Ralliers remember, condemn Jan. 6

The rally is meant to be the first of Indivisible M.V.'s election-season events.


With the upcoming presidential election in mind, concerned citizens rallied at the Oak Bluffs roundabout this Saturday, Jan. 6, on the three-year anniversary of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Just over a dozen demonstrators displayed homemade signs warning against hate and fascism, and highlighting the election’s importance.

The event was held by Indivisible M.V., a local political group looking to hold more events as the election approaches. 

Ralliers spoke about their reasons for concern come November, and the importance of individual political involvement. They also received honks of support from drivers.

Indivisible MV was founded by Carla Cooper of Edgartown. “The main reason [for the rally] is to just remind people that Jan. 6th was an insurrection against our country, and was not a peaceful protest,” Cooper said on Saturday. “We, as freedom-loving people, are never going to forget the attack on our democracy.”

Cooper said that the rally also marked the kickoff to Indivisible M.V.’s 2024 election season. “We want to get people … energized about the election coming up, and keep [at the] forefront of their mind how important it is. So we’re going to be doing these periodic standouts, so we can just keep reminding people to vote — vote, vote vote — and that democracy is the No. 1 issue right now.”

Cooper says that in the past several years, Indivisible M.V. has held around 50 standout events, as well as annual women’s marches. The group has also collaborated with the Vineyard chapter of Black Lives Matter, the League of Women Voters, the Democratic Council of M.V., and others.

Cooper’s group is the local branch of the national organization Indivisible, which started as a Google document showing people how to pressure local officials to resist Trump’s agenda. Indivisible now organizes millions of activists and thousands of groups nationwide, and encourages voting for progressive causes and candidates, both locally and nationally.

Marvin Jones of Oak Bluffs attended the rally Saturday. He compared Trump’s rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler, and was alarmed by tribalism in U.S. politics. 

Jones also warned that January 6, 2021, might not be the last event of its kind. “We believe it was an insurrection trying to overturn the will of the voters, and then they have the nerve to try to do it again — they called it practice,” Jones said.

Jones recalls a regression in the democratic process over his lifetime. “I was raised a Democrat, and I was born in the ’50s,” he said. “In the ’60s, we were demonstrating every day for peace and freedom. And things are going back 50 years. Here we are again, trying to save democracy.”

Ahead of the November presidential election, Jones wants more of the people responsible for the Capitol attack to be prosecuted, and wants more support for voting rights. “I’d like to see the insurrectionists banned from running, and I’d like to see voting rights restored … I’m from the ’60s, and we had the federal oversight of state elections. And then suddenly they say, ‘Oh, we don’t need that anymore, there’s no racism.’ And now, all of sudden, there are [fewer] voting booths, and longer lines, and more requirements, and more IDs,” said Jones.

Maria Black of Edgartown attended the Massachusetts Democratic Convention as a representative for the Island in the fall. This Saturday, Black attended the rally to remind people of the significance of the attack on the Capitol. “It’s been three years, and I think people sort of are more accepting, and forgetting how really awful that day was,” she said. “And so, by standing out here, we remind people that we still care that this event happened. And we’re still really upset by it, and we can never forget that our government was almost overthrown.”

Black also wanted action to support voting rights ahead of the presidential election. “I would like to see, in states where they’re trying to erode the rights of voters and making it more difficult for voters to actually vote, I would love to see more change … because it’s not truly democracy unless everybody can participate. And I think targeting groups of color, or nonwhite groups, is completely wrong.”

Cooper, the event organizer, wants more people to vote in 2024, and herself advocates for Joe Biden.”I would like to see people get excited about voting. I would like to see them get excited about voting for Joe Biden, and stop complaining about how old he is,” Cooper said on Saturday. “He’s been the most progressive president since FDR … And we also need people to vote for our local candidates and our state candidates … We want people to get engaged, so that they learn about the process and how important it is to show up.”

Specific Biden policies that Cooper highlighted included the recent cap of $35 per month for insulin for Medicare enrollees: “It saves people, especially seniors, thousands of dollars.”

