W.T. planning board reluctant about curb cut

A map showing where the proposed curb cut would go.

The West Tisbury planning board decided to do a site visit to 844 State Road in response to a request by Bradford Tucker and Liz Ragone for a special permit to “install a second curb cut within 100 feet of the nearest curb cut” during a public hearing. According to planning board member Leah Smith, this request will ultimately have to go to the state, which owns the road.

“We want to have closer access to the farmstand, primarily. It would be a safer inlet than the one that is currently there. It’s sort of a tight driveway,” Tucker said. The farmstand is where the former Green Island Farm conducted business. According to a letter to the town, Tucker and Ragone have been “running an artistic woodworking company called Rafter Revivers” since 2019, and have been selling flowers. They are also growing peppers to make “floral-infused hot sauce.” Tucker added his abutter will be moving away, and the house will be demolished soon.

After hearing from Tucker, some board members expressed concern that the additional entry may cause increased traffic congestion in the area. Planning board chair Virginia Jones pointed out that there are also other areas with a lot of human activity, such as Morning Glory Farm and the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society fairgrounds. 

“This is Route 28 starting to happen, and that really distresses me,” Jones said. “I want to see clear delineations.”

Planning board member Matt Merry said the nine parking spots brings concern over the look of the area. Tucker said the area is still being cleaned out, and “doesn’t see it as a heavy parking area.” Merry also said he is “not against” the curb cut, but its proximity to another one is a concern. “It seems awfully large for a farmstand,” Merry said. 

After more discussion, board administrator Jane Rossi suggested the members take a group site visit. Jones pointed out that West Tisbury highway superintendent Richard Olsen or Martha’s Vineyard Commission special projects planner Dan Doyle could be tapped for advice.


  1. “Route 28”? The hyperbole is real with the NIMBY crowd. That comment is hilarious. Imagine that you are so out of touch that you think State Road in Dub-T resembles Route 28.

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