M.V. Center for Living: May 2024

M.V. Center for Living in Vineyard Haven. —Courtesy M.V. Center for Living

M.V. Center for Living, the Island’s Dementia and Caregiver Support Network

M.V. Center for Living will be closed Friday, May 17, for staff training, and on Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

Regular Programs

  • Daily: 9 am – 2 pm, Supportive Day Program
  • Fridays: 11 am – 12 pm, Open House
  • Fridays: 10 – 11:15 am, Dementia Caregiver Support Group on Zoom

NEW Respite Innovations
Respite Innovations brings person-centered engagement into the home, and affords caregivers time to take care of themselves and to recharge their 24-hour caregiver battery. Call Ann Baird at M.V. Center for Living if you are a caregiver who would benefit from Respite Innovations.

The Supportive Day Program (SDP): Spots now available! SDP is a daily program for older adults who may experience memory challenges or disability. Enriching activities and a family-style lunch create a day of community engagement, purpose, and meaning. Equally important is the respite provided for caregivers. When a caregiver has time for rest and self-care, the quality of life for both the caregiver and care recipient improves. Call for more information.

Monthly Music and Memory Cafe: Come to M.V. Center for Living every 3rd Thursday (May 16) for free Music and Memory Cafe from 10 am to 12 pm. All are welcome!

Weekly Open House: Drop in to see what our programs are all about every Friday from 11 am to 12 pm.

The Family Caregiver Support Program
This program advocates for caregivers, providing memory screenings, family meeting facilitation, ongoing Alzheimer’s and dementia education, and referrals to programs that can support your caregiving efforts. Our services at M.V. Center for Living provide meaningful tools and tips for a better caregiving experience. We support any caregiver living on Martha’s Vineyard, or who is caring for someone living on Martha’s Vineyard.

Individual sessions with a trained clinician to help caregivers navigate resources and manage care for their loved one and themselves. Services may include:

  • Caregiver Counseling
  • Dementia Coaching (Habilitation Therapy)
  • Dementia Caregiver Support Group

Caregiver Counseling: We can help you navigate the system of public and private care for the best plan to meet your needs. Consultation can be provided in the home, at our office, or over the phone. We can meet with caregivers individually or as a family.

Dementia Coaching, also called Habilitation Therapy, is a nonmedical, interpersonal approach to caring for someone with memory loss. A skilled dementia coach creates a plan with caregivers to simplify daily tasks to maintain independence and a sense of purpose. This approach helps the caregiver manage behaviors, reduces stress, and can help to facilitate a more rewarding caregiving experience.

Dementia Caregiver Support Group provides a confidential and supportive atmosphere for caregivers to come together to find encouragement, comfort, and advice from others who share similar experiences and concerns. Free of charge.

Join our team: 

  • Employment Opportunities: M.V. Center for Living seeks a part-time van driver and substitute special assistants. Please call 508-939-9440.
  • Volunteer: Help us deliver our services to our Island elders, and have fun doing it!
  • Calling all entertainers! Brighten the days of older adults with your talents. Call Mary at 508-939-9440 for the most appreciative audience!

Dementia Friends
Dementia Friends USA is part of a global movement that is changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia. By providing a free, one-hour Dementia Friends Information Session for your staff, you are helping the community better serve our neighbors. This free, one-hour training can be added to a staff meeting or planned as a special event. Contact Mary Holmes, Dementia Friends champion, at maryh@mvcenter4living.org or 508-939-9440 to arrange a free session today!



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