Cooper also noted infrastructure funding: “The infrastructure bill … is bringing broadband funding, and funding for improvements for roads. Actually, we got funding to rebuild South Beach, so it affects us here at home.”

“We’ve never had a president who’s been stronger on unions,” Cooper added. “So these are the issues that affect everyday people.”


    • Compiled by defendants of the insurrection. I’m sure it’s totally factual and unbiased LOL. I cannot find one legitimate news source confirming the accuracy of this. This reminds me of all the YouTube “doctors” who made “Covid is not real” and “vaccines are going to poison everyone” videos. It’s amazing how many people watched the insurrection with their own eyes unfolding in real time on TV, yet are willing to suspend reality and swallow conspiracy theories and revisionist history because it serves their cult leader.

    • I watched a bit of this, and will try to watch
      the rest of it after I recover from getting totally
      disgusted by the Ray Epps references.
      But of course, I understand that every
      conspiracy needs a boogeyman.
      But , I guess it’s plausible that all those people
      with the Maga hats and the trump
      flags were just mislead by people who
      were obviously smarter than them .
      It doesn’t take much to be smarter than
      a MAGA maggot.

    • All of us with “honest minds” actually watched these events live… It is a cult mentality that tries to rewrite/reframe/convince people that they didn’t see what they saw.

      • I saw the destruction of Minneapolis three days after the George Floyd peaceful protests and it was a war zone for miles but I was told by our media that I didn’t see what I saw.

    • John followed your suggestion. What I found most notably by the 20:00 minute mark of the film was several crucially important omissions.
      The voiceover highlights the ex-President remarks to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard yet omits his statement to go down the Capitol “and fight like hell otherwise you won’t have a country left”. Also missing was Guiliani telling the crowd to engage in “trial by combat” as well as Biggs telling the assembled crowd that it was time to “start taking names and kicking *ss”. Getting the crowd revved up was what this was about. Interrupting the proceeding taking place in the House chamber and attempting to implement the slates of fraudulent electors that had been previously prepared by a conspiracy devised by Eastman and others was a clear attempt at overturning (not questioning) the election results that fateful day.
      In any portrayal of what alleges to be a complete and honest account of what happened on that day, several key facts are sorely missing. There is no mention of how the crowd was summoned there in the first place by the former President’s tweet which ended with the words “Will be Wild”. I also must wonder why members of the crowd that allegedly came to peacefully protest came dressed in full tactical gear and were carrying several kinds of weapons which were used in the melee against police in a full-blown, bloody assault on the Capitol.
      Trump’s clever inclusion of the words “peacefully and patriotically” by no means either nullifies his true intent or culpability, especially given the volume of evidence and testimony that has been compiled since.

    • I really like the part where the film shows
      a single person tearing down a plastic fence
      that had area closed signs on it. This shortly
      after the mob broke through 2 sets
      of solid barriers, clashed with police on
      numerous occasions and then the narrator
      claims that since a vandal destroyed the fence
      that the mob had no idea the area was closed.
      Gotta love how absolutely brazen a claim like
      that actually is. But if that’s the best defense you got,
      ok, go with it. I guess it’s not that hard to believe
      given the apparent intelligence of these people.

  1. You forgot to mention how his border enforcement is going.
    I do not think you or he needs to worry about more people to vote for him, he now has an additional 5 – 8 million, unvetted illegal alien new voters!
    No need to stand out in the cold. He has got it in the bag!
    I know where our future is headed. Just look at all the blue states.

    • The fact that you, and millions of other dupes, believe this nonsense is why we’re on the verge of a dictatorship if Trump ever got elected again. The abject lying, fear-mongering, and casting doubt on the integrity of elections is why we saw a bunch of rabid crackpots storming the Capitol, attacking election workers, and believing that the FBI was responsible for Jan 6. It’s a fascist cult. If you believe all that stuff, you’re in it.

      And Please elaborate on the horrors of living in MA – a “blue state”. Last time I checked, red states are at the bottom of the barrel on healthcare, education, infant mortality, women’s health, gun safety – you name it- they’re at the bottom. Except murder rates, they’re higher in red states. Facts that can be easily checked.

