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Thanksgiving weekend open houses on Martha’s Vineyard

Motivated sellers are showing properties over Thanksgiving weekend.  If you are a looking to complete a deal prior to the end of the year, or are simply interested in checking out inventory available in...

What the heck is Vineyard scaping?

How to landscape using native plants, and make the birds and the bees (but not the ticks) happy.

Setting a new standard for energy efficient homes

Our new house will become our guest house when we win the lottery and build our big house,” Mr. Pedler said, half joking

The just right house

'I especially wanted to live in a greenhouse,' she says... Indeed, everywhere one looks, tendrils and blossoms fill the air with spring fragrance. Originally she’d needed to prove she could grow fruits and vegetables indoors. 'For four years I had the most persistent tomato plants, big around as tree trunks. There were avocado branches pressed up against the skylight as if they had fists trying to break higher. It was crazy!'

Our space: The Stanwoods at home

When David plays the piano for Eleanor, she lies on the sofa and he unplugs the refrigerator and turns off the furnace. 'I’m inclined toward quiet,' he says, 'because it helps creativity, not only in my piano playing, but also with inventing.

Paint my wagon (or porch, or floor, or walls)

When it comes to color decisions, oh boy...There are painters who refuse to get involved...It certainly can be a can of worms, so to speak. It’s a funny psychology based on personal associations....I’ve spent endless hours mixing, matching, and changing colors for people, repainting whole rooms, sometimes three times.