Feds arrest Brazilian sex offender in West Tisbury

A blurred photo provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

A 37-year-old Brazilian national convicted of raping a 5-year-old child in his home country was apprehended near his West Tisbury residence by deportation officers with Boston’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (EPO) last week.

Saulo Cardoso Ferreira is wanted by Brazilian authorities for failure to serve his 14-year sentence, and fleeing his home country after receiving multiple criminal convictions related to the rape of a vulnerable child in 2019. 

According to a press release issued by EPO Monday, Ferreira “unlawfully entered the United States on an unknown date, at an unknown location, and without being inspected or admitted by an immigration official.”

Immigration officials say EPO Boston’s Fugitive Operations Team South were alerted to Ferreira’s presence on Martha’s Vineyard on Sept. 28, and apprehended him without incident during a vehicle stop in West Tisbury on Nov. 14, where he was served with a notice to appear before a Department of Justice (DOJ) immigration judge. 

Ferreira remains in ERO custody pending his removal proceedings. 

“This undocumented Brazilian national represented a significant threat to the inhabitants of Martha’s Vineyard,” ERO Boston Field Office Director Todd Lyons said in the federal release. “He sexually assaulted a 5-year-old child in his homeland, and then ran from authorities when held accountable for his actions.”

“ERO Boston will not allow such predators to threaten our residents. We will continue to apprehend and remove anyone who attempts to use our New England community as a refuge from justice.”


    • He has not been convicted of a crime?
      With your comment you have removed yourself from the jury pool.
      From a story in a “Left Wing Mainstream Free Rag” you have decided guilt and punishment.

  1. One maybe gone if the same judge in Boston that let others escape is not hearing this. Then how long will it take him to get back to the open border and start the game again. Hundreds more illegals on this island and who knows what their background is they all ready showed their willing to break the law to get here.

  2. Agreed, SHOW his Face!!!
    You Dems and Biden keep those borders open, what do you expect?
    Definitely not another *4 more years!!!

    • How many illegals came in on on Trump’s watch?

      Trump opened our borders for food and auto imports and oil exports. Was that wrong?

  3. How can anyone justify having open borders? Allowing unvetted illegal immigrants to just walk into our country. It makes no sense there is no reasoning behind it. Democrats, what are you thinking? New voters?
    Recall the Mariel Boat Lift..if not google it.
    This policy is ruining our country! Unvetted criminals, gang members, sex offenders just walking across the border. And for the “woke’s” it is sex offender, child molester not “minor attracted persons”. Our once great cities are crime ridden and not safe after dark. It may be too late but we have to try. Close the border’s! Locate persons who crossed illegally and remove them with the option to return legally. Fund the police they need it and make sure that their policies are equal and fair to all citizens. Vote out any politician that condones this senseless policy. You could also ask them why they let this happen but you will not get an answer.
    Just walk across our borders, say that you are a”political refugee” ( most are not even asked) and receive “tax payer funded dollars a drivers license and the right to vote in our elections! There is a legal way to enter the USA it is the law.Open borders is not the definition of our “melting pot” policies. There are so many proud new citizens who came into the USA legally. I cannot imagine what they are thinking looking at this mess.
    This policy of open borders is not the way to correct the issues that we need to fix in this great country.Our own citizens the homeless, medically in need of help, elderly and above all veterans should be first in line and they are being pushed to the back of the line.

    • We had open borders from 2017 through 2021.
      Millions and millions of people came in and out.
      Billions and billions of dollars of goods and services came in and out.
      Do you really want to close our borders, to exports?
      Close our borders to Flat screen TVs, computers, cell phones, specialty metals?

      How about just closing our borders to poor Brown people trying to escape Radical Left and Radical Right governments?

      Do you have any examples of how the existence of “illegals” on Island has negatively impacted you? Was you lawn violently mowed? Your kid’s diaper torn off? Your dishes in a restaurant taken away?

      We have some wonderful veterans’.
      We have some veterans’ who steal, rape and kill.

    • Joe– It gets a little tiring to hear the
      some old flogging of the same old horse:
      Crime rate
      Yes , it has been increasing over the last few
      years, but you will likely not ever think about why that may
      As for Immigrants making us less safe :
      “The study found that undocumented immigrants had
      substantially lower crime rates than native-born citizens
      and legal immigrants across a range of felony offenses.
      Relative to undocumented immigrants,
      U.S.-born citizens are over 2 times more likely to be
      arrested for violent crimes, 2.5 times more likely to
      be arrested for drug crimes, and over 4 times more
      likely to be arrested for property crimes”.
      Nationwide, federal hate crimes are one of the fastest
      growing crimes in this country. –7.3% —2021-2022
      About 1/2 of them are anti semitic in nature.

