UPDATE: Power outages, schools closed, and ferry cancellations


This story will be updated frequently.

Islanders are waking up Wednesday morning to widespread power outages and ferry cancellations as a powerful nor’easter continues to unleash wind gusts that exceeded 90 mph at the Chappy Ferry.

According to the National Weather Service tweet, the Chappy Ferry reported a wind gust of 94 mph. “This remains an extremely dangerous nor’easter to our region,” the tweet states.

The Steamship Authority website is down, but a Twitter post indicates that ferry service to and from the Vineyard has been suspended until further notice. “The storm is continuing to bring high winds to the area,” the tweet states. “Travel on the roads is extremely dangerous, so please do not attempt to come to our terminals.”

In a message to parents, schools Supt. Matt D’Andrea said schools would be closed Wednesday. “Due to high winds and dangerous weather conditions, MVYPS schools are closed today, Wednesday, October 27. All afterschool activities are also canceled.”

Meanwhile, Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, after initially announcing a delayed opening, is now saying it will remain closed on Wednesday.

Edgartown issued an alert closing town hall and the library, and Tisbury has also closed all of its town offices.

As of 5:45 am, there were scattered power outages all across the Island, according to the Eversource outage map.

West Tisbury Police report on their Facebook page that there are downed trees on Old County Road, Lambert’s Cove Road, State Road, and that roads “may be impassable in different locations.” The highway department, fire department, MassDOT, and Eversource all have crews out working to “clean up and fix any issues,” according to the post. “Please be patient.”

In a similar post, Edgartown Police report a low-hanging wire that is obstructing traffic on North Water Street near Mayhew Lane. “Right now, no vehicle or pedestrian traffic can safely pass,” the post states. “Multiple streets have branches and limbs down. There is also some street flooding around town. The Edgartown highway department is already hard at work clearing debris from the roadways.”

Aquinnah Police report that trees are down on South Road, Middle Road, and North Road in Chilmark.

According to the post, the Chappy Ferry will have a delayed start due to storm and tide conditions. “We highly recommend that everyone gives Eversource and our local road crews time to make the roadways safe,” the post states. “Stay home if you can, and stay safe.”

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for Dukes County. Tree damage and power outages are expected, as well as some coastal flooding.


  1. It is so nice to see that the road reconstruction project has solved the road flooding in that a Wait, look at the photo again.

    • Seems Mass DOT and Tisbury don’t realize climate change is happening. Resurfacing the roads doesn’t appear to mitigate the rising ocean.

    • It’s named Beach Road. What solution is there, really? If the tide is higher than the road — it floods. Kinda basic. Most of us have learned how to avoid or work around the 5 corners area. Regardless, unless you want to close it you still have to maintain it.

  2. Part of the reason for the road project was to improve drainage. It’s tough though when there are only inches between the drain and the outfall. As long as we, as a species, have our heads stuck either up or down in different mediums about rising sea levels and how to at least slow it down, we will pay the price.

  3. At least you don’t have worry anymore about where the potholes are when you are driving through a foot of water. Beach road will eventually be a thing of the past.

  4. 94 mph..impossible—a newspaper should only report accurate weather readings…highest gust at our airport was about 64 mph….most anemometers are improperly located , malfunctioning, or never calibrated.

      • Tweet came from an individual who probably reported that to NWS. Highest buoy reading was 68 mph in new England Airport here was 64.

        • Wind speed is a function of elevation.
          Most bouy wind speed senors are mounted pretty close to the water.

    • Impossible ignorance.
      A peak wind speed difference of 30 mph over 6 miles is more likely than impossible.
      If you don’t want it to be 94 then it isn’t.

  5. The Allen Farm is on South Road. State Road in Chilmark stretches from Beetlebung Corner to the Aquinnah town line.

  6. The NWS is not a Social Media Platform.
    They only publish what they believe to be accurate.
    The airport does not always have the highest winds.
    For highest gusts there can easily be a 30 mph difference in a mile.

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