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Even on Martha’s Vineyard, dogs get anxious, nervous

Based on his history, altered mental status, and twitching, I suspected something neurological. "This may be serotonin syndrome," I concluded.

On Martha’s Vineyard, YouTube provides cherry eye surgery assist

Usually seen in pups under two years of age, cherry eye can occur in any dog.

A slow pulse can stump the best vets on Martha’s Vineyard

Normal heart rates for dogs range from 60 to 160 beats per minute. Zev's was 40 beats per minute.

Exposure to lilies can be toxic for cats

If ingested, any part of the lily plant "” stems, leaves, blossoms, even pollen "” can cause acute kidney failure.

X-rays are helpful diagnostic tools, but they can be misleading

It was still likely that a fish bone, or similar item, swallowed at the beach that day was the source of Sito's troubles.

Summer on Martha’s Vineyard can’t prevent pet illness

Even pets enjoy vacation on the Island, but there's no immunity from getting sick here.

Human illness can mimic that in pets, and vice versa

Veterinarians and medical doctors sometimes use similar terminology, but the meaning can be entirely different.

Differentiating between a tumor, an egg, and a hernia

Abdominal swelling could mean several things to a vet, none of them simple to treat.

LPD can destroy hip joints in terriers, but it can be treated

Some terriers mysteriously develop a crippling condition known as LPD, but it can be corrected with surgery.

What to do about cat pat aggression

Captain Jack Sparrow sits curled beside me watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

Catnip, easy to grow, perks up cats that are feeling low

Catnip is actually a mint, but to many cats it's much more than a flavor enhancer.

Some human meds work for dogs, others definitely don’t

Giving a dog an aspirin may seem harmless, but in fact quite the opposite is true.

Treating old, seriously ill pets prompts difficult decisions

Hard as it is to watch an older pet fail, sometimes the best treatment is no treatment.

How to diagnose irritated or discolored noses on dogs

Vets need to channel their inner detective when it comes to topical afflictions on dogs' noses.

Pets that swallow thread, floss, or yarn find strings attached

Vets call them "linear foreign bodies," a complicated name for a simple concept "” swallowing string.

Diagnosing Lyme in dogs is an imprecise science for vets

Symptoms may not appear for months; maybe it's just arthritis; what to do?

When vets have to treat unexpected pets

Every now and again, a truly unusual pet is brought into a vet's office "” like a tarantula.

Pets can’t describe pain, so how do vets treat for it?

Vets continue to be vexed by measuring pain in pets, and which medications work best to alleviate it.

For Martha’s Vineyard vets, diagnosing is like solving a puzzle

Some diagnoses are easy, some vexing. Either way a strict protocol and process makes the work more accurate.