Motion hearing slated for Langhammer

Brian Langhammer is slated for a hearing on a motion to dismiss in August.

Brian Langhammer, a Vineyard Haven man charged by Tisbury Police with one count of threat to commit a crime (murder), appeared remotely before Edgartown District Court Judge Benjamin Barnes on Friday. Langhammer Zoomed in from the custody of the Dukes County Jail, after apparently failing to make the $10,000 bail previously set by Judge Paul Pino. Langhammer is accused of making online threats to police. Langhammer’s attorney, Matt Jackson, told the court he intends to file a motion to dismiss the case. Judge Barnes set a motion hearing for August 12. 

Langhammer’s charges date from early June. Langhammer was taken into custody by Tisbury and Massachusetts on June 7 following a traffic stop, and brought to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a mental health evaluation. At some point, a Facebook post was unearthed. 

“During this investigation,” a report states, “on June 7th, 2022, a Facebook profile that is commonly known to be used by Brian Langhammer, named ‘Brian Lingam,’ posted a photo of a pig or a boar in crosshairs of a firearm scope, with the caption: ‘Warm up those bagpipes, #Martha’sVineyard. Justice is coming.”

In his application for the criminal complaint, Tisbury Det. Charles Duquette wrote, “In my training as a police officer, I know bagpipes to be symbolic of being part of police officer funerals. Furthermore, when this post references incoming ‘justice,’ I believe in my training and experience as a police officer that statements like these are indicative of actions wanted to be taken.” The narrative goes on to point out that “pig” is a derogatory term for a police officer.


  1. One political party has a history of those kinds of ads recently against specific opponents. I guess they should all be arrested.

  2. Nice legal reasoning, Fred.
    You will note that in the most high profile of these “ads”, the electoral map with crosshairs/gunsight graphics, Sarah Palin was judged to have violated no crime.
    Brian Langhammer was at all times exercising his Constitutional right to criticize/scrutinize the actions of these public servants, Tisbury law enforcement officials.
    It is more than a over reach to suggest he intended personal harm, with only inference, speculation and conjecture to support those wildly optimistic charges against him.
    As much as you may dislike the exercise of Constitutional rights, I am more disturbed by your suggestion that all who support one of our two major political parties need to be arrested.

  3. Brian is my friend; I hope that he is free soon. In an insular community that is predominated by particular views, ideals and beliefs it is very hard to express the contrary. Upon this man is an obloquy that is no different than one would endure for being on the left in a predominantly consevative community. I am sad that he is in trouble; I hope the best for him.

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