Migrants land on Martha’s Vineyard


Updated September 15

A group 50 Venezuelan migrants, some of them children, landed on Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday. The migrants arrived by plane at Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

According to Geoff Freeman, airport director at Martha’s Vineyard Airport, the name of the charter was Ultimate Air Charters. He said it was two planes that arrived at the airport and not one as was originally reported. 

Fox News is reporting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking credit for sending the migrants to the Island and shared video with that news outlet. In 2021, DeSantis vowed to spend $8 million to send immigrants out of the state and mentioned the Vineyard as a destination. His press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Freeman confirmed that one of the planes in the video being aired by Fox News is the plane that landed on the Vineyard.

The Times was told that the refugees arrived via Texas, but the situation has been fluid and there has been a lot of confusion surrounding today’s events. The Times was told it was a “company” that organized the flights providing individuals with some cell phone numbers before departing. Migrants used translation apps on those phones getting off the plane.

State Rep. Dylan Fernandes, D-Falmouth, arrived on the Island Wednesday evening and visited the St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Edgartown, where the refugees are lodging, to assess the situation. “It appears that one if not many Republican governors or operatives chartered flights from the south to come and drop undocumented or documented, I’m not sure, immigrants on Martha’s Vineyard,” he said. “These governors or whoever it is, all they care about is scoring some political points on Tucker Carlson and Fox News and the fact that they are using human lives — women, children, men — as pawns in that and just really abusing these people dropping them off in a place where they don’t know where they are with no food and water just to be able to get in Tucker Carlson and Fox News’s good graces is disgusting. It’s inhumane. These people claim to be Christians? This is about as unChristian a thing as you could be doing. It’s evil.”

State Sen. Julian Cyr, D-Truro, also railed against the political stunt. “This is deeply disgusting. This is a cruel ruse that manipulates families that are seeking a better life,” he said. He pointed out that these “fundamentally racist tactics” have been tried before. During the Civil Rights movement, segregationists tricked 95 Black families into moving to Hyannis. “And what happened is people in Hyannis helped the families and they stayed on Cape Cod,” Cyr said. 

A spokesman for Gov. Charlie Baker issued a statement late Wednesday evening. “The Baker-Polito Administration is in touch with local officials regarding the arrival of migrants in Martha’s Vineyard. At this time, short-term shelter services are being provided by local officials, and the Administration will continue to support those efforts.”

U.S. Rep. Bill Keating, D-Bourne, issued a statement criticizing what he called a “taxpayer-funded stunt” by DeSantis. “History does not look kindly on leaders who treat human beings like cargo, loading them up and sending them a thousand miles away without telling them their destination. Still, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made that choice today. Instead of working to find assistance for a group of refugees, he chose to turn them into political pawns,” Keating said. “Instead of trying to help them, he chose to charter a private jet and send them to a rural Island community late in the day and without warning so they wouldn’t have the resources at the ready to support them. But the people of Martha’s Vineyard, its vibrant immigrant community, and the Commonwealth as a whole are already calling Governor DeSantis’s bluff and rising to meet the challenge because that’s what Americans do — we help those in need. I applaud Governor Baker for his administration’s efforts to step up and assist these refugees despite the lack of notice of their impending arrival, and I am disgusted by Governor DeSantis’s decision to prioritize cruelty and chaos over human dignity in today’s taxpayer-funded stunt.”

Just after 5 pm Wednesday, outside Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Dukes County Sheriff Robert Ogden gathered the refugees and spoke to them.
“We’re going to take care of you,” Ogden said and his words were translated to the gathered crowd. “Get all your personal belongings together and then we’ll move. Does everyone have their personal belongings? We’re going to start moving you that way.”

The group was brought to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School where they were given snacks and shelter. Some children played outside using hula hoops.

“The most important thing is we get you food and shelter and water,” Ogden told them.

Provided with snacks, water, and temporary shelter, the refugees were kept at MVRHS until around 6:30 pm, when they were then transported via school bus to St.  Andrews Church in Edgartown to spend the night. 

According to Barbara Rush, representing the church in the absence of Pastor Chip Seadale — who answered the call from MVCS, and offered the church as refuge — the church can legally accomodate 80 persons. 

With dozens of pies sent from Edgartown Pizza, the refugees were able to settle in, gathering inside the church after testing negative for COVID-19.

Dana Edelman of MVCS, who had spent hours making the rounds, working to “keep track,” of the group, and assessing any urgent needs of the refugees, said after speaking through numerous translators, “there’s been a lot of trauma.” 

Some of them, Edelman said, have “been through a lot. Some of them have a long tale to tell.” 

In his interactions with the refugees, he’s gathered a consensus. “Somebody sent them here, and they didn’t realize where they were going,” he said. The details of the transport and the various experiences remain unclear. Overall, he said, “they feel betrayed.” 

Edelman emphasized that among the group, there are ”assorted narratives,” regarding their journey. 

Later in the evening Mocha Motts arrived on the scene and provided coffee.

Oak Bluffs Fire Chief Nelson Wirtz told The Times there have been no reported medical issues.

Speaking through an interpreter, one of the migrants told The Times that they wanted to come to the Island and are seeking employment. Another migrant named Leonel told The Times through an interpreter that he has no idea where he is.

Schools superintendent Richie Smith told The Times the refugees are mostly men and women ranging in age from 25 to 35 years old. He said there are 10 to 12 children who are elementary age.

Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee said that the migrants have been split up between two buildings — single men in one and families in the other. “This is a short-term fix for now and right now we’re working on something more long term,” McNamee said.

Fernandes added that the state will do all it can to help. “Tomorrow we have to figure out a longer term game plan — make sure they have a longer established place to be long term,” he said. “We’ve always been an Island of immigrants. We saw how incredible it is; how the Island rallied to support everyone. We’re stronger because of immigrants. America is stronger because of immigrants, and we’re going to welcome them with open arms.”

Like Fernandes, Cyr praised the Island’s response. “The herculean response from first responders, MV Community Services, the sheriff and the churches show the spirit of who we are as a community,” he said.

Smith said he’s not sure that migrants know where they are. “I believe they know they came from Texas to here. I’m not sure all of them know they’re here in Massachusetts on an Island,” he said.

Dozens of volunteers are helping out. Two Spanish teachers helped with interpreting, as did members of the staff at MV Community Services, Smith said. There were even some high school kids helping out, he said.

St. Andrews has been set up with inflatable mattresses. He said the organizers will regroup in the morning to determine next steps.

During West Tisbury select board meeting on Wednesday, town administrator Jennifer Rand broke the news to the board about the immigrants that arrived on the Vineyard. 

