Furry favorites

Pet-approved holiday gifts for your four-legged friends.


From the schedule changes, missed walks, fewer snuggles, and the continuous visits of the UPS driver around the holidays our pets don’t always get the attention they typically do. The Island has a number of spots you might want to stop into to find a special gift for them — to remind them how much you love them.

Treats for pups

There are a number of stores which offer homemade dog treats. The two Black Dog bakery locations in Vineyard Haven sell gourmet dog bones that look so good you might think they’re for people. Each colorful Christmas cookie is unique and costs range from $2 to $5 each.

Purple Paws bagged treats are made by the MVRHS Voyager Program. Students make, package, and label the dog treats. They’re $10 per pack and all the proceeds go to Island Autism. You can find them at SBS, order online at sites.google.com/view/purplepaws/home, or scan the QR code. MV Barkery also sells their cookies for a cause, also benefiting Island Autism. They are for sale at Mocha Mott’s in Vineyard Haven, Alley’s General Store, Juniper Gifts, and the Edgartown Visitor Center in flavors Pumpkin Passions. Squibnocket Sockets, and Peanut Butter Cowboys. You’ll also find them this year at Christmas in Edgartown, with proceeds going to the M.V. Animal Shelter.

For a treat that will really make your dogs’ howl-iday, stop by Reliable Market in Oak Bluffs for a couple of beef bone marrow bones. If you don’t see them packaged in their meat case, ask the friendly butcher (his name is Bob) and they’ll package a couple up for you. Store them in the freezer until you’re ready to share the treat with your dog — they’ll likely love it so much you won’t hear from them for hours.

If you get the chance, take your pooch for a ride in the car to Good Dog Goods at the end of Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs so they can pick out their own holiday gift. The charming shop welcomes you and your four-legged friend to shop together. They have everything from CBD treats ($34.99), to dog play toys in just about every shape you could imagine. Collars, leashes, dog bowls, there are three rooms to explore, and a porch to hang out on after. Most dogs would love to take a ride in the car to go in and check it out.

If you find yourself in a time crunch, pick up a box of doggie ice cream cups from Stop & Shop. They carry Purina Frosty Paws ($5.99), and Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts with peanut butter ($5.99).

Gifts for kittens

The upstairs of Healthy Additions has some cute cat toys, some of the catnip kind as well, if your cat can handle that kind of “strong stuff.” They carry an interesting cat (or dog) treat called Cod Skins ($18.79), which sounds tasty if you were a cat, right? SBS carries water dishes for your cat, and they have one that’s particularly popular that creates flowing water, which is easy to wrap up to put under your tree ($35.99). Don’t forget, as far as most cats are concerned, any of the holiday decorations you’ve hung around the house qualify as cat toys — including the Christmas tree. And your cat would love to play with that cardboard box before it heads to the recycling bin.

Treats for horses 

Horses love treats. From peppermints, candy canes, carrots, and apples to a good, soft groom, they enjoy being spoiled. Smax Snax are homemade treats made specially for horses, although I am sure they could be enjoyed by a dog or a hungry husband. They’re made by Elyce Retmeir using organic oat flour, molasses, and cinnamon as the base with icing and small sugar toppers to decorate them. She can customize the ingredients for any dietary restrictions, sugar-free training nuggets, supplemental treats such as garlic for fly control, and oils for weight/coat management. For the holidays, she decorates the treats with cute Santa faces, gingerbread men, Christmas lights, or candy canes on them. They can be ordered over the phone, Instagram or email, and offer free delivery. You can buy a bag of 6 ($10) or 12 treats ($20), an advent calendar ($50) or even a gift subscription ($20 month), with the theme changing each month. To place your order, call or text 508-939-0584, on Instagram @smaxsnaxmv, or email smaxsnaxmv@gmail.com.

If you don’t have a horse and are just stopping by the barn to share a little holiday cheer, it’s important to check with their owner if there are any treats they can’t have.

It would be impossible to list all the great gifts for sale on the Island for your dog, cat, horse and more. Toys, jackets, collars, bowls, halters, even sets of puppy Christmas jammies. The spots to shop are the Black Dog, SBS Grain Store, Cronig’s Healthy Additions, and Good Dog Goods. You’ll just have to stop in to see for yourself, you’ll be sure to find that special gift for your favorite animals.