Bountiful harvest


Just in time for the fall harvest, we bring you a cornucopia of editorial comments.

Enough already with the coastal wind storms. We’ve had a series of storms that have knocked out ferry service for long periods of time. Getting stranded either on the Island or off is getting old quickly. We need a respite. Of course, that’s not coming this week, as the National Weather Service is predicting winds in excess of 50 mph Thursday night into Friday, which could cause some ferry disruptions. Not exactly the type of weather you’d hope for on Halloween and trick-or-treating.

Of course, without rain there are no rainbows, and perhaps no stories like the one about Joey Ragosta. Joey went to the West Chop beach known as “Marble Beach” before school during a delayed opening. While he was walking the beach with his mother, Joey found a message in a bottle. The message didn’t travel far and it had not been in the water long, but it was great to see Joey’s exuberance at finding the bottled-up note from a schoolmate in West Tisbury.

Tisbury School students have certainly been through a lot this year, but that didn’t stop them from showing a united front during Unity Day. It was a warm feeling to see the word “Unity” written in orange letters made from ribbons on a chain link fence. The event was last week, but the sign remains on display. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave it there until the grade 5-8 students at MVRHS return home to Tisbury School. 

It’s been more than a year since Sean Driscoll joined the Steamship Authority as its first communications director, and Driscoll has certainly been responsive to our requests for information, which is greatly appreciated. But we wonder why the SSA as a whole can’t do more to answer customers’ questions in real time, particularly when there are cancellations. The one complaint we hear over and over again is that there isn’t enough information during a storm — especially at the terminals — and that some people show up, get their hopes up to get on a ferry, only to have them dashed. It would seem like the SSA could do more, perhaps with a scrolling sign at its terminals, to alert customers in real time to what’s going on.

We’ve heard some scuttlebutt that people are upset that a child not yet old enough to drive was the winner of a car at this year’s Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. Let’s hope that Aubrey Warburton’s inspirational victory of the Subaru Impreza doesn’t lead to a rule change that makes children ineligible. We loved putting the 10-year-old’s fist pump on the cover of last week’s print edition. If there was still an “ABC Wide World of Sports,” her photo could very well be the new “thrill of victory.”

Speaking of inspiration, you’ve got to love both the Permanent Endowment and Island Grown Initiative. And that this year’s Ruth J. Bogan Creative Living Award, given by the Permanent Endowment, went to IGI, it was, as Permanent Endowment executive director Emily Bramhall said, “a really good matchup.” We can’t think of a better organization doing more to bring sustainable living into focus for Islanders. We were glad to see IGI receive this recognition.


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