No injuries in two-car crash


A black Jeep Grand Cherokee (Rhode Island license plates) collided with a black GMC 2500 HD pickup truck (Massachusetts license plates) at the intersection of Franklin Street and Center Street. The collision occurred a little before 7 pm on Monday. Members of the Tisbury Police and Fire departments responded to the incident, blocking off sections of Franklin Street and Center Street. 

The Jeep was driving on Center Street from the Main Street direction and the pickup truck was driving on Franklin Street in the direction of Spring Street. The Jeep suffered enough damage that its front bumper had to be removed, although it could still be driven to the side of Franklin Street from Center Street. Meanwhile, the pickup truck was damaged on the left side of its front end, making it undrivable. 

JWL Transport towed the pickup truck to the owner’s home. After the pickup truck drove down Center Street, one of the four Jeep passengers had another car nearby, which he brought over to move their belongings. The group was allowed to leave and a Tisbury police officer stood by with the damaged Jeep until JWL Transport came back to tow it. 

Nobody was hurt in the collision. 

A crash happened at the intersection earlier in the summer. 


  1. Many intersections have blocked viewing due to bushes, fencing, hedges, vehicles etc.
    ALL Town need to enforce this and make sure that the STOP ✋️ signage along with the street markings are easily viewed from a distance.
    Wouldn’t hurt to paint the stops and crossing areas with bright LARGE LETTERING.

  2. People fly past the Catholic church as they speed towards for stop sign at spring street, I’m surprised there aren’t more collisions center/franklin. Slow down!

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