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Last Frost

The last frost of winter occurred last night although it is spring now. The warm dampness of yesterday, which felt like Florida air blown north, in the clear...

Poet’s Corner: Zach’s Beach

The path through the dunes goes between two worlds and leads to the essence of the island. The herald given by blue flags is followed by beach roses, scents...

Poet’s Corner: The Letting

Vital liquid pours warm draining, staining my hand — The letting now uncontrolled, frightening, new. Red? No; brown brings relief: It was the oil plug I pulled and this is...

Poet’s Corner: Morning jewels

Cold morning, Snow-covered ground. Sun rising slowly in a low winter arc, Banishing gray predawn. Then brilliance: the scene sparkles with jewels Strewn casually, in great abundance, More perfect gems...

Poets’ Corner: Schizophrenic Lover

Your soft touch melts me. My heart opens — oh, the possibilities… the warmth. But then, all has changed. Your tone is cold. The soft caress gone, your...

Poets’ Corner: On Island

The day is grey-white, softened by mist.

Poets’ Corner: On Island

After 40 years of working with technology, and nearly 30 of those living part time in West Tisbury, Cynthia Bloomquist now resides there full time following guidance from her muse.

Poets Corner: West Tisbury morning

West Tisbury Morning Initial sign a streak of light, bright variation in a slate gray sky, a tear in the night's curtain. Then a scarlet line, first thin, now...