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Moving Forward

Raquel Soares, a M.V. Hospital employee, getting her shot. — Courtesy Juliana Germani

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What a different start to the summer season we all had this year — and what a relief. On May 29, mask rules in Massachusetts were relaxed and are now only required in certain situations such as public transportation as in buses, trains, ferries, planes, hospitals, or clinics. Capacity limits, as well as other business restrictions, have also been lifted.

There’s an emotional component to taking time to switch gears. Appreciation for subtle transitions feels right after such a heavy chapter globally. I will be wearing a mask for a while. If I see someone wearing a mask, I will interpret it as a sign of where other people might be emotionally and how safe they feel or to protect themselves and others who cannot take the vaccine yet, such as children below 12.


It is much easier to schedule an appointment at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a vaccine as the demand is no longer higher than the supply. If you received the first dose of the vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) at a different location than the M.V. Hospital and would like to make your second dose appointment at MVH, call 508-684-4500 — you can only use the website if you have not received the first dose yet.

Other resources 

It will take a while for things to feel somewhat back to where we were — we have experienced trauma — collectively and personally in these last fifteen months in ways we might not yet have the words for it. If you need help and would like to talk to someone, call M.V. Community Services 508-693-7900, ext. 217 for assistance — this number is for Portuguese-speaking individuals.