      Don’t blame me– I don’t think that Jewish lasers in
      space are setting fires n Ca.. But if I did, I would be really
      upset that the Jewish community was supporting that.
      I don’t know, maybe they are– It’s as plausible as the idea
      that everyone at 5 corners last weekend supports Hamas
      and hates Jews.
      I also don’t think that Jews kill children and drink their
      blood despite what a radical Jew here thinks about
      my opinions. I didn’t even know such an anti semitic
      conspiracy existed until I was accused of it in
      a private hate mail I received last week.
      But if you happened to believe that lie and you were
      ignorant to begin with, what do you do ?
      There was also a 40% increase in hate crimes against
      trans people 2021-2022 Any idea why that might be ?
      If not, watch some episodes of Tucker Carlson, or the
      Ingraham angle over there on that unbiased fox network.
      That kind of rhetoric gets people killed.
      And I’m a veteran– I haven’t been pushed to the back
      on any lines in terms of medical care.
      But I will tell you that if I was in the E.R waiting to be
      treated for a broken,finger and some Bazillion came in
      with serious injuries from a car accident, I wouldn’t
      even blink if they got treatment first. Regardless of
      their legal status. How about you ? Would you complain?
      Would you resent it ? Be honest.

      • Don, I don’t think this is helpful to you or anyone else. This article involves the brutal rape of a five-year-old girl and you’re making it about your disagreement with another commenter.

        No mention of the pedophilia, just straight to personal complaints and scattered issues. If Jackie sent you a private email, perhaps you should respond to her privately. Isn’t that the point? Or at least wait for an article about the price of apples or something to bring it up again. Something inconsequential.

      • Correcting myself: This article only refers to the victim as a child, not as a girl. I believe I read in one of the Boston papers that the child was female, but I don’t know if that’s verified.

        Either way, the seriousness and sickening nature of the crime remain, obviously.

  4. Good for you Joe, you said this a lot more politely than I could have ever possibly done!!!
    You should cut and paste it to the Gazette’s
    “Letter to the Editor”….
    You are spot on especially about veterans!

  5. Interesting that Woody Williams would whine about a face being blurred, demanding we know the truth of what that convict looks like, while supporting the previous President whose middle name is “I plead the fifth amendment.”
    I guess the obligation to tell the truth of a matter only counts against the Democrats.
    His favoured President’s lies are just fine. Keep them “blurred.”
    And in case it has not been noticed, American citizens are well represented as Defendants in Edgartown District Court.
    I guess The Wall hasn’t stopped Americans from their home grown proclivities to sexual assault.
    Much better to pick on this nationality.

  6. My comment never implied anything about the color of anyones skin? I would consider that a racist comment. I never singled out any nationality … the article was about a Brazilian child molester that crossed the border illegally printed in the MV Times. “You”made that assumption as well as ur remark about skin color. You may have some buried racist tendencies to assume so much.
    My thoughts were about having “open borders” which I consider a disaster. I think that if you went on a “walk-about” you would see that there are not many countries.. if any.. that will allow you to just walk over their border. In fact most countries would require you to show a place of residence, financial capability and if (!) allowed in it would be on a visa of some sort with a time constraint. So, you would consider them all racist?
    Would you leave your front door unlocked and open to anyone who would want to enter your house? Not knowing who they are? Strangers to you but u would let anyone come and go through your front door?
    Open borders hurt us all it is not productive in anyway at all.
    By the way legal commerce across borders is not the issue that I was talking about I think that that was/is pretty obvious.

  7. Okay, my only comment concerns the headline: “Brazilian sex offender”? And what would be the headline if the person were from, say, West Tisbury? “West Tisbury sex offender”? I sure hope so, in the interests of equality and all.
    And by the way, I haven’t had a front door key since 19…. well, perhaps ever. But then again, you never know when someone is home here. Best you steal my 14-year-old car, equally accessible.

  8. He’s been convicted and doesn’t deserve to have his face blurred. He certainly doesn’t respect anyone else’s safety or privacy.

    There aren’t strong enough labels for criminals like this. They all fall short of capturing this specific kind of evil.

  9. Why is it that Don Keller’s posts are almost always bigger than the screen on my Android phone? Could the MV Times correct this so at least I could read his rebuttal or comment without trying to decipher his writings?

    Blurry or not, Brazilian or not, if this person was convicted in his home country, then it is good to have him picked up and removed.

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