Steeple removal on hold


The steeple at Tisbury Town Hall is still coming down, it’s just going to have to wait until Dec. 1, Kirk Metell, the town’s facilities director, told The Times.

The town had scheduled removal of the steeple for the long weekend of Nov. 9-12 so it wouldn’t interfere with town business, Metell told The Times recently. But because the Katharine Cornell Theater has been rented for that weekend, the project is on hold, Metell said. “We don’t want anyone in the building when the steeple is being removed,” he said.

On Saturday, Dec. 1, Spring Street is likely to be closed, and there will be noise associated with the project, an alert from the town states.

Metell told The Times that the project is the first phase in replacing the steeple with a new one that will be built in the style of the steeple that’s there.


  1. Fiberglass or aluminum replacement on the antique building? Tisbury sent Santander to the MVC over choice of roofing materials but no public outcry over the Steeple? Double standard at play? They don’t have to play by the rules they dole out?

    • Someone else would pay for the Santander roof replacement. Always be generous with other people’s money.

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