Zoning board approves West Tisbury marijuana dispensary

Geoff Rose, left, talks about the specifics of the medical marijuana industry at a previous meeting. The West Tisbury zoning board approved his grow site. — Stacey Rupolo

Updated 10/2

West Tisbury’s Zoning Board of Appeals voted Thursday night to approve applicant Geoffrey Rose of Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard for a registered medical marijuana dispensary at 510 State Road, Zoning Board of Appeals administrator Clare Harrington told The Times.

Thursday night’s vote marks the second ZBA approval for Mr. Rose and Patient Centric. The board approved a plan to operate a marijuana cultivation facility on Dr. Fisher Road on Aug 17.

Martha’s Vineyard Commission approved plans for the grow facility in June.

“I am pleased for the patients,” Mr. Rose said. “This will aid those with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other conditions as authorized by a physician. We expect to be serving patients within a year and will keep the community updated as to our progress.”



  1. I am constrained to point out that marijuana is (still) illegal under federal law. I know we get to pick and choose which laws we need to obey (here in snowflake land), but do we have to be so obvious?

        • And republicans introduce legislation at both the state and federal level to limit freedoms.

          BTW, the people who use the expression “states’ rights” are those reliving the Civil War. Read the CSA Constitution, then come back and discuss states’ rights.

      • Instead of drifting this thread into the deep waters of alcoholic philosophy, why don’t you write a nice letter on the subject of contract (institutional) government? I’m sure we (all of us) can have a long and enlightening conversational thrash on the topic.

        • You brought up federal vs states rights, then deflect. You gave the parameters, you strayed. You lost this point.

  2. With the opioids crisis in New England what we don’t need is opportunity for people to get high. I know all the arguments about pot not being a gateway drug but the fact remains that people increasingly are looking for ways to enjoy themselves with chemicals. No one believes this is going to be for medicinal purposes only and the ailing tent is rather large.

    • Curiously, marijuana is not a drug whereas alcohol is – along with heroin, cocaine, coffee, nicotine…usw

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