Parking rates at airport go up, especially for long-term parking 

Martha's Vineyard Airport increased its parking rates. —MV Times

Martha’s Vineyard Airport took back management of its parking lot from LAZ Parking on June 1, and immediately raised rates for parking.

Drivers now get only two free hours of parking, down from three. After that, two to five hours costs $15, up from $12. 

The rate for five to 24 hours rose from $20 to $25 from May to September. It rose from $15 to $20 from October to April. 

The increase was much sharper for long-term parking, especially for Island residents. 

Under the new fee structure, vehicles registered on the Island can no longer buy an annual parking permit for $500. That rate was eliminated. 

Instead, those drivers will be eligible to buy an annual $1,250 parking pass for vehicles registered in the state, up from $1,000. Annual passes for out-of-state vehicles jumped from $1,500 to $1,870.

Rates also went up for campers, vehicles towing boats, and commercial vehicles and trailers. Those in these categories with Massachusetts plates will be charged $1,750 for an annual parking pass, while vehicles registered outside the state will pay $2,000.

Geoff Freeman, the airport director, said the 120-space lot operated under a “honor system” before 2018, when LAZ Parking was brought on as parking manager. At that point, an electronic gate was installed that required payment based on how long a vehicle was parked. 

But after a consultant studied the current system this year, Freeman said he concluded that LAZ Parking was taking a “significant” portion of the parking lot revenue. 

Kevin Brennan, the airport’s property manager, said LAZ Parking earned more than $100,000 annually from the airport lot since 2018. The airport took in $43,899, or less than half as much, per year during the same period.

The Times heard from one irate customer who complained about the rise in parking fees, but who asked not to be identified. Freeman said he has not received any complaints. 

Freeman said about 50 people buy annual parking permits for passenger vehicles. As of June 2023, five of those vehicles were registered on the Island. 

Freeman said the airport cannot subsidize parking spaces for Islanders under Federal Aviation Administration requirements for grants.


  1. So LAZ was making $100K per year while MVY was making $44K per year. Running the lot by themselves, even with some costs, would triple MVY’s income from the lot, from $44K to somewhere in the vicinity of $130K – $140K, depending on costs. So why the need to raise daily parking rates by 25% – 33%??? Tripling their income isn’t enough???

  2. Did the airport study or evaluate the revenue projections, estimated usage, and the cost of administration to justify the increases? Automated parking lots don’t warrant paying a third party vendor to manage them. However, the price increase’s appear to lack any cost justification. Daily parking at the island airport at $25 a day seems excessive.

  3. Airport parking is a true disservice to the people who live full time on the Vineyard. When we have to fly, which by the way is becoming more frequent because of failed SSA management, we are gouged for the privilege of parking. Often in winter spaces abound. This is deeply unfair especially if we are going to school or medical appointments.

    • What percentage of the of the people who live here have have every flown on or off island?
      Is the SSA a lost cause due to failed management?
      Should it be disbanded? Return to the good old days private enterprise?
      If you can afford to fly to Boston and take a cab to the hospital you can afford to pay for parking at the Island Airport.
      How much does it cost to park close in at Logan? At Boston area hospitals?
      What percentage of the total cost for an average one day Boston hospital will Island Airport parking be?

    • David, How is it unfair that people live on an island?
      Want to build a bridge?
      Are people forced to live on a secluded island?

  4. Geez, this makes the $850 a year the SSA charges to park at Palmer Ave look like a bargain.

  5. What happened to free parking in the good old days?
    Some downtown cities are re-implementing free parking to entice shoppers and diners. It works very well. Maybe people would fly more if they didn’t have to pay for parking.

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