“I just wanted to give you a heads up that there’s a bit of a situation unfolding right now,” Rand said to the board. “Texas, Florida, and Alabama have begun flying planes with immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and dropping them off and leaving.”

There has only been one plane that landed, though officials are expecting that others could arrive.

Rand told the board about the 50 immigrants who have already arrived on the Island, who she said will be heading to St. Andrews Church in Edgartown. “We understand that perhaps two more planes are coming with perhaps 50 or more people coming,” she said, saying she has been receiving “furious texts” while the meeting was happening. “I’m a little unclear about the situation, as is everybody because everybody is scrambling a bit.”

The issue of where to house the immigrants is being discussed while “a larger plan is being considered,” according to Rand. With the uncertainty of how many more are arriving, Rand said a possible place to house them for the night is the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s hall. Rand said the hall is not a long term plan because it is a place without beds or showers. She also said food may be an issue because the Red Cross on Martha’s Vineyard is “not participating” at this time. 

Elizabeth Folcarelli, executive director of MV Community Services, said that the group seems to believe that more migrants are headed to the Island from Texas and “that they were part of a bigger group.”
Republican governors in Texas and Arizona have reportedly been sending migrants to Washington, D.C., by bus. 

Like DeSantis, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have also made public comments suggesting that immigrants crossing the border into Texas should be shipped to blue states and have even mentioned Martha’s Vineyard because it is the summer residence of former President Barack Obama.

A call to Abbott’s press office was not immediately returned

Last October, Cruz introduced legislation that would establish new ports in 13 Democratic-led communities, mentioning Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket by name, called the “Stop the Surge Act.” 

Abigail Rosen, Eunki Seonwoo, and Rich Saltzberg contributed to this story.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly called the charter company Ultra Air Charters.


  1. I can’t read the article because I won’t pay the $45.00 yearly cost so my comments may not based upon the “whole story”. What I can say is my empathy tank is empty. The island consists of many many who were born and raised here. Or came here to work and be productive members of the community. They have been forced out of the market due to lack of housing and/or the incredible amounts of money required to live there. And now you bring 50 migrant ( illegal)??? here? Where are they going to live? Who is going to feed and provide medical care? Do they speak English? WHY? WHY? WHY? This country is changing. Are you ready and willing to accept it?

    • If you’re tempted to comment without reading the whole story, maybe refrain.

      The migrants weren’t brought here by Vineyarders. They were unexpectedly flown here by people in Texas.

    • No one “brought them.” If you read the article, you’d know they were sent here out of spite by republican senators and governors to punish the blue states. They’ve been quoted saying this was their plan. Your response was ignorant and embarrassing.

      • They wanted to go to a liberal sanctuary city that would take care of them. MV wants to be a sanctuary city so live up to it.

        • Agree. Fernandez stated this was a political ploy by the Republicans. However the first political ploy was made by the Democrats allowing them here in the first place! Unbelievable hypocrisy. Every person that wants illegal immigration needs to
          Open their home and pocketbook and sponsor these people financially! You want them here, you support them. That’s the way the country ran in the past, you didn’t come to this country without a financial sponsor.

        • Its not a ploy …its a response to 3 states being ignored for a year. In 2021 they all approached the Biden Administration for help, and were ignored. Please use your Critical thinking when researching the Border Crisis in the USA. Please learn what critical thinking is, and do your research. The human beings at the border are suffering daily and we all want to ignore it. Wake Up. We are being played.

          • This could not be more true! If we had a secure border, none of this would be an issue. We could focus on building USA back sensibly, without such extremes in all areas.

        • The Island needs more hard working immigrants.
          The Portuguese made the Island great.
          Then the Brazillions,
          Now it’s the Venezuelans turn.

    • Thats why we need to secure our borders. The Democrats want open borders so they can get these immigrants to vote democratic so the Dem’s can can gain control to control all of us, its called socialism . MV is a sanctuary city, YOUR current leaders voted for that. So its o.k. that Texas is bothered with it, but when its in YOUR backyard, different story. Vote REPUBLICAN to get our country back!!

      • I see a lot of hateful and selfish comments. I take it none of you are “Christians”. I’ve never claimed to be, I just see a lot of hate from people with no care at all about other human beings, not even the children. It would be good to know none of you are speaking any of this ignorant vitriol in a house of worship.
        If you lived in a country where you are told repeatedly that the US is a safe place while there are dangerous cartels mass murdering innocent people and burying them in mass graves, sometimes you need to take that chance. It’s not like they’re watching Tucker Carlson every night telling them about how great Russia is, or they would choose Russia. There are many brave people who are coming here to save themselves and their children.
        OUR/YOUR church groups, missionaries, etc, go to these places and encourage them to come to the US. Why would they endanger themselves to make such an arduous trip? American’s think sitting in the drive through at Dunkin Donuts for 5 min is an inconvenience.
        If Abbott wasn’t hooked on the theater of it all, he could help. Suffering is a joke to him. He cares as little for the kids of Uvalde as these migrants. DeSantis and Abbott are trafficking humans and it’s cruel. There needs to be a humane solution, not political stunts on the backs of these people. DeSantis and Abbott need to be arrested for trafficking in humans.

        • Amen. You know why the South lost the Civil War? Because their racism and bigotry drove the slaves to join the Union Army. They fought for their freedom (though they never should have had to do so). Unfortunately, we allowed the Confederacy to go home intact, and white supremacy has once again reared its ugly head and was emboldened by Trump. This desperate maneuver by DeSantis and Abbott, occurring right before midterms, is VERY telling…

        • Well better arrest Biden then because he has been doing the same thing since in office, flying and busing immigrants all over this country under the cover of darkness in the middle of the night w/o a words notice to the communities they are “dumped in”! Cry me a river you bunch of hypocrites! This happens to you once and then you complain that a governor who has been dumped on for months and months years and years w/o notice decides to send Five O, yes 50 to a gorgeous sanctuary island of loving, caring, diverse and supportive folk! Orwellian!

      • Your citizens voted to be a sanctuary city. Now you need to deal with it. It is not fair that border states have to absorb the enormous amount of illegals coming through Biden’s open border.

      • I couldn’t say it better! You are on point! This country is taking a very scary direction. I’m glad I won’t be here to see the devastation caused by socialism.

    • You didn’t read the article, but you read the headline so you saw this bit: “via Texas.” And instead of connecting the dots — Texas is one of the southern border states sending bus loads of immigrants from the border to Eastern US cities and just dropping them there — you immediately assume some kind of Vineyard cabal invited them here?