      • Ms. Cooper,
        The terms insurrection and dictatorship are bandied about rather imprecisely on these pages. For purposes of clarification, might you define your understanding of these terms? Many thanks.

        • John. A dictator has full power with
          no oversight or consequences for their
          actions. I am sure you have been following
          the court case where trump is claiming that
          a president or former president has absolute
          immunity from prosecution for
          anything they do;
          1.a ruler with total power over a country,
          typically one who has obtained control by force.

          You might notice that even your propaganda
          film shows a large mob, incited by a standing
          president and his henchmen violently attacking police
          and disregarding lawful orders from police officers.
          And then we have this where he says he will be a dictator.
          Think about that– has ant dictator in history
          voluntarily given up power ? And let’s take his statement
          at face value. He says he will close the border.
          Can a president do that ? Are there not laws and
          procedures for such a drastic action ? And about
          the drilling. What kind of nonsense is that ?
          Will he just suspend all environmental laws and
          regulations ? Just allow the oil rigs
          to plunk down 5 miles off of south beach ?
          Who cares how much oil they spill ?
          Insurrection you ask ?
          “in·sur·rec·tion /ˌinsəˈrekSH(ə)n/
          a violent uprising against an authority or government.”
          Are you so drunk on the kool aid that you can honestly
          say the “protestors” were not violent ?
          That they were not acting against the government ?
          Come on Budris. Even if there was one shred of
          evidence that the election was “stolen” it does not
          justify the actions of the maga nuts on Jan 6.

      • Exactly what I was thinking.
        About the fencing around the White House: that was put up because he feared for his life and even went into the basement to hide.
        Then the same one had bone spurs
        avoiding his duty as an American citizen to enlist, but unable to be on his feet for any amount of time was able to join and participate in multiple physical activities in the form of sports teams.

      • RED = highest states getting government assistance IE: welfare, food subsidies, rent assistance, health care and largest benefactors of social security disability services for reasons unavailable for anyone who resides in blue states.
        PS.. the majority of those red state welfare recipients ARE WHITE.

  2. John, Thank you for sharing that FACTUAL link.
    Thank both of you ‘boys’ for standing here.😊

      • Excuses and manipulation of facts doesn’t change what was witnessed by anyone who had a functioning brain saw that day.
        Not just Americans saw the domestic terrorists attack the security officers who were doing their jobs. Most were acting like vultures after roadkill.
        Don’t forget they were hiding under masks and other forms of dress up (costumes) like children at Halloween.
        Imagine you are in your home with YOUR FAMILY and a bunch of masked and costumed people start bashing in your windows and doors climbing up the walls and balconies to get to you and let’s not forget that they were chanting about hanging someone and dragging people out and how they were going to harm or murder you and your family including your children.

        • Imagine you are in your home in a democratic nation with YOUR FAMILY and a bunch of masked marauders start bashing in your windows and doors to rape, torture, burn, kidnap or kill you while shouting PRAISE ALLAH (not FREE PALESTINE) and dragging people out, and then being accused of “genocide” by the world of antisemites for making damn sure it never happens again.

          I wonder if there was any crossover of rally goers for J6 and the CeaseFireNow antisemites?

        • And before anyone starts accusing me of favoring the J6 violence in response to a free and fair election, it horrified me. I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal left’s outrage and supposed compassion, as well as their antisemitism in how they pick and choose their oh-so-empathetic vigils and rallies.

  3. Here we are, yet again. The MVTimes allowing racist posts. My posts pointing out racism in the past have not been published and yet commenters who post racist and white supremacist nonsense are approved. Maybe the new leadership will have a better sense of what is and what is not racist. Maybe they will work on understand that pointing out racism is not offensive. The racism is.

