Martha’s Vineyard ferry heads to dry dock at Senesco

The ferry Martha's Vineyard had two trips canceled today due to mechanical issues. - Rich Saltzberg

The MV Martha’s Vineyard will be dry-docked at Senesco Marine Monday for warranty work on a keel cooler. Steamship Authority general manager Robert Davis expects the vessel to return to service Tuesday. “We are attempting to address any and all items during the current repair periods, which extend to June 18th, so that they don’t become an issue,” Davis wrote in an email.

The MV Nantucket is pinch-hitting for the Martha’s Vineyard while it’s down in Rhode Island, Davis noted.

The Martha’s Vineyard has suffered an extraordinary number of glitches and failures since it underwent a midlife refurbishment at Senesco this past winter. The work amounted to more than $18 million, and has already triggered warranty repairs on various parts of the vessel, including the bow doors.

Last week seven people were trapped in an elevator for 11 minutes on the 25-year-old ferry. The chief engineer was able to free them before the Falmouth Fire Department came aboard in Woods Hole.

Once the Martha’s Vineyard is back, the Nantucket will spell the MV Island Home as it goes in for scheduled maintenance through June 18, Davis said.