West Tisbury

—MV Times

Hedgerows are at their most beautiful now. All the trees are leafed out, recently enough that there are still variations in the greens, and white multiflora roses vine through the branches. The roses’ fragrance fills the air. Invasive they may be, but for now they are having their moment.

It has been a week since Ron Rappaport died, and it still seems impossible, unbelievable, devastating. He has been so interwoven in and through our Island, all six towns, lifelong friendships and connections on all levels, even if for some he was only a familiar sight riding his bike along South Road. His legal skills and sensible advice, his voice at the other end of the telephone, gave one assurance that all would be well. He held our hands and our secrets. 

My condolences to the Rappaport family.

Closer to home, we have lost Linda Atkinson. Our Edgartown Road neighborhood has lost so many of our neighbors over the past year. I knew Linda mostly through Louise Bessire, not well, but she was someone who was always fun to see, usually coming through the hedge between their gardens. Condolences to Linda’s husband, Edward Bing, and their sons and families.

Our cousin, Hannah Beecher, recently moved to Texas to be near her son Chris and his family. We are trying to get accustomed to Hannah not being just down the road. She is trying to get accustomed to her new life in a strange land, far from the ocean. Resilient and determined as Hannah is, she recently attended a luncheon for new members at the senior center. Seated next to a lady, carrying on a pleasant conversation, the lady asked where she moved from. Hearing “Massachusetts,” the lady said, “Oh, another damn Yankee,” and turned her back on Hannah for the rest of the afternoon. I can’t help hoping that maybe she will decide to return home to the Vineyard. Mike and I miss her terribly.

Harriet Bernstein has hung her first one-woman show of abstract paintings at Feldman Family Art Space at the M.V. Film Center in Tisbury Marketplace. The show is called “Celebrate Color,” on view through July 7. One of Harriet’s paintings is inspired by the pink cherry trees that border her front yard. She was outside painting them in an early morning downpour.

Next Thursday, June 27, the Ruel Gallery will host a reception from 4 to 7 pm, celebrating five years in business. All are invited to attend. The gallery is on Basin Road in Menemsha.

Some thoughts about animals in this hot weather. Obviously, don’t leave them in cars with the windows shut. A closed car can heat up very quickly. Not so obviously, dogs have bare feet, or paws, that can burn when walking on hot sand or sidewalks. Don’t forget fresh water to drink. No dogs at the Farmers Market.

Also, ticks are rampant, so check yourselves and your animals.

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