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High Honors: Andora Aquino, Matthew Fisher, Olivia Gross, Sarah Hall, Anna Hayes, Gail Herman, Shaelah Huntington, Madison Ibsen, Tessa Permar, Meghan Pettit, Hayley Pierce.

Martha’s Vineyard California Wine Affair a success

It was one of the finest spring nights we've had so far this year.

Bike paths need tending

I have always felt the bike paths on M.

Conserve, don’t generate

I have read what seems to be an endless stream of letters about how to generate more electricity for the Island (and the country in general) while protecting the environment and the Island lifestyle.

A revolution of love

I graduated from MVRHS in 1984.

Just a few

Our Island is now faced with a proliferation of wind power projects, on and offshore, which it should be.

Rethink our energy path

America, with only five percent of the world's population, consumes 25 percent of the world's oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium.


A local chapter of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous offers help and support for people suffering from various eating disorders.

Can’t stop till they stop

At the risk of turning off readers, the Chappaquiddick bike path battle continues.

John Talcott Hough

John Talcott Hough, whose newspaper career spanned nearly half a century and who retired 16 years ago to the family home called "Fish Hook" in the woods of North Tisbury, died on Sunday of natural causes at the JML Care Center in Falmouth.

First, undo the harm you’ve done

To whoever robbed Heather Gardens, thievery is one of the lowest forms of self-expression.

Oh, that bridge

To the Editor:When I went on-line from my computer in Budapest and saw the headline Bridge to Cape Cod (The Times, May 13), I must admit I was shocked and dismayed.


To the Editor:In our efforts to "go green" at the recent Minnesingers' Spring Shows there was no printed program, so several folks integral to the success of our year did not get the recognition they deserve, so I'd like to express our appreciation to:Melanie Chaunce, assistant; Lianna Loughman, choreographer; Jeff Caruthers, stage manager, indispensable right hand; Matthew Fisher, technical expert, lighting designer; Kirkland Beck, costume mentor; Ashley Girard, costumer; Kate Murray & Charlie Esposito, technical and moral support; Tessa Permar, choreographer's assistant; Sal McNamara-Esposito, Raine Bick, Justin Oslyn, and Mike Patenaude, technical support; Joanne Lambert, Cindy Roberts, Jude Tucker, Nancy Nevin, Karen Dumont and ALL the Minnesinger Parents; Jazz Combo: Raine Bick , Sal McNamara-Esposito, Shauna Nute, Mike Tinus, Steve Tully; Kathy Retmier, expert seamstress, costume support; Warren Pettit, accompanist for 'Amazing Grace'; Kathleen Forsythe, poster and pictures extraordinaire; Jim Novack, tech guru emeritus, MVRHS administration and custodial staff.


Did you forget the annual Alzheimer's Walk last Sunday? A lot of people remembered, more than 70 actually, the most ever.

Art show openings

Chilmark Library Gouache paintings by Marianne Neill.

More fun in May

The Island Children's School, now 41 years old, treated young Islanders to a day of fun at the school on Saturday.

Roger Spinney, pastor and good guy

The First Baptist Church of Vineyard Haven and the Gay Head Community Baptist Church of Aquinnah have been saddened by the news that their pastor of 14 years, the Reverend Doctor Roger Spinney, is leaving the Island.

A small town’s virtues

My name is Bill Hall, and I've lived in Vineyard Haven for close to 30 years.