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Bids aplenty at 36th Annual Possible Dreams Auction

The first is that this Island has provided me with a home and home-away-from-home amid a diverse and neighborly community since I was born. The second is that Dolly Campbell and her colleagues at the Thrift Store were kind to my wife and me, when we were struggling to build and furnish our house here. The third is that the auction has repeatedly given us the opportunity to meet generous people who have jumped at the chance to see things that stretch the mind with questions and awe

Wining and dining at Atria

Wine dinners allow you to sit back and engage in a more deeply imaged culinary experience — they are like the long form of dining, the novel — and like all novels they begin with a simple idea: what’s in the bottle,

Bumper crops: No soil required

Vineyarders with any sort of green thumb are likely eyeing the progress of their tomatoes with no small amount of anticipation. Some gardeners, if...

The invasion of the crabgrass

How to eliminate crabgrass, or else embrace its presence.

Monster Machines: West Tisbury’s Breaker 732

They allow firefighters to make a safe and effective fire attack on a fast-moving fire that can be a distance from access roads. West Tisbury FD’s decision to include two of them in their fleet illustrates their commitment to defending the community against this risk.

Taste weekend a success for MV Preservation Trust

“Ray [Ellis] was always a great supporter of the Trust, as is Teddy, his wife. She literally took this painting off her wall,” - Chris Scott, M.V. Preservation Trust executive director.

First Wedding at Tashmoo Spring Building

Updated, 12:20 pm, Wednesday, June 18, 2014. In a silvery satin gown handmade by her mother, Katherine J. Ellsworth, a Brooklyn resident formerly of Gorham,...

As always, “Taste” delights

Food, drink, music, and fanciful attire highlighted The Taste of the Vineyard 2014.

Gideon Spykman brings chickens to Whippoorwill

Back 40 Farm to sell local, organic chicken meat CSA-style.

Babesiosis: The other tick borne illness

What is Babesiosis? And how can you protect yourself from it on Martha’s Vineyard?

New season brings new offerings from Chilmark Store

On Monday, May 12, the up-Island oasis that’s evolving into as much an institution for Chilmark as Alley’s General Store has long been for...

Craft beer talk hops up Slow Food potluck

On Thursday, April 17, dozens gathered in the spacious Ag Hall in West Tisbury for Slow Food Martha’s Vineyard’s combination annual meeting and potluck. The...

Monster machines on Martha’s Vineyard

They are by no means dainty guys but are definitely smaller than 6’7” Karl Kallinich, the general operator of the Beast, who at times, exercising the proper safety precautions, must shimmy under, clamber atop, or, yes, creep inside the giant horizontal grinder to tinker and adjust.

Paint my wagon (or porch, or floor, or walls)

When it comes to color decisions, oh boy...There are painters who refuse to get involved...It certainly can be a can of worms, so to speak. It’s a funny psychology based on personal associations....I’ve spent endless hours mixing, matching, and changing colors for people, repainting whole rooms, sometimes three times.

Creativity brews at Chilmark family business

Mr. Christy takes great care guiding the final stage, where too much heat will singe the batch and too little will leave it with the texture of balsa wood. What he consistently arrives at are bean batches the color of oiled leather that smell intoxicatingly nutty as they cascade down into stainless steel cooling trays. They are the benchmark of the company.

New artwork arrives at The Granary Gallery

They each depict parts of the Island that are common to all of us but in an uncommon way. As a viewer, we immediately see the uniqueness of their talents. –David Wallis

Children’s films shine brightly at Film Festival

The annual event made Chilmark a lively place this past weekend.

M.V. Film Fest Recap

Saturday marked the third day of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, beginning with a sold out showing of Victoria Campbell’s “Monsieur le Président” at...

M.V. Film Fest delivers

“The Overnighters,” an apt title for the Film Festival movie that almost missed the boat.

Monsieur le Président: Documentary on Haiti at film festival

Viewers of the M.V. Film Festival will choose the final cut of this intensely personal film.