    • Isn’t this what you voted for?
      And how did you expect the towns on the boarder to handle the same issues?

      If they’re a sanctuary city, they asked for this.

      • There is so much irony in hearing someone gloat about illegal immigrants being flown to sanctuary cities after voting for a criminal president twice.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if haters (who may claim to be loving, tolerant, and possess empathy) and who live in Martha’s Vineyard won’t give some a place to stay.

      MV isn’t very diverse and more and more migrants there will bring cultural enrichment and diversity.

    • That’s what open borders mean & it was a matter of time…posted signs “welcomed” illegals & now you got them…in the end, no place is above sharing the ramifications of law abuse, acceptance of law breakers & still expect to be unaffected! Share the pain!!!

  2. Awesome!! Luckily we don’t have a housing problem and can accommodate as many as needed. Any MS 13 members? Come on in, there’s plenty of space at the Obama’s or maybe John Kerry’s house. Either way our community has been supportive of people of unknown origins or intentions to our country. Any Mid East terrorist’s on board? We welcome all!

    • Ditto to what you wrote John Axel.
      Very well stated!
      The people that are indignant that (illegal) immigrants are brought to their states and/or towns make me laugh. Somehow they don’t seem to mind that Texas, Arizona, Alabama etc. are flooded with illegal immigrants. 2 million have crossed our southern border in the past 12 months. Somehow that doesn’t bother them? .

      • Both parties have done nothing with immigration for decades bc they CAN’T!! Their biggest donors need the worker. They should be setting up work and housing near the factories and farm areas in high need while waiting for their asylum hearings.

    • Venezuelan is not MS13 that is Honduras and MS13 was in East Boston in the early to mid 2000s. Venezuelan people should be able claim political asylum doesn’t matter what political party United States citizens vote for. It would be pretty sad if 50 people changed the tone of island resilience to put people to work who want to work. Ronnie D from Florida is making headlines to boost his profile for 2024, has been for awhile now. Whether it’s gay rights, reproduction rights or immigration. Immigration is a complex problem that doesn’t not have a simple solution. But calling people from Venezuela MS13 is not the way to carry forward with dignity.

      • Right on Zeb, the people who assume that all peoples from South America are criminals, gang members and racists, are the same ones who get all bristly and defensive when they are called racist white nationalists. Apparently motorcycle gang members on MV are just good American people, but those fleeing violence and poverty that we can only imagine are labeled criminals only based on the color of their skin and their socioeconomic situation. I for one am glad we have been given this opportunity to show how hospitable and charitable this community can be. I only hope this island can rise to the occasion.

        • How can you or anyone help them when they can’t help themselves. It’s illegal for them to work to support themselves. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) is a federal law that prohibits businesses from knowingly engaging in illegal activities, such as: Hiring undocumented immigrants. Recruiting undocumented immigrants.

        • You’re already booting them out to a military base on Cape Cod – off the island! You islanders want to believe you are warm generous people but I think your response to these Venezuelans “showing up” is hypocritical. It shows who you really are. You believe in liberalism when it doesn’t inconvenience you.

          • I invite you to come live on Martha’s Vineyard for a year and see what the community is ACTUALLY like. Oh, wait.. There’s no affordable housing so you’d be out of luck. Anyone who is casting aspersions on the Vineyard for making sure these immigrants (who have been used as innocent pawns in a spiteful maneuver by DeSantis) get the adequate housing food shelter social services that they need, from the greater Cape community who have the reapurces and space to handle it, is completely clueless as to what the reality of day to do street level living is for the year-round community which comprises the majority of the residents on Martha’s Vineyard. So cut it out.

    • It is crazy to call Venezuelan people MS-13! These people are escaping from Maduro’s dictatorship a communist system started by Chavez! They are protected by international and American asylum laws! The Florida governor is just looking for votes among republicans in the same way Trump did when told Mexicans immigrants are assessing and criminals!

  3. Open your arms, your homes as refuges for these folks, now that your summer visitors are leaving what great timin to show your hearts! Mr Obam & Michelle, do you have room & resources to take a leadership role in a mission that you and Mr Biden have supported! Accept the “huddled masses”, more are coming, an opportunity has been created, lead this island and take the 1st step of welcoming to your abode! With the grace of god we thank you! Peace & Love!

  4. They have begun to arrive; Martha’s Vineyard should continue to care for them -each and every one – so that tens of thousands more come to Martha’s Vineyard. Accept the policies you voted on! Border states need a huge break. How many more will you take on before you begin to care about border control?

  5. I am probably going to get my conservative card suspended for this but this makes no sense and honestly just wrong. Bussing migrants to Boston, New York, Chicago is fair game. Sending people to MV that is a seasonal economy is unconscionable. They have less than a fighting chance with a limited full time unskilled labor need on MV. The point was finally being made and reported that the Biden administration is inept when it comes to the border by showing that this is a national problem. But this stunt is going to fall flat. Not a good look.

    • So many communities have had migrants dumped on them and yet took care of them.

      MV has so much money they could pay for their housing like they no doubt want taxpayers to pay for.

      Show some empathy and compassion and call on elite MV people to do the same!

    • Do you think the smaller communities along the borders of TX, AZ, and NM consider it a burden that such an influx of illegal immigrants stream into their community with little to no help from the federal government that refuses to do its job? How many people in MV vote for the liberal border policies that they never have to come into contact with? It’s not only on big city liberals to put their money and effort where their voting record is. Pragmatic problems you pose shouldn’t matter next to abstract arguments and being a humane person who opens their doors to the poor huddled masses of the entire globe.

      • Jerry, yes to your first question and most to your second. But pragmatic problems aren’t solved by abstract arguments. I get the you asked for it argument and now some elected MV officials are doubling down saying no problem we will welcome them with open arms. Southern border states sending illegal migrants to other cities is fair game. They are too overwhelmed with illegals. They shouldn’t carry the burden alone actually it shouldn’t be happening at all. We didn’t have this problem two years ago. Bit sending them to MV is not border states spreading the problem it’s just exacerbating it and think acts like this cheapen the point. But clearly Representative Dylan Fernandes thinks this is a good idea and since the locals know better and voted for him, I guess I’m wrong.

      • No. Communities along the border, and in fact communities across Texas, Florida, Michigan and more need migrant labor. This is a stunt of revenge politics that, frankly, has no one’s best interest at heart except ambitious politicians who spend public money to stoke hate and fear and propagandist media who support their lies for advertiser $$ and blind otherwise good people from seeing why none of what they’re being told is rational.



