Monday, June 5, 2023
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Second Acts: Heidi Feldman

Usually this column is about someone who, at some point in life, finds a new and different path — a second act. But today’s...

Second Acts: Debbie Hale

“From the first time I tried it, it spoke to me; it just spoke to my soul and made me look at everything differently.”...

Second Acts: Jason Mazar-Kelly

Downward dog. Form 1040. Chakra. Itemized deductions. Asana. Total taxable income. Mantra. Quarterly estimates. Namaste. Yoga and tax jargon — terms you don’t often...

Second Acts: Leigh Cormie

It seems Leigh Cormie was destined to end up on Martha’s Vineyard. He certainly didn’t plan it. If his itinerary from Czechoslovakia, where he’d...

Second Acts: Whitney Hanschka

In the mid-1980s, Whitney Hanschka graduated from Stanford University in mechanical engineering — the stuff of aerospace, biotech, and robotics — no doubt on...

Second Acts

This installment of Second Acts started out as a profile on Steve Ewing, dockbuilder-poet. If ever there was a Vineyarder finding his “other self,”...

Second Acts: Sometimes they come early

Often it takes years to find your second act. A lifetime of living or working in one direction, and finally discovering your inner calling...

Second Acts: Gerry Yukevich

Is there something that is inherently Martha’s Vineyard that fosters the freedom to pursue our other selves — our talents, drives, and passions? The...

Second Acts: Bob Avakian and Barbara Reynolds

Is it something in the air we breathe? Or the light that shines here? Is it literally being an island, floating freely away from...