Missing cat in Vineyard Haven

Danielle Jenkins is looking for her missing cat, Lucipurr.

Danielle Jenkins lost her cat named Lucipurr. Jenkins said she is not exactly sure if Lucipurr “slipped off” while they were on the ferry or when they landed at Vineyard Haven. However, Jenkins is certain her cat disappeared on the latter part of the ferry trip. Lucipurr was last seen on the Island Home on Thursday at 9 pm. 

“The captain of the ship very kindly let me search the whole thing, so I do think she’s on shore,” Jenkins wrote in a text message. 

Jenkins is currently travelling around the country in a camper van. She is originally from Colorado and attends the University of California, Los Angeles. Jenkins was supposed to leave the Island Mondy, but is planning to stick around Martha’s Vineyard for a bit longer to hopefully find Lucipurr. 

Lucipurr is a medium length gray tabby. She is cross-eyed with a “fluffy raccoon tail.” 

Jenkins is offering a $500 award to anyone who can catch Lucipurr and bring them back together again. Jenkins has put up signs in the Vineyard Haven area.

If anyone has any information about Lucipurr’s whereabouts, contact Jenkins at 617-797-1152. 


  1. Wouldn’t CCTV aboard the ferry be revealing if the cat escaped onto the island?
    I can’t be the first who has thought of this possibility?

  2. Don’t forget to post this on MV Helping Lost Pets (Facebook) — and email the Animal Control Officers (ACOs) for Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Aquinnah (they can travel…) (508-693-1212) — and the Martha’s Vineyard Animal Shelter in Edgartown.

    Prayers for sweet Lucipurr’s healthy, safe and immediate reunion with you.

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