Hospital grateful for donations of PPE

Chris Priore recently collected 520 masks to bring to the hospital.

Islanders have rallied to help collect and, in some cases, create personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital communications director Katrina Delgadillo told The Times.

The shortage of masks and other protective gear has become so acute that PPE has become part of the vernacular. On Thursday, the gesture by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to use the team’s plane to go to China and pick up supplies received international attention.

On the Island, efforts have been made by 3D printer enthusiasts and construction workers to help the hospital. On Wednesday, there was a buzz across the Island as the National Guard delivered tents and PPE for the sheriff’s department and first responders.

In an email, Delgadillo praised the ingenuity of the 3D printers on the Island and thanked other donors, as well. To date, the hospital has received donations of nearly 600 N95 and surgical face masks. “We are so grateful to the Island painters, construction companies, and individuals who have reached out with offers to help and donate,” she wrote.

Delgadillo noted the short supply of PPE all hospitals are facing. “Currently, our staff has enough to care for our patient load but if and when we experience a patient surge, our PPE will be used at much higher rates and that is what we are most focused on preparing for,” she wrote.

Anyone wishing to make donations, should contact



  1. I am afraid that giving to the hospital for PPEs won’t do any good. I need to travel 3 times a week on the ferry and back, and I have wanted to protect myself with an N95 mask. I found a batch, but I canceled the order when I found the delivery would be between May 15 and June 4! And can you imagine having to use PPEs from China, the origin of the virus outbreak?

    • Bfrank– “giving to the hospital won’t do any good” ? I don’t care where the masks come from. Nor do I care where testing comes from. The U.S long ago outsourced it’s manufacturing capabilities to the place that could produce everything at the lowest cost. That happened to be China.. they can produce everything at low cost because they have horrible conditions and low pay for their workers, lax environmental restrictions, and an authoritarian government.
      Capitalism allowed it. I am not blaming any political party or administration– this is baked in to our system. I am sure you would mock people ( like me) who buy “fair trade” coffee.
      Here is a link you might find useful.
      good luck !

    • Can you imagine health care workers wearing the same face mask and gown going from patient to patient? I know that sounds like a reproof, though i do not mean it to be. It is just that some health care workers do not have to imagine it. God forbid, and I mean this sincerely, anyone of us should have to find him or herself in a hospital bed. I would hope, though I know I can no longer expect, that the PPE of those risking their own health and safety to help me was not exposed to other patients.

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