      • Brian- This one might not be racist on
        its face, but it has racist undertones .
        “he now has an additional 5 – 8 million,
        unvetted illegal alien new voters!”
        Or past posts like “palestinians are an
        invented people” or “there are no innocent
        Palestinians”. Both published here–
        Imagine the kind of kickback I would get
        if I asserted that the people who are
        understandably fleeing Israel
        because of the war were able to vote
        the day got here, whether legal or not,
        and they were all voting for trump.
        Or if I said there are no innocent
        Israelis. —Would that be anti semitic
        enough t qualify as racism? ?
        I can’t wait to have that
        line taken out of context.
        How far does one have to go , Brian ?
        The fact is, plenty of racist stuff gets
        by the moderator here. But how low can the
        bar be set ? People can have their opinions
        even if they are somehow offending someone.
        I mean, I clearly stated that “I stand with Israel”
        and I was labeled an anti semite for it.
        Go figure.

        • Keller you were labelled because you equivocate on this issue. There is no Moral equivalence on the Israel defense of its country. None. One must not say Hamas is terrible but look what Israel is doing to Palestinians. When you do that it shows your sense of morality is twisted. It is akin to saying ”yes Jews are sent to gas chambers but look what the Jewish underground is doing to normal German soldiers.” It doesnt work Keller and no amount of your virtue signaling about lighting Jewish candles on holidays makes up for it. Better you stay silent on this issue and confine yourself to rants on big truck idling.

  4. Ms. Cooper.
    Yes red states have more homicides but it aint from politics. ”Looking at homicide rates by county, states show skewed distributions with many counties having little or no homicides, and a handful of counties with excessively high homicide rates. Thus, state homicide rates can be heavily influenced by a few counties. When those counties have different politics from the rest of the state, it can flip the conclusion about the association between political identifications and homicides”. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are blue politics but ”Alabama” lies between them in the state of Pennsylvania.
    As a result, ”after averaging homicide rates across counties during the same time horizon, a markedly different narrative emerges. Averaging across all counties that voted for Donald Trump yields an aggregate homicide rate of 4.06 per 100,000 people, while averaging across counties that voted for Joe Biden yields a homicide rate of 6.52 per 100,000 people”. The same analysis you should do on health care and infant mortality and education and you will find that culture and demographics and aging all contribute mightily and not if a red or blue President is in charge.

  5. Did Carla Cooper say she wants people to be excited to vote for Joe Biden? Does she own a television?

    • In 2020 81 million people that owned televisions voted for Biden.
      I don’t think that very many have changed their minds.
      Has Trump picked up any support since J6.
      On that day he lost the evangelical wing of my family.
      Speaking of television, have you been glued to your set watching Trump at court?
      How abut rallies with all that gaudy Trump merch.
      Trump’s mug shot on a cheap T shirt on beer belly is to die for.

  6. We live in a rapacious oligarchy. Democracy was long gone prior to Trump. If there is to be any fundamental change, we must first ask what gave us Trump to begin with.

  7. I kind of like trump’s claim that he (or a sitting
    president) cannot be prosecuted for anything they
    do while they are president. I particularly liked the
    question that one of the judges asked a trump
    lawyer. That being if he thought it would be ok for a current
    president to order the assassination of a political
    opponent. The lawyer pretty conclusively said yes.
    I hope the current president is watching carefully,
    and will exercise the full power of his office if the
    court agrees

  8. Here’s what liberal Democrats, including fake feminists, Democrats of Year, and vigil-organizers-except-for-Jewish-hostages-and-rape-victims, would like to believe about themselves:

    “Shame on us liberals for hating fascism, censorship, gun violence, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia, voter suppression, attempted coups, …. Aka, the Republican playbook.” ~Carla A Cooper June 1, 2023 At 4:56 pm

    If you take this statement, add two slices of Wonder Bread and a bit of mustard, you have yourself a nice baloney sandwich.

    Here is what liberals actually hate: anyone who disagrees with them, especially if they are deemed by liberals to be “maggots”, “dupes”, and Republican. Tolerance of differences is cool… except for those stupid Republican maggots. Listening is not part of the liberal playbook. Oh, but their empathy pours out of them if you play by their rulebook– which happens to be, how shall we call it? Oh yes, antisemitic.

