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Vote no on roundabout

If you are opposed to the Roundabout, please go to the the polls and vote.

Finally, the help Jodeleine needs

For those of your readers who have been following the progress of the Martha's Vineyard Fish Farm Haiti, they will be happy to hear that little Jodeleine Pierre met her surgeon on March 23, in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Envision this

Having read the article on the new sidewalk for State Road, I offer kudos.

Making a plan, with your help

It was good to see the space you allotted to our Island libraries' activities [

V.T.A. vs. Up Island Automotive Inc.

The town of West Tisbury says, no more town business for our gas station.

Overturn the Citizens United ruling

In recent weeks, numerous residents from all six Island towns have been working on an initiative to bring to our town meetings.

You’ve got to show up

At town meetings this month we will finally be able to vote our minds for or against the roundabout.

Mill Pond doesn’t have to stay this way

The voters of West Tisbury will get to decide whether to approve the Mill Pond committee's Article 13 on the warrant for annual town meeting, Tuesday, April 10, starting at 7 pm, in the West Tisbury School gymnasium.

Let’s share the beach

In November 2011, at a special town meeting, the West Tisbury Park and Recreation Committee proposed a regulation that would allow dogs access to Lambert's Cove Beach (LCB) from September 16 to June 14 each year, not allowing them access June 15 to September 15.

Radical change that benefits financially motivated only

The front page of last week's Vineyard Gazette reports "No Big Change" in Tisbury for the two years since it has granted beer and wine licenses.

Experience suggests a yes vote on beer and wine sales

We are writing in support of the upcoming vote to allow beer and wine sales at restaurants in West Tisbury and to describe one family's view of how the change worked in Vineyard Haven, where we live seasonally.

It’s good for good neighbors who run good businesses

Owning and running a business on Martha's Vineyard these last few years has been particularly challenging.

Trust that beer/wine sales will be carefully managed

I want to express why Ben and I have decided to support the beer and wine proposal coming up for vote on the ballot April 12.

A more controlled dining experience

I am writing to offer up a few observations about the new licensing we have in Aquinnah allowing the sale of beer and wine at the Outermost Inn.

Support the local businesses

I am writing to urge West Tisbury voters to vote yes on Question 2, which would allow restaurants to serve beer and wine to their customers under a license granted by the selectmen.

Yes on beer and wine sales

West Tisbury is full of liberal thinkers, yet we're taxed, mandated, regulated, permitted, and who knows what else to keep us in our pigeon holes.

No on the Roundabout – it’s time for voters to have a say

Beginning next week, five towns in turn will vote at their annual town elections on a non-binding ballot question asking if a roundabout should be built at the Blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs.

The unhelpful roundabout referendum

A referendum asking only whether one is for or against the roundabout cannot provide a reliable gauge regarding the project.

A change in the dining experience, not in West Tisbury’s nature

Last Saturday afternoon, we opened our doors to the West Tisbury community to talk about question two on the April 12 ballot, which would allow beer and wine to be served in restaurants seating 50 or more guests.