligns with that commitment.”


  1. Let the next migrant group of 7000 people come and settle on mv. It’s only fair since the governor has admitted the mainland is now full, spending over $1million per day to care for this year’s illegal immigrants.

    • MV does not want them either you saw how quickly they put them on a boat off island and away from here. This short got the award because off subject matter and not for any other reason as it was not a great production. The subject is a good one for those who want to feel good about themselves but in the end NIMBY lives here as well. Only a very few have walked the talk on the island and taken some migrants in.

    • Yes. The solution is to close the border for 3 months! Deport all those who just came in. Deport as many as can be found near the border. Arm our border to defend against the Mexican Drug Lords and work harder to arrest/prevent drugs, especially fentanyl from coming into the US. Work with the Mexican government to go after the Drug Cartels. (Mexico is a failing state and needs our help to cut out the cancer that is killing the country.) No more Sanctuary Cities. Enforce our borders! Biden’s open border policy is national suicide.

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