    We have a claim above that liberals hate censorship. Here’s the vigil organizing, Dem of the Year again, using the ancient, ugly antisemitic trope of “Jews are only in it for money” as reason why it was right to try to censor Alan Dershowitz at the Chilmark Library:

    “Then Alan did what Alan does. He goes on TV and whines about “cancel culture” and threatens to sue the library. This resulted in threats to the librarian from Proud Boy thugs because you know, gotta own those libs. It’s all theater to generate a buzz and increase book sales. It has nothing to do with free speech.” ~Carla Cooper

    “Doing it ‘for the money’ is a historic libel against Jews.” ~Alan Dershowitz

    I hope someone will inform all the antisemitic liberals that authors are entited to advertise, go on talk shows, give book talks and signings, be paid for the books they write, and object to being censored, even if they are Jewish. Same with democracies around the world. They are entitled to defend themselves from those fascist terrorists attacking them, even if those fighting for survival and being threatened with annihilation are a Jewish state.

    For many Jewish liberals, there is less to like about liberals and their unacknowledged hypocrisy. Liberals are intolerant to the nth, while telling you how tolerant they are.

    Nikki Haley sounded pretty good last night. Jewish (former) liberals have had theirs eyes opened, so thank you to folks like Carla and Keller. Good to know what people stand up for–and what they don’t. And how they really feel. It always slips out, doesn’t it?

    • Jackie– I heard an interesting thing on
      that liberal NPR station today. it seems
      Israel is pulling a lot of troops out of Gaza.
      It’s not because the hostages have all been freed,
      or Hamas is crushed.
      Care to guess the official reason Israel
      is doing this? — It’s about the money !
      Imagine that–
      On January 1, Israel said it was withdrawing
      some of its troops from Gaza at least temporarily
      to re-energise its economy. After the October 7
      Hamas attack, the Jewish state authorised
      the mobilisation of over 350,000 reservists
      for the war effort against Hamas.

      This took a toll on Israel’s economy as many
      left the labour force for reserve duty or abandoned
      businesses in their hometowns. The NYT report
      noted that the country’s economy was expected
      to shrink by 2% this quarter.

      I didn’t say it– that’s the official government

      • Wars shrink economies Keller. Your comment is a dog whistle about Jews and money. For years Jews were constrained to be money lenders and much anti semitism came from their activities. You appear to be intimating same.

        • Bull’s eye, Andrew, and thank you. I tried to write similarly but I could not find the words that were acceptable to the moderator. I will again try to say that keller has always attempted to separate his “criticism” of Israel’s policies from the Jewish people, but his dog whistle comment about “official government reason” equates the two.

    • Wow! I’m flattered that you care so much about what I say that you took so much time researching my comment history!

      I can support Israel, but some leftist group out there is protesting to “Free Palestine”, and somehow I’M now antisemitic by association. And yes, sometimes it is all about the grift, whether you’re Hindu, Arab or Jewish or Christian, or Trump (whatever he calls himself). If criticizing a slimy, whiney character like Dershowitz for being a bully makes me anti-semitic under your purity test, well…. there’s no arguing with that kind of twisted up pretzel logic.

      And yes, I’m very intolerant of the Republican party who is openly supporting a self-proclaimed dictator who is threatening to dismantle our democratic republic. Shame on me I guess.

  9. Jackie– Not all republicans are maggots.
    But I like the alliteration of the term
    MAGA maggots. — Kind of catchy,
    don’t cha’ think ?
    But you can call the liberals
    all sorts of hateful things while
    claiming they hate all sorts of things,
    including Jews, for some reason
    which I haven’t been able to figure
    out yet.
    I’m a liberal, and I care about the
    hostages and the rape victims. On average
    there are 460,000 rapes or sexual assaults
    in the U.S every year.
    I often see liberal causes trying to bring that
    number down. I often see conservative causes
    deny justice to the victims of rape, humiliate
    them by having them answer questions about
    their sexuality in court and do their best to
    deny them access to “rape kits” and emergency
    medical services. You are concerned about the
    rapes and murders of “pretty” Jewish women,
    as am I. I have never said or implied otherwise.
    But following your newfound ideology, you seem
    oblivious to the horrors of hundreds of thousands of women
    in other parts of the world.
    By the way, in case you forgot, about 100
    innocent people, mostly women and children
    were released from hell during the ceasefire I
    supported and you didn’t. Since then we have seen
    a slow trickle of body bags come out, including
    some murdered by the IDF.
    I’m a liberal– I don’t hate Jews, I don’t Palestinians
    It is not a mutually exclusive choice.
    I would rather see the remaining hostages released
    than the continued destruction of the
    Palestinian people.
    Hamas is a hateful buch of radical nut cases.
    They don’t care how many innocent people die.
    Their Israeli government is playing their game
    and losing.
    Relentless indiscriminate bombing
    of civilian neighborhoods doesn’t seem to be working.
    Time to try something other than blaming liberals.

