Thursday, September 22, 2022
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Everyday Teaching: Nature as classroom

Kids love playing in dirt. To fulfill that passion, try creating a Child’s Own Summer Garden. By adopting a wild pitch in the yard...

Everyday Teaching: Witness history with our children

The past few weeks have been a living history for our children. Watching the protesters and police clash, they have become witnesses. This deep...

Everyday Teaching: Spaces for learning

Houses are not classrooms. They rarely have nooks outside the door. Kitchen tables substitute for desks. Reading areas are carved out of sofas. In...

Everyday Teaching: How to teach through questions

Teachers stress that knowing facts, dates, and precise answers is fundamental to education. Many argue that the memorization of dates, names and formulas is...

Everyday Teaching: Nature’s classroom

As the weather improves, one way to teach your children at home is to liberate them to the woods. Martha’s Vineyard is an abundant...

Tips for teaching from home

Loss in literacy has been increasing from the 1980s until the present for both adults and children. American education relied on books and texts...

Bring math to life

Most students backslide over the course of a summer in reading speed as well as mathematics. With five months out of school, it is...

Reach for the stars

With schools closed across the country, many parents are relying on technology and Zoom to create a classroom experience in their homes; however, online...