Stabbing suspect pleads not guilty in Quincy

Jared Ravizza, shown here in an April mugshot, pleaded not guilty in Quincy District Court.

Jared Ravizza, the man with Island ties accused of stabbing multiple people in Braintree and Plymouth on Memorial Day weekend, pleaded not guilty at Quincy District Court last week. 

Ravizza was arraigned on June 20, appearing virtually via video conferencing at Quincy District Court. He is accused of multiple felony counts, including assault to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. 

Quincy District Court Judge Mark Coven ordered Ravizza to be held without bail and to return in person to the court on July 11 for a detention hearing. 

Ravizza is being held at Bridgewater State Hospital, and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation ordered by Plymouth District Court Judge Shelby Smith. This process is meant to determine whether Ravizza is mentally fit to be held responsible for the crimes he is accused of. 

Ravizza also pleaded not guilty in Plymouth on May 28, where was accused of attacking two employees of a Plymouth McDonald’s with a kitchen knife. He is scheduled to appear at Plymouth District Court on July 1. 

Ravizza is also scheduled to appear in Edgartown district court on July 22 for allegedly assaulting his father and wrecking his father’s home office in West Tisbury in April. 

Ravizza has not been arraigned yet for a murder case in which he is a suspect, in Connecticut. Bruce Feldman, a 70-year-old Connecticut man, and two dogs were found dead at Ravizza’s residence in Deep River, Conn., on the same day as the alleged Massachusetts stabbings. The two men were roommates in Connecticut. 

According to Connecticut State Police, a person cannot be charged for a crime in Connecticut while being held in custody in another state. Ravizza would need to be extradited to Connecticut and be charged in person at Middletown Superior Court.