        • Accept the problem is that it is illegal for companies to hire illegal immigrants. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) is a federal law that prohibits businesses from knowingly engaging in illegal activities, such as: Hiring undocumented immigrants. Recruiting undocumented immigrants. So for all you people who think this will help the labor shortage you would be wrong.

    • Hi Carl, quick question, what makes you think these folk are “unskilled labor”? Have you asked them what their professions or trades are? I think you’d be surprised.

      • Yes, I would be surprised if they were college educated professionals but none the less we can’t hire them. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) is a federal law that prohibits businesses from knowingly engaging in illegal activities, such as: Hiring undocumented immigrants. Recruiting undocumented immigrants.

  6. Can the MV Times look into where people can donate items that these poor folks need such as clothing, bedding, etc.?

  7. Texas has been fed up with illegal immigration for a long time and they were told to “deal with it”. Obama has lots of land and space that he uses for a couple weeks per year. He encouraged this. Let him house them.

    • How much did Trump reduce the illegal immigration rate from when Obama was in office?
      How much is it up under Biden?

    • In 2013 Obama removed 432,000 illegals.
      In 2017 Trump removed 287,000.
      In 2019 Biden removed 348,000.
      Obama first term 1.6 million.
      Obama’s last term 1.5 million.
      Trump’s only term 1.2 million.
      Real numbers over blather.

      • thank you. but the voice of reason will be ignored by the hate mongers of the republiQanon party, who refuse to recognize the fact that it has been our country and corporations that have created much of the strife in these countries that have caused these mass migrations.

  8. Those at MV who have said they love migrants and that America should welcome them will do so now here (or it was all talk on their part) combined with a desire from them to see them sent elsewhere.

    MV will receive cultural enrichment and be strengthened as this increased diversity will be their strength!

  9. Blame the Federal Government(both sides of the aisle)for a poor Immigration System & lack of Border Enforcement.
    Corporations & Chamber of Commerce desire the cheap labor for food processing plants, hospitality, construction, etc.. and have had their Lobbyists wine & dine the Senate & Congress for years.
    The Border States are fed up. This year alone, 2million illegal immigrants have entered through the porous Southern Border placing a huge burden on those States. Texas, Arizona, Florida and other Southern States simply want to provide equity with Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey.. by sharing the pain. Then maybe, those citizens will also push their respective elected Members of Congress & Senate to fix the problem!

    • The entire world watched the Democratic Presidential primaries and saw what was a competition of who could sound most pro- open borders. It’s not a coincidence that historically high “asylum seekers” spiked in the early spring of 2021. Interviews documented a large number saying that Biden would be more friendly to letting them stay. Rhetoric matters. Just as it matters when the Democratic Party will not agree to any immigration reform that doesn’t give eventual amnesty to 13+ million illegal immigrants currently here, which is a platform that only further incentivizes any logical destitute person around the globe to get into the US by any means necessary (especially if you bring a child with you…a fact that has escalated child trafficking) and you’re home free since you will eventually be treated equal to the person who did the hard work of immigrating here through legal channels. Republicans would work onto phased-in amnesty if they saw at least a year or two of actual border enforcement.

      • I guess your family is American native a non-immigrants like the 99 % of Americans? Or because they were European they are better than Latinos?

  10. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to be free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

    John, where did your forefathers immigrate from?
    Did their seed become good citizens.
    Are you?

    • lol they are anything but brilliant and I look forward to seeing massive Republican losses across the country in November. Enjoy!

    • The facts are that immigrants landed on the Island.
      Their immigration status is the same as the first White people who landed in Plymouth.
      Where did your people land?
      Did they have visas?

      • That’s not an intelligent comparison. No Visas were issued back in the 16th and 17th centuries. The first immigrants came to these shores to practice religious freedom, not to be given food, shelter, clothing, education, training and employment which they already had in their homeland. They came here and worked themselves to death to carve out their existence. There was nobody to hold their hand out to and they knew it. Today’s illegals know very well what awaits them when they cross the border to America – handouts that our elderly and veterans are far more deserving of. Your argument doesn’t work.

  11. My Name is Robert F Holmes from Grafton, MA. I was one of the Directors of Team Hope in Los Angeles County last year. I have experience running this exact situation, I worked as a Federal Contractor with the Office of Refugee Resettlement. I can deploy to the vineyard in less then 12 hours if needed.

    I already have ideas of how we can manage this as a State. I look forward to hearing from you.I have additional Federal Contractors in the area that I have worked with on other Federal Deployments.

    • Things in Los Angeles turned out really well, Robert Francis Holmes! Tell us, what are your plans!? You want to erect a migrant camp here on the island?

    • Please contact our local Emergency Operations Communications Center 508-684-8015 and leave your contact information so we can get in touch directly. Thank you

    • Please contact our local Emergency Operations Communications Center 508-684-8015 and leave your contact information so we can get in touch directly. Thank you

  12. Shameful that these people were moved like cattle. They are human beings. George Brennan can the MV Times post info about where one can help? Perhaps donate home goods, clothes, toys etc.

      • It is not fair, but the safe spaces of the wealthy need to feel the pain. Should the community that feed the pleasures of the wealthy be in such huge need of basic necessities? Why not ask that question? Why does MV have a big drug problem and why is the year round population in such need of basic necessities such as a healthy school system? Maybe we should look at those making the policies that support this system. This is almost a 100% Democrat issue as Marthas Vineyard goes.You can only convince the struggling people on MV they have it better than those struggling off island for so long before they question the lies.

        • Then they should have done this the second week of August not September. Now is working time while the Wealthy by go back to their lives off island. Maybe they should send people to south of broad street in Charleston, SC to equal out the pain on both sides of the aisle politically. Or perhaps kennebunkport, Maine in august?

    • These people put themselves into this situation. It is their choice to show up on a stranger’s doorsteps and expect food, shelter, and work. Talk about entitlement!

      • Exactly! Has all the bleeding hearts lost sight of the fact that these people entered our country illegally? That means they committed a criminal act against our laws. What happens when American citizens commit criminal acts? Freedoms are removed or restricted, not given! I would absolutely LOVE it if someone shipped me to a destination unknown and it turned out to be MV, provided me with free food, clothing, a place to live, training an ultimately, employment. I, as a law abiding American citizen have been trying to figure out how to land this opportunity for myself all my life but can only scrape up enough money to come here for a few days once a year, and add my few tourist dollars to the MV economy. Then I have to sadly leave this paradise and go back home, back to work and pay the taxes to support illegals who end up living my dream. There is something drastically wrong with that. These people are not being exploited or “victimized”. The way I see it, they committed a crime and then hit the jackpot. I would gladly offer myself to be used as a “pawn” in this manner in order to end up on MV! If this country is welcoming illegals with open arms, giving them more than they have ever had in their native country, do they even deserve to have a say as to where they end up?

