Martha’s Vineyard oyster truck shucked by bridge


A truck from Signature Oysters in Katama sheared off its roof and was left mangled after hitting a bridge on Memorial Drive in Cambridge Thursday morning.

The crash occurred at 9:35 am, according to Lt. Paul Sullivan, a spokesman for the State Police. No one was injured, but the 61-year-old driver from Oak Bluffs was issued a citation, Sullivan said. His name was not released. “I don’t know if any oysters were on board or injured,” Sullivan said.

Ryan Smith, the owner of Signature Oysters, told The Times he had no details on the crash. In a text message, he said the driver had just delivered oysters and was on his way to New Bedford.

Memorial and Storrow Drive, which run alongside the Charles River, are so notorious for this type of crash that the term “Storrowed” has been coined to refer to the crashes into the bridges when a truck too tall attempts to navigate the roads.

One day earlier, a truck from Nantucket struck a bridge on Storrow Drive, Sullivan confirmed. “The islands are attacking the mainland one bridge at a time,” Sullivan said.


  1. (sung to the tune composed by Irving Berlin)
    Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket: “Anything you can do, I can do better!”

  2. In fairness, those large, yellow, reflective, illuminated, chain-dangling “LOW CLEARANCE” and “NO TRUCKS” signs can be ambiguous.

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