Commission installs first shared-use path counter


The Martha’s Vineyard Commission recently released its first round of data from a new tracker used to count pedestrian and cyclist activity along the Beach Road Shared Use Path in Oak Bluffs.

The counter, installed in January, is located in front of the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

According to the MVC, the shared-use path — or SUP — saw about 1,590 users between the months of January and March. The counter reports an average of 40 users per day.

Roughly 75 percent of users were pedestrians, and 25 percent were cyclists.

Project planner at the MVC Dan Doyle hopes to utilize data from the counter to determine the effectiveness, safety, accessibility, and demand of the shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.

“I think [the counter] is going to be able to ground a lot of anecdotal conversations with facts,” Doyle said.

Ultimately, the MVC hopes the SUP and the traffic counters can promote pedestrian and cyclist use by increasing safety. “You can’t expect too many people to use bikes or walk places if they don’t feel like it’s safe to do it,” Doyle said.

Though there are no official plans, there are hopes of installing more counters. “We would certainly explore including another bike/ped counter at an additional location,” Doyle said.

As of now, data on 6 of MVC’s automobile counters are available on this MassDOT website.


  1. While we are on the subject, can you repave the rest of the bike path from WT east? It has not been repaved in more than a quarter-century.

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