    • If you truly cared about Palestinian children, you would say to Hamas “”Surrender now. Surrender to Israel, and they’ll take care of you.” But no, you want the enemy to win. This is not about innocent Palestinians dying. This is about innocent Israelis dying If you embrace barbarism, there are consequences. Your post above clarifies it.

  10. Jews were persecuted for two millennia with no repercussions to the oppressors until the State of Israel was created. But God says “”and I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse” what happened to all the nations who persecuted Jews? The ancient ones no longer exist and the modern ones are shells of their former selves. Remember if you support a two state solution under the authority of the PLO or Palestinian Authority or Hamas you will be creating Nazism and the potential for Holocaust since their charter aims list elimination of Jews. If you pasted a ”dog missing” sign on a lampost in the street it would stay there forever but if you posted a ”support Israel” sign it would be ripped up immediately. What does that tell you?

  11. Why do liberals pick and choose certain narratives and spout off about science and the law as if what they parrot is fact when they are so often wrong?

    Not one person was charged with insurrection! Period. Stop spreading falsehoods. Although liberals often change the meaning of words to fit some fantasy that we are all are supposed to go along with society needs to draw the line when it comes to incarcerating people.


    And to be clear all people who riot should be incarcerated.

  12. andy– I see plenty of Israeli flags on this island.
    And as far as your quote goes– that’s in the book
    of Genesis — which is in that part of the bible
    you claim is obsolete. Let’s play fair here —
    If I cannot quote the second book of the bible;
    “Exod. 31. [14] Ye shall keep the
    sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you:
    every one that defileth it shall surely be put
    to death: for whosoever doeth any work
    therein, that soul shall be cut off from
    among his people.”
    You can’t quote the first book of the bible.

  13. I made a comment on Jan 8th which the paper chose not to publish. I’m not sure why.
    After reading the comments from Jan 9-11 I’m beginning to think my comments were too incisive. Almost everyone here is exhibiting hate, intolerance and vitriol.I guess it ‘sells’. It’s sad really when neither side has any control over politics or anyone else’s opinion. I notice it’s the same people over and over who chime in on every topic. It’s like they are stone pillars. This is my swan song or last visit to any comment page. It’s seems a total wast of good energy.
    John Budris: thank you for the second link. Too bad you’re not in the book.

  14. Keller you are fabricating. I have never said the OldTestament is obsolete. I have said the Christian believers are no longer under Mosaic Law but under Calvary. Calvary not Sinai. The Law was created to show we could not keep it.

    • andy–“The Law was created to show we could not keep it.” ???
      What does that mean ?
      I guess the “laws” about homosexuality in the
      “Calgary” part of the bible were created to show we
      could not keep them, like the law about
      working on the sabbath

      I am always fascinated learning about your
      version of the bible.

      I guess the next time I get stopped by a
      police officer I will just tell them that
      whatever law I am breaking was just
      a joke on us to prove to some sick
      legislator that we can’t abide it.
      very logical. I’m sure the police officer
      will understand and apologize for
      inconveniencing me.

      • Keller this is why you dont understand anything abut the Bible and your sarcasm shows it. Mosaic law not man made secular law. No one can keep the Mosaic law. No one. And your spaghetti colander law doesnt require anything of you.

        • andy– this is why you don’t understand
          anything about Pastafarianism.
          one of the great things about
          Pastafarianism is that there are no
          “laws” that are impossible to keep.
          BUT , there are 8 things that HE
          would rather we didn’t do.
          Everyone can follow them….

