Stabbing suspect’s hearing moved to July 

More details emerge from Braintree Police Department reports. 

Jared Ravizza's next hearing at Plymouth District Court was moved to July 1. —Eunki Seonwoo

The question of whether the man with Vineyard ties accused of stabbing multiple people in Braintree is mentally fit enough to stand trial will have to wait.

Plymouth District Court Judge Shelby Smith approved extending Jared Ravizza’s stay and examination at Bridgewater State Hospital; the judge also moved Ravissa’s next hearing to July 1.

Ravizza is undergoing a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation at Bridgewater to determine whether he is mentally fit and can be held responsible for the crimes he is accused of.

He was scheduled to appear in Plymouth District Court on June 17. Ravizza was ordered to be held without bail at Bridgewater State Hospital by Smith on May 28. 

In Massachusetts, Ravizza faces 12 felony charges stemming from his alleged knife attacks in Braintree, allegedly attacking two employees at a McDonald’s in Plymouth later that day, and an alleged assault on his father at a West Tisbury house in April. Separately, a homicide investigation is underway in Connecticut where charges are pending. 

Meanwhile, Braintree Police Department reports obtained by the Times reveal new details on the chaotic scene that took place at the Braintree AMC movie theater on May 25, where Ravizza was accused of having stabbed four girls between the ages of 9 and 17. 

Braintree Police officer Christopher Dominguez wrote in an incident report that when he arrived at the AMC on the May night, people were pointing toward an office building adjacent to the movie theater at 100 Grandview Road and shouting “he went that way.” 

In the movie theater, Dominguez wrote that AMC employees were “actively attempting to provide aid” to the four stabbing victims. One of the girls was trying to console her twin sisters. The girls’ names were redacted in the report.

The report states the girls sustained multiple injuries such as a “large laceration approximately 3 inches long and an inch and a half wide” in the right forearm of one victim and puncture wounds in the back on two of them. One of the nine-year-old girls would require 32 stitches on her arm.

According to statements given by the girls, they were the only ones in the auditorium when the stabbing took place. They described a situation in which the suspect quickly attacked them with a weapon before running away. “He laughed at us and sounded like the Joker and ran out,” one of the girls said. 

Amidst the screaming and crying, they called for help from the people nearby in the theater after leaving the auditorium. Two of the girls said people did not initially respond when they said they had been stabbed. One of the victims said they were taken to a back room about five minutes later and that the movie theater employees “didn’t believe them until they saw the blood when [redacted] took her shirt off,” the report states. 

Aside from statements from the stabbing victims, a manager of the AMC told police Ravizza initially attempted to enter the auditorium without paying for a ticket; Ravizza said that he would go back to his car to get his wallet. According to the police reports, Ravizza left the theater before running back inside soon after. Before staff could get to him, police report that Ravizza ran out of the auditorium and left the building. The whole incident took less than a minute upon entering the lobby a second time and Ravizza leaving, according to the police reports. 

Meanwhile, another supplemental report from Braintree Police adds new details to Ravizza’s relationship with Bruce Feldman, the 70-year-old victim in the May 25 Connecticut homicide case, and a dispute between their neighbors. 

Braintree Police officer James Lindelof wrote he received information about Ravizza and Feldman from Connecticut State Police Sgt. Jim McGlynn on May 26. The report only refers to the Deep River, Connecticut homicide victim as “Bruce,” but Connecticut State Police identified him as Bruce Feldman on May 28.

According to the report, Ravizza and Feldman had met each other a few years ago (West Tisbury Police records confirm that Ravizza had known Feldman on Martha’s Vineyard before the Connecticut man’s death). “Ravizza and Bruce developed a friendship and within the past few months became roommates where they engaged in a lot of drug use together over time. It is unknown as to whether or not a romantic relationship was established between these two parties,” Lindelof wrote in the Braintree report. 

Lindelof also wrote in his report that Ravizza and Feldman owned two dogs that would “regularly go out of the yard and roam the neighborhood.” This led to a dispute with their neighbors, who’ve complained “multiple times” they didn’t want the dogs on their property. 

According to the report, on May 25, Ravizza took a shovel and smashed out one of the neighbor’s windows. Ravizza then left after a “verbal exchange,” police report. At around 3:36 pm that day, law enforcement responded to the disturbance and the women identified Ravizza as the suspect. 

Police went to Ravizza’s Connecticut residence after receiving the information where they found Feldman and two dogs who “succumbed to life threatening injuries” on May 25. Police suspect a knife was used based on the injuries. 

Ravizza pleaded not guilty to the attack at the McDonald’s in Plymouth. He has not been arraigned on the Braintree charges or on charges related to the Connecticut murder.


  1. Ravizza is a master manipulator, i.e. mentor of people that should be prosecuted to he fullest extent of the law.

  2. Welcome to the MVTimes Mr Sims. Only a few voices of reason here on the island. Wait a little bit and you will be attacked for lack of compassion and serial discrimination of minorities.

    • andy–There is nothing in Roy’s comment that is over the top
      offensive. He is simply calling for justice to be served, and noting
      his frustration with the legal system. You know, some accused
      of felonies get to walk around free for years while they play
      the legal system. Even after being convicted of
      multiple felonies, they are still free to go about
      their lives. But– your advice to Mr. Sims is good, Let’s say
      he were to make racist or antisemitic comments
      here and blame a disadvantage group of people for
      say, something like the opioid crisis and call for mass deportations
      of people based on nothing but their ethnicity for example.
      I, for one, would chastise him for his lack of compassion and
      serial discrimination of minorities. Isn’t that what we are obligated to
      do in a civilized society ?
      Happy Juneteenth, by the way.
      Here are some traditional foods that are eaten to commemorate
      the holiday.
      “Certain foods are customary in Juneteenth celebrations, and traditionally, red foods dominate. The color signifies resilience amid bondage. As Chef Chris Scott, who spearheaded the James Beard Foundation’s first Juneteenth celebration in 2018, explains, “the red symbolizes the blood that was shed by Black Africans and Black Americans during slave capture, slave travel, and slave trade here in the States and in the Caribbean.”

      He lists watermelon, strawberries, barbeque, and red velvet cake as traditional red foods to include.
      Bob Appetite

  3. Thanks Andrew. I agree with your comments. Drug addiction is a choice by an individual. Drug addicts should be treated as adults. Addicts ruin their lives, their families and communities. Addicts health issues are a result of their choice. Rehab doesn’t work, 90% recidivism rate. Addiction leads to high crime rate of theft, retail theft, and robbery, prostitution, drug peddling, home invasion, murder, etc. Prosecution, convictions, and jail terms for criminals and addicts, will reduce crime. Coddling criminals allows this cycle of drug abuse to continue and increase. Mass deportation of unvetted aliens, criminals, drug and human traffickers, murderers is a necessary condition to save our country.

    • Choice, got it.
      “Rehab doesn’t work, 90% recidivism rate.”
      Stop all rehab?
      What percentage of opiates consumed in the US come over the Mexican border?
      How many doses of opiates are on Island?
      At the hospital?

  4. You are lying again Keller. He didnt call for their deportation for ethnicity but for being here illegally. There was nothing about ethnicity. NOTHING. You also accuse me of being racist due to suggesting all cultures are not equal. Would you like to go to India and Sati in which the widow died on the funeral pyre with her husband? How about Cannibalism in Africa some of which still exists. What about Mass killing during an equinox for the Mayans and Aztecs? Should I go on? Some cultures are more advanced than others and not only in past history but even today. Aborting female babies. Killing girls who go to school. Jailing people for pre marital sex. Killing a daughter who dates a non moslem. I could continue.

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