Rose hearing postponed to May

John Rose and attorney Mark Miliotis. —Dena Porter

The pretrial hearing for former Oak Bluffs Fire Chief John Rose that was originally planned for Monday has been postponed.

Massachusetts Court Cases records state that the hearing was rescheduled due to the illness of one of Rose’s legal counsels, and is now rescheduled for May 30 at 9 am. The hearing will occur in Edgartown District Court.

Rose has been charged with photographing an unsuspecting nude person. He was arrested in January at Logan Airport in Boston, after state prosecutors feared that he might have been fleeing. He then pleaded not guilty in court.

The complainant against Rose in this case is an individual in their 40s; Rose allegedly filmed a sexual act between the two of them in 2020 without their consent or knowledge.

The charge originated during another investigation into Rose. State prosecutors say that was started by a December 2023 investigation led by the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit into reports that he had secretly recorded a child. It was during this investigation that an individual in their 40s told police that Rose had secretly filmed a sexual act between the two of them.

The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office would not comment on the delay in the trial.


  1. No new “news” here….
    Just another shot at smearing a man who is and will be innocent until proven guilty.
    Never met him, don’t give an eff about him but just had a second to point out the obvious.

    • Well, I disagree as I like to be kept informed of Island issues and this is one that concerns me deeply. Not always easy to find out what is going on and thank you MV times for the update.

  2. This should be postponed until after the election.
    His guilt/innocence will be determined.
    What is the smear?

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