  15. There is nothing cute or clever about dehumanizing fellow Americans into “MAGA maggots”. Nothing.

    Islamic extremists use “othering” as a way to dehumanize Jews to the point where cooking a baby in a 500 degree oven is okay. Jews are simply not human beings, the way maggots are not human beings. The dehumanizing of Jews is so acceptable that Andrew is correct when he notices that antisemites rip down from a street pole the poster of a kidnapped Jewish baby but leave the lost dog poster alone.

    People who are capable of having compassion for others do not dehumanize into maggots fellow Americans who vote differently. They may pretend they care about the latest liberal cause du jour, but they are on the same hate-spreading, dehumanizing plane as Hamas.

    If a terrorist group invaded our borders and randomly slaughtered thousands of democrats, republicans, and unenrolled, Trump supporters included, would the liberal left separate out the “maga maggots” and not mourn their loss? Would they accuse America of genocide when we bomb the terrorists and unfortunately kill thousands of civilians living under the rule of terrorists?

    America came mostly together on 9/11, even the intolerant, antisemitic liberal left. Trump supporters, although I disagree with them, are not maggots. Rioters who belong in jail are not maggots. The liberal left has no problem in dehumanizing and othering. They do it all the time. It’s how they excuse their antisemitism.

  16. Jackie, please don’t clump all liberals by saying “liberal left has no problem in dehumanizing.” That’s no better than Don’s insensitive remark about maggots. Can we agree that many Trump supporters have a rallying cry for free speech? Let’s embrace free speech then.

    • You’re right, Mary, I’m sorry. I should have specified i meant only the antisemitic liberal left. Not all liberals are antisemitic. I embrace free speech, even when it is antisemitic. I’d rather know than not. And now I cannot un-know.

    • Mary– When I was in Navy boot camp,
      everyone was a maggot.
      I could certainly say worse about those
      maga people. One thing for sure,most
      of them actually are anti semites.

  17. This is my last comment on this topic, supposedly about J-6. The arrogance and pretenses of many on the liberal left just don’t fly anymore. The odd thing is, I agree with much of the liberal agenda– except for their antisemitism and cancel culture acceptance.

    When we look back to the antisemitism openly expressed (and largely denied) during the Chilmark Library/Dershowitz, easily-resolved brouhaha, it’s impossible to ignore the systemic Jew-hating attacks that were expressed by many liberals commenting at the time. The antisemitism certainly has not gone away. It has grown and is even more open now. I know I am a broken record on this topic, but letting it slide in here, unacknowledged, is how this acceptable anti-Jewish hatred continues and grows until it is no longer even questioned. I don’t know Alan Dershowitz personally but it is clear that his long career involved much pro bono work, dedication, educating other lawyers, and a brilliant understanding of exactly what he is talking about. He’s written over 50 books. Should he not be compensated for his work? Not appreciating someone’s personality quirks, whatever they may be, should never translate into false accusations that someone is only doing it for the money, espeicaly if that person is Jewish. If you don’t understand the WHY of this, you have a problem. “Doing it for the money” is simply untrue in this case. Further, it is a vicious, antisemitic lie to say so. There’s no getting around it. Getting angry at me is no way to deal with an innate antisemitism. If I were in someone else’s shoes and being accused of antisemitic remarks, I’d have a good hard look at myself to see what i had said or done that could have been interpreted or misinterpreted that way. Antisemites, however, tend not to do that.

  18. When I read back all of our comments, I wonder what happened to the America I used to know? Where we voted in elections and then, regardless of who won, we rallied around and were proud to be Americans. I believe that most of us want the same things: the same hopes and dreams for our children, a bright economic future, and freedom.
    We now have a world where China has more computer hackers than all other countries on the planet combined! Can you imagine the ramifications of that? And it seems that Russia has been using social media propaganda around the world to foment civil unrest and influence elections in countries around the world because that instability benefits them.
    And I’m horrified that we (Americans) would ever consider anyone for president who follows racist ideology and has been found liable for sexual assault. Surely we can support and elect someone more dignified than that!
    Can all of us (we’re all Americans, right?) look for the goals we have in common and focus on that?

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