        • Can’t put them to work. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) is a federal law that prohibits businesses from knowingly engaging in illegal activities, such as: Hiring undocumented immigrants. Recruiting undocumented immigrants.

        • Since you’re so interested in upholding laws here’s a felony you may be interested in learning about:

          1907 Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a)
          “Domestic Transporting – Subsection 1324(a) (1) (A) (i) makes it an offense for any personwho — knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law”

          A good start would be impounding the planes and arresting the flight crews.

          • Nolan, you can’t Pick and choose which laws to enforce so let’s start enforcing all laws equally to include the enforcement of the laws on immigration at the border. Using your argument Biden would have to be arrested too. They are transporting people over state lines while waiting for court dates too. Rules for thee but not for me. See how this works

    • Truly the best comment I’ve ever read Art. Now my cheeks hurt too ha ha ha. It feels great! More people should try it.

  13. Way over two million unexpected immigrants cross from Mexico this fiscal year. Anyone think there is a correlation between this and the upward pressure on housing costs? They have to live somewhere. Why not the islands such NYC Manhattan Island, Martha’s Vineyard, etc? Why only TX, AZ, CA?

  14. Hello MV! These illegals will fit in nice right in Edgartown rubbing elbows with the Obamas. All the Libs love open borders until the illegals come to their Liberal cities. Then it’s a major issue. Hypocrisy on full display.

  15. Oh….well thank God we’re all saved. How about NOT let these folks run across the border in the first place?

  16. Those of you full of hate probably can’t stand the thought of sharing anything with anyone that doesn’t have the same skin color as you.
    Or did you descend from those righteous original immigrants who stole corn and murdered and stole the land all of you occupy now.
    It’s unfortunate there isn’t any compassion in 99% of your responses.
    I live on Cape Cod and people here are more welcoming certainly not all.
    I used to luv going to MV annually but now reading how all of you ARE over there- i will never return.
    Watch out you don’t choke on your fruits and veggies typically picked in this country by undocumented migrants.

    • Oh no! Close it all down guys, BECKY isn’t coming back!

      Vote with your wallet based on a few off the cuff ignorant comments if you want. I suspect the island will survive the loss of your once a year day-cations… but spare us the soapbox grandstanding. And hoping we choke on food? What’s wrong with you?

    • Don’t judge all of us based on the ignorance of a handful. Like any other part of the world, there are intelligent people and backward people on MV.
      Have a look at how the island voted in 2016 and 2020 and you will realize we have a low percentage of dimwits when compared to places like Texas, Florida, etc.

    • Becky, I think about 90% of the people in the comment section here are not islanders but trolls. Their comments are sad. They seem to think islanders are upset that they are being asked to help migrants. Not true. They are upset that these people were treated the way they were by the GOP governors who used them as a political stunt. It’s cruel. They also seem to think that islanders are all rich people which is pretty weird. Anyway, my family and friends live on the vineyard and I know that they are not the angry trolls who are spamming this comments section.

    • The Islanders have stepped up in a big way and provided the resources the families need. Bags of clothing, food, water, toys, etc. have been donated. Even actors from off-Island appearing in a play here who can speak Spanish have gone to volunteer. When one of the men sent here was interviewed on the radio, he spoke about the outpouring of suppordt and how grateful he was. We do show compassion here. Becky, please don’t write off the Island because of some of the comments you’ve read. Obviously, there are people who have differing opinions about border issues, but the various organizations and individuals who have stepped up are responding to a humanitarian need and we must remember that these are human beings who are just looking for a better and safer life.

      I do wish the news outlets wouldn’t see the Vineyard as only a wealthy community when 7.47% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Dukes County (1.29k out of 17.3k people) live below the poverty line, a number that is lower than the national average of 12.8%. (I got these statistics from the internet.) Obviously, there are very wealthy people here, but there are also a lot of people in need and Community Services and some of the churches provide a lot of services to them year-round. We should thank them for not hesitating to help the men, women, and children who had no idea where they were or how they were going to eat.

  17. Good heavens. These are PEOPLE you are talking about. People! Who are being used as pawns for political purposes. Where is your humanity?

  18. Ok, has everyone forgotten about the illegals that were here before today?? What’s 50 more?? They isn’t Anywhere for them to stay, I can’t even get housing for my employees. Anyone who thinks that immigration issue started with Biden are mistaken, the border has been a problem for decades. Vote Blue

    • Gail, ok let’s agree that the border is broken and has been broken. But right now it’s Joe Bidens job to fix it. Vote red. And if they don’t fix it, vote blue. Keep it going until the people who asked for the job do their job. I could care less what party is in charge so long as they fix problems and not create them. Put country over party.

    • The problem is one side has allowed a historically high number of illegal crossings and they pretend it isn’t even a major issue. While Trump failed to fix the illegal immigration problem and resorted to tactics I considered cruel, he at least treated a huge problem with the gravity that is warranted. Why hasn’t Biden visited these areas or made it a priority to fix? The border has been a crisis since Spring of 2021 and yet our own media cover it as though it’s on other side of the world. You have to treat a crisis as a crisis to fix it and I don’t see any Democrat or national media outlet treating the issue as much more than a minor issue to be checked in on every couple months.

      While these border governors’ bussing and plane stunts may be a bit crass, they are at least elevating the issue in the minds of liberal elites who live thousands of miles away from the daily ongoing crisis their communities and public resources encounter as a real thing, not just an abstract debate.

  19. The people on Martha’s Vineyard are good, liberal, caring people. Why would it be “evil, disgusting, inhumane” to send migrants to them? Aren’t the migrants welcome? Isn’t it a Sanctuary?

    • How many immigrants have Abbott and DeSantis sent to Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, the Dakotas, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Kentucky, Montana, Idaho or Wyoming? The Vineyard will be treating them a heck of a lot better than those red states would. Those Venezuelans are Americans in the process of becoming, and you people just can’t stand that.

    • Donald– sure– just have the decency to tell us, rather than just dump em out. I’m glad they didn’t just give them parachutes and push them out of the plane as it passed overhead.
      Maybe next year– that way the fine citizens of Florida and Texas won’t have to pay landing fees. The airport should refuse to refill the plane for a week , since they didn’t have a fill up scheduled.

