Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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The Write Prescription: Taking turns

I hear the Tinkerbell melody of the washing machine down in the basement. This is the second load of laundry my husband is doing...

The Write Prescription: Follow the leader

“I’ll change him. You sit,” I said to my daughter who I thought deserved some pampering since the birth of her son two weeks...

The Write Prescription: Between the pages

One of the first rituals of lamentation I indulged in when my older daughter left for college was to rummage in her closet and...

The Write Prescription: The wrong seal

I used to tell my children a story about a fictitious little girl named Nessa who lived with her mother in a cottage by...

The Write Prescription: The color of sassy

I am excited and humbled to follow Nancy Aronie, who brought us so many Writing from the Heart stories. That title belongs to her,...