Police arrest man disembarking Island Home

Tisbury police and a Massachusetts state trooper arrest Dennis Burns at the Steamship Authority on Wednesday. – Rich Saltzberg

Tisbury police and a Massachusetts state trooper arrested a man on the passenger ramp at the Steamship Authority terminal in Vineyard Haven Wednesday afternoon. A Tisbury Police Department report identified the man as Dennis G. Burns.

Burns was arrested as a fugitive from justice on four outstanding warrants, the report indicates. Burns has warrants from Attleboro District Court, Framingham District Court, Quincy District Court, and Westborough District Court. Officials in the clerk’s offices in Attleboro and Framingham District Courts were unable and unwilling, respectively, to disclose why the warrants were issued. An official from the Quincy District Court clerk’s office said Burns had a bench warrant there for a failure to appear in March. An official from the Westborough District Court clerk’s office said Burns also had a bench warrant for failure to appear in March; she stated he was scheduled to appear on a charge of larceny over $250 by false pretense.

Trooper Robert Branca transported Burns from the terminal to the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office. Burns was transported from the Vineyard to Attleboro District Court Friday morning, according to Dukes County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Eric Perry.


  1. Facial recognition software in use at the ferry terminals, or on the boats? Other surveillance technology? Stingray?

    • I have always said if you keep your nose clean you have nothing to worry about.
      Otherwise keep looking over your shoulder.
      What a way to live.

      • “If you don’t have anything to hide, you have nothing to worry about” is a worn, tired excuse for fascism.
        We recently had an island detective conducting his own unexplained investigations of private citizens, using a federal criminal database.
        If the cops are using these technologies, they’re searching EVERYBODY, even those with “clean noses”.
        We already know (THANK YOU, Wikileaks!) that the NSA is skimming ALL communications.
        These unwarranted searches are as illegal as they are intolerable, and the local cops need to be brought to heel when it comes to these abuses, let alone the corrupt Massachusetts State Police.
        So save your meek apologetics for tyranny for someone who doesn’t know better.
        FIRE. THE. POLICE.

      • capawok– there were plenty of Jews with clean noses in Europe in 1938.
        we all need to look over the shoulders of people who will strip us of our privacy and freedom.

  2. If only it were that simple, Capawock, but it’s not. Here on the Vineyard, Justice is dished our according to factors other than Constitutional fairness. Things like whether you are also a law enforcement officer, whether demonstrably biased judges are willing to recuse themselves, whether your adversaries are willing to admit any psychiatric challenges.
    If you think that it is enough to keep your nose clean then good luck my friend.

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