  20. Dylan Fernandez has got to be one of the worst representatives I have ever heard from. Instead of trying to help all he does is try to score his own Political points. Dylan grow up and be part of the solution from what I’ve seen from you lately you’re part of the problem. Why not try and get your fellow Democrats to do something about the border that’s the whole point of this exercise as maybe now you will wake up to reality of what’s happening.

    • I agree. I used to live on the Vineyard. I don’t remember people there being so hard-hearted. I hope kindness will prevail and these people will be welcomed and helped.

    • Richard, I believe that islanders are not the people posting in this comment section but they are trolls from other parts of the internet. If you look at the pictures in the article you can see how Vineyarders are helping these folks get settled. It’s a beautiful place with caring people.

  21. Sanctuary states and cities are receiving what they ask for and now they’re complaining that we are sharing the wealth of illegal migration with them. SMH. You will always complain unless you get what you want when you want it. FYI wants are not needs!

  22. I monitor right wing internet sites, and on at least one of them posters are bragging about commenting here and at the Gazette’s site. Please, moderators, track these interlopers down and delete their comments, they do not live here, they do not care, they have naught but cruelty in mind

  23. Massachusetts has a pro-sanctuary city law. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in July 2017 that a person cannot be held solely due to an ICE detainer.”

    So, how are those seeking ‘sanctuary’ in Mass. supposed to get to the State? Are those seeking sanctuary only favoured if they arrive in a certain way? And what would that way be? Having bought an expensive ticket and then landing at Logan, and claiming refugee status? Is that supposed to be the favoured way?

  24. It should be noted that almost every comment here was written by someone who does NOT live in Martha’s Vineyard; or even in Massachusetts. Moderators please shut these comments down because it makes mv look bad and these people don’t even live here

  25. People have been brainwashed into thinking this is a “border” problem. This is a global humanitarian problem. We must think bigger, and act with courage & compassion.

    • Big words coming from little MV. Open your doors and give up your home. But I’ll give a little hint it won’t solve the problem. It’s an unsolvable problem. Life is not fair and you need to accept that. And it’s not your job to take care of people who can take care of themselves.

  26. Used as pawns??? Yes, by the drug cartels and Biden, and Kamela dear who doesn’t want them housed near her. Why do you not ask Michelle and Barack to help out with the problem they created!

    • Diana –Obama created this problem? We had 4 years of immigration policy that focused on building a wall after Obama.
      How’d that work out ?
      But we all know about Obama Derangement Syndrome, don’t we ?

  27. Ron SeSantis I find to be an evil human being. I would not be surprised if he was aware of our current housing crisis.

    • Yes Fred he is and that exactly the point he is trying to make. Border states have the same problem but non border states keep electing people that encourage illegal immigration so he is now making exasperating your problem. Glad to clear it up for you.

    • As if there are no problems caused by millions of illegals flooding across our southern borders? Liberals want open borders…so, here you go! Take them into your homes. If a few gang members seep in, just get used to it. Otherwise stop voting for Democrat idiots!

  28. Interestingly, the article demonstrates both the humanity and the inhumanity of humankind. The humanity was demonstrated by those islanders who, with no notice, stepped up to take care of their fellow human beings. The inhumanity was demonstrated by the governors of those states who gather up those folks, put them on a bus or plane to be dropped off with no notice or care of what will happen to them. The inhumanity was also demonstrated by many of the commenters (Gloria, Lisa, John, Diane, Karen, etc.) whose ignorance of immigration is sad and appalling. Would that your immigrant forebears received the same treatment so that we would not have to deal with the likes of you.

  29. I am wondering. Without ID, how can they fly. Even a private jet has to have a passengers manifest will be used by immigration services. And can you fly them without ID clearance (consent) across state lines? Children too? Flight plans need to be approved.

    I get they are illegals, and I saw it when I lived in AZ. But how can this not break federal laws?

  30. So proud of our Republican Governor Charlie Baker who promised to support the immigrants and the Vineyarders who are helping them. And I’m a Democrat!

    • Joan– Martha’s Vineyard is a “sanctuary city” . That really gives us confidence that you know what you are talking about.
      So what is your definition of a sanctuary city ?
      I voted for Biden because he said he was going to follow the immigration laws we have, not separate families, and treat people with respect.
      He’s doing that.
      Republican governors however, are treating people the way you would expect any racist chino ( Christian in name only) to treat people who are less privileged than themselves. They deceive them, lie to them, could care less what happens to them, and then brag about it so other lying racist can feel good about their own racism.

  31. “Migrant workers” are people who apply for work visas and legally acquire work in an area for better pay. What you have here are families looking to illegally permanently relocate by jumping the line of all those looking for the same opportunities but doing so in a way that respects the laws of their destination country. The Massachusetts governor complained that there was no warning about these planes full of illegal immigrants coming to Martha’s Vineyard. Well what do you think illegal immigration is to border governors? A constant deluge of unannounced people without warning. And while most illegal immigrants may be a net credit to our economy, there is a heavy burden on resources needed to apprehend, document, and release them, and an even heavier burden if they are exploiting the asylum loophole that requires us to take them in even though most will not qualify as refugees and will not show up to their court date to determine if they meet such qualifications.

    The VAST majority of people who want stricter immigration enforcement are not anti-immigrant. They are against the reckless policies that Democrats in rich areas of the country insist on as they talk about humanity and compassion so long as their havens aren’t impacted and they don’t have to lift a finger to deal with such a chaotic border influx thousands of miles away.

  32. Yea, so I noticed most of the hateful comments are not from C&I people. That’s probably because C&I people saw this before in 1962 when 95 Alabama blacks were lied to and promised all sorts of things and bussed to Hyannis as a stunt. They were supposed to be a punishment for sending civil rights workers to the south to end segregation and “ruin” their way of life. Southern racists have been bussing people they deem undesirable up north for decades. Its their goto hate move, and really showcases how very unimaginative they are. So the Hyannis 95 were welcomed, and they went from the worst segregated schools and very little job opportunity to literally the best school system in the country and great job prospects. Some moved off-cape but I am betting not a single one returned to Alabama.

    • I remember Hyannis as being a beautiful, clean, safe, and wonderful place to visit during my family Cape vacations during the early 60’s. I still visit the Cape, but hadn’t been to Hyannis in years, having read countless articles of it having become the hub of Cape crime over the years. I did want to see for myself so I visited this year and was extremely disheartened by what I saw and experienced. Blight, graffiti, vacant store fronts on Main Street, garbage in the allies, panhandling, broken windows, dirty establishments. It’s a shame because there are still many very nice stores on Main. How is it that the rest of the Cape has retained its beauty? Where is the Hyannis I remember? Instead of cultural diversity enriching a community, it is quite apparent that the opposite effect has resulted.

