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Top notch emergency services

This letter was sent to fire Chief Peter Shemeth and police Chief Antone Bettencourt of Edgartown.

A new life

On September 17, you had an article, entitled

A nation of immigrants, but immigrant Americans

So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants.

A tale of links across the Atlantic and among islands

It all started on a rainy Sunday in March, 2007, with the chance purchase of a copy of the Sunday Washington Post.

Exploitation? Let me count the ways

The immigrant who enters the United States without benefit of the required visa and lives and works here illegally exploits us all – breaking the law, flooding the courts, taking the job, taking the services, taking the benefits, but not contributing his share to life in America.

It’s not a matter of safety. It’s about flow.

Criticism of the plan for a roundabout at what was the Blinker intersection on the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road continues.

Lisa DeLorme Cash

Lisa DeLorme Cash, career educator and former art teacher at the Edgartown School, died on Tuesday, September 27, in Memphis, Tennessee.

David L. Hart

A memorial service for David L.

Edward R. Hammond Jr.

Edward Roland Hammond Jr.

Donald Bruce Keep

Donald Bruce Keep, 84, of West Tisbury, died peacefully at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital on Thursday, August 25, 2011, following nearly a year of health challenges.

Basil L. Welch

Basil Lambert Welch died peacefully in his sleep on September 24, after a brief illness.

Vineyard drug treatment clinic shuts door, founder arrested

Police Tuesday arrested a Brookline doctor who founded a string of drug treatment clinics on a charge of Medicaid fraud.

Pledge puts West Tisbury Library fund raising past half way mark

A pledge of $300,000 has brought the library past the 50 percent mark in its goal for private donations toward expansion and renovation.

Is Modern Art a Scam, or Just Mark Kostabi?

Despite the soft ending, "Con Artist" gives the viewer a great ride.

Martha’s Vineyard Museum exhibits shipwrecks

The M.V. Museum has assembled an impressive collection of artwork, documents, and artifacts for a new exhibit: Out of the Depths: M.V. Shipwrecks

Bonsai: The art of the cut

The ancient Chinese and Japanese art of bonsai is being practiced by Ernie Carlomagno of Edgartown.

Enos Ray: Thoughts on moving on

Artist Enos Ray writes of his plans to discover America.