      • Lori– I was in Hyannis last week.
        I guess you have to lie a little to prove that those 95 black people ruined Hyannis.
        How about giving us a report on how gay people ruined Provincetown ?

      • Yes, Hyannis had the audacity to set up social services: medical, psychological outreach and dental care for the homeless, addicted, disenfranchised mentally ill and returning citizens as well as having the space to build shelters and Section 8 housing. Oops. there goes the neighborhood. What may have ruined your vacation ideals has save the lives of countless people.

  33. These migrants are desperate people driven to abandon their homes due to political instability, economic hardship (US sanctions) and a humanitarian crisis. This is the greatest diaspora in recent years except for the Syrians. Central and South American countries have been shouldering the burden for years. See: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/blog-post/venezuelas-permanent-migration-crisis. Ill-informed, knee jerk responses to human suffering is not kind, generous or Christian. Go down to the church and talk to these folks and find out what their stories are before you cast stones.

  34. I’d say that most of the comments are shameful, but you apparently have no shame. A governor of another state spent $12 million to traffic 50 men, women and children into another state. And you’re taking a victory lap? These are human beings that were lied to and dumped like garbage onto the island. They were hungry, exhausted and terrified. So glad to see so many of you finding joy in that. It reveals the depth of your depravity.

    • Time for you to walk the walk because all I ever hear from you is talk the talk. You have a nice big house take in at least one of them. And I hope you’re doing some cooking and baking and feeding them. I have been down by the church several times I have not seen you yet.

      • FYI I was there for hours feeding these folks and helping to set up beds. I highly doubt you were there. Also, you obviously have never seen my house. I have several volunteers “with nice big houses” who have offered to take people in. Says a LOT about the type of person you are to get offended and defensive about people being kind to strangers.

  35. As I drive around MV, I love seeing all the yard signs proudly displayed…. BLM, Love not Hate, etc.. these immigrants are truly fortunate to be delivered to such welcoming arms. As more and more immigrants land in MV, the diversity will blossom, and MV will truly shine. I look forward to reading about the welcoming party that Obama and Michelle will surely host for their new residents.

    • I am sure the Obama’s will be happy to allow the immigrants to enjoy their empty off-season home.
      All of Martha’s Vineyard should be grateful for the opportunity to care for these people.

    • Very nice comment howie as a resident of the beautiful state of California and my second home in mv I always wondered why mv isn’t as diverse as California if it was I would just stay year round in Martha’s Vineyard. Thank you so much for the excellent points you have brought up !

  36. “A call to Abbott’s press office was not immediately returned” said the article…
    TOO BAD, that “Call” was Not placed to Obama.
    Like to know what he thinks. No reporter will ever Dare ask!

  37. If you don’t like what’s happening, Take down the HELP WANTED sign down at the border. and start locking up the people who hire “illegals”. Problem solved.

  38. Why the complaints instead of just welcoming them? .
    Watching Kamala Harris’s recent MTP interview I learned there’ve been 2M crossing the southern border this year alone. That’s one for every 160 people in the US. Why should small border communities alone bear the burden of unscheduled arrivals? MV hasn’t even taken in their share for this year yet.

    Rather than pointing fingers and treating their arrival with disdain, why not thank whoever paid for their transportation so you didn’t have to?

    • Emmy, the first problem is that you just realized there is an illegal immigration problem just this weekend. The second is that you are watching Meet The Press with Chuck Todd.

  39. “I’m smiling so hard my cheeks hurt!”
    “DeSantis and Abbott are brilliant. I love this.”
    Where is your humanity?! Are you the same people who go on about “Christian values?” These are people! Is it not possible that rather than engaging in political mud slinging, you might take a few minutes to try to imagine yourself in their position? They’re running from violence and possible death. Who here wouldn’t try to move heaven and earth to save the lives of their children? The day that my “empathy well” runs dry, while sitting in my safe, comfortable home with clean water, is the day I begin to take a hard look at just who I am. Would you react with slightly more generosity if they were Ukrainian?
    They’re here; it’s done. It won’t be simple or easy, and, simply because of logistics, it won’t be here but can we, as the people of Massachusetts, find a way to help these people? Put yourself in their shoes, please. They’re pawns in a sad, sick game. When we look back on this, who will we have been?

    • Dana… your right. But are you opening your home and sharing your clean water, hot food and warm bed? And let’s say that you are. All that will do is encourage more of this behavior of those illegally coming into this country and those sending them here. You can’t reward bad behavior. And if your not putting your hard earned goods up please don’t volunteer others to do it. That’s just as bad as throwing stones. It gives false hope.

  40. Richard and Becky: the great majority of the comments here are from people who do not live on Martha’s Vineyard.

    • Yeah Tom I just figured that out! Why isn’t there a moderator on here? Must we have to be subject to all this hate just because We don’t want this happening on our island! Oh the humanity of it all please call Obama Tom !

  41. Honestly and truly it’s a brilliant move. Enough with all this nonsense about blue or red, division and blah, blah, blah. Look, the border states have real issues and the government hasn’t taken it seriously enough. Those states can’t seem to get the other unaffected states to see their problems so they bring the problem to them. This isn’t about racism, it’s about housing and food, etc. They are here and many will likely stay here (why not?). So we need to feed them and house them, get them work or assistance. Time to get to work, the rest of the country’s problems are now ours. Sorry, it’s only fair we share the burden.

    • Spending 12 million dollars to relocate 50 people is a “brilliant move”?
      What if they had just stayed in Texas and that money was used to feed and house them there?
      This was a multimillion dollar demonstration of hate and ignorance. I have to wonder where the funds came from. Was it taxpayer money?

    • And for your votes, we have a tyrannical government that refuses to follow our laws, out of control inflation, and huge gas prices. We have a political system that is going after its political rivals. We didnt see that even when our current VP was sponsoring the people destroying our inner cities. If you support the Biden Administration, you should be happy to help his pawns to the best of your ability. I understand the reality thou, the real residents of Marthas Vineyard are not the richest of the rich, they are hard working decent people who live day to day and realize those that come with nothing, will be competing with them for basic necessities, and the newcomers are going to be elevated above their needs. Is the Tisbury School now the priority? If education was a priority, that school would have been rebuilt by fat cat residents like the Obamas. The Tisbury School was/is an incredible education institution. It actually taught critical thinking skills. Now it is probably inundated with critical race theory for the masses and not for the top of our hierachy. Today, you got what you voted for others to get. Wake up. Socialism has never worked because the middle class props up the wealthy and the poor. If you ever questioned that, look at the 87,000 new IRS employees being armed and deployed on who? The middle class, the wealthy have an army of lawyers and the poor have nothing. They remind me of how olive oil is made, the first step is healthy cold press and the next step is the less healthy heated with chemical extraction. Limited olives and the need for more oil. Limited people and the need for more money to feed the lunacy until it implodes.Your votes matter!

  42. Clearly, George Brennan has not had enough to do running this newspaper AND moderating all the unchristian Christians trying to comment here. These conservative Republicans endorse human trafficking. That is what’s relevant. Imagine if they weren’t pro-life. Glad I never was and never will be a Christian or a Republican. All you deplorables: time to get back in your baskets. These idiot Republicans were conned by build-that-wall-and-Mexico’s-gonna-pay-for-it, so now they’re turning to human trafficking. Wouldn’t their Jesus approve, since know doubt they asked the what-would-Jesus-do question. Deplorable idiots, every last one.

    Yes, let us know how we can help these victims of racist Republicans whose frightening lives were made even worse by Christian hypocrisy.

  43. This is what happens when a weak president doesn’t enforce the laws he was elected to enforce. VP Harris was assigned to visit the border and resolve the issue. She failed miserably. So now we have an open border that allows illegal immigration and drug smuggling to grow. We have a growing fentanyl crisis (aided and abetted by the Mexican lords and China). President Biden should be impeached for looking the other way while our sovereignty is trampled!

  44. Everyone on this thread, whether culturally liberal or conservative, would do well to rip the blinders off ASAP. This is actually a great opportunity for social progressives to confront the real-life effects of under-managed immigration on ANY small American community; and thus, weirdly, a moment of potential political lucidity that can bring MV residents together across the “common-sense middle.” Consider: This situation is a manufactured “crisis” that is meant to sow division within a community known only to the cynical perpetrators of that crisis as the “Summer White House” of Democratic presidents they love to hate. So wake up to the political abuse of power that no blue-state government should take lying down. My guess is that the State will be forced pronto to export these transient pawns of the partisan immigration-policy deadlock to the mainland, because there IS a housing crisis on the island that actually equates to more cross-party consensus in the community than I’ve heard people admit in this conversation. The driving factor in decision-making around this curve ball that Dem politicos, as usual, never saw coming, need be one unifying principle above all: What makes SENSE? I doubt simple moral superiority via knee-jerk political correctness is going to fit within that definition for long; and the (White) nativist ire of our stubborn cultural conservatives just plays into the hands of wannabe tyrants – meaning people don’t need to make themselves look like inhumane haters when there are valid enough reasons for communities to insist on a modicum of self-preservation, including ensuring ANYONE entering the country is required to be educated on our laws, community norms of conduct, and maybe have some familiarity with the official language (as most countries in the world any of us visit might expect of us). The big mistake DeSantis, Cruz, Abbott and their posse of pompous posturers are making is that they are clearly IGNORANT of the fact that the island is comprised of a year-round population of working Americans who are NOT defined by the seasonal residents with multimillion-dollar second homes. So I counsel my fellow independent-thinking citizens to keep your eyes on the ball – manipulative Republican politicians are simply taking advantage of INTENTIONALLY NEGLECTED immigration legislation over decades to divide and conquer … liberals! The way to beat them at their own game is to be HONEST about whether your community is functionally capable of absorbing these “loaded missions” of humanitarian futility. If the answer is “No,” then get real, work with fellow citizens across that spectrum of common-sense thinking, and know when you’re being set up to fail. The way out of this is to know your community’s limits, and to place realism over adherence to idealistic fantasy.

    • (PS Am from the C&I. Not sure where all the assumptions about “most of the people” making comments are coming from.)

    • Beautiful Iona just beautiful ,I feel we need more beautiful comments coming from your gracious mind and heart , I am just so honored to be on the same page as you are my love and I am just grateful that wherever you are from you will lead by example of your time and resources and take in these poor suffering folks and help them with lodging and food and medical bless your heart and thank you again Iona bless your heart and continue to vote blue and I’ll see you

      • Nope, I hope my message is clear: it is not the responsibility of struggling locals to take on, or take in, migrants from South of the border whose patriarchal, conservative religious cultures promote unfettered birth rates, bringing so many children into the world they can’t afford to raise – in societies run by corrupt, machismo leaders – then expect, and indeed so often demand, American society to absorb them as if they are entitled. My point is that social liberals need to take the blinders off and get real about the limits of what their communities can handle on this issue. That honesty can diminish the bitter feuding between residents.

  45. Absolutely brilliant. Bravo Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott. A record 2M illegal crossings Texas, Arizona, and Florida have been and currently are dealing with, and the powers that be here on MV-and apparently some residents-are in a tizzy about 50 illegals showing up “unannounced.” Hilarious

  46. George, why don’t you consider cutting off these comments now before it is further out of control.
    All it is serving to do is provide a platform for racist hate.
    I don’t think I have to remind you of record 1,000 xenophobic comments on the story of that tragic fatal accident at the Edgartown/VH/County road intersection?
    It is a good article so far, and I appreciate it.
    You don’t do the reputation of the MV Times any favour by this path.
    But please, consider ending the hate now.
    Thank you.

    • It’s a national problem. Actually an international problem. You just don’t get to shut down people because of what you think is hate. People have a right to express outrage at this boondoggle no matter what side you are on. It’s not hate to say this community is ill equipped to handle this problem just like other places around the country.

    • Yes james I feel the same way that you do , this needs to stop asap! I feel just like you James we need to protect this beautiful island of ours before it gets worse! Thank you James for being a lite house on a lonely island and waking up the moderator

  47. This is a brilliant stunt by DeSantis. But also, it is an opportunity to open our hearts and our homes for a while and learn a bit about a cultural and economic challenge. How we, as a community respond will, I feel certain, reveal who we are. I would not let the attitudes of some comments speak for our island.

  48. Looking forward to meeting these people and discovering what they have to offer us on this planet. And, Hopefully meet and/or hire these folk, to get acquainted with their skills and lives. Compassion with respectful humanity is available.

    • Max it’s is illegal to hire someone with a visa. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) is a federal law that prohibits businesses from knowingly engaging in illegal activities, such as: Hiring undocumented immigrants. Recruiting undocumented immigrants.

        • Didn’t ask for the obvious 101 Carl. If you are an enforcer then enforce. f.y.i. Plenty of people are here without a visa. As they aim towards legality with helping hands, we can assist. (last I checked they did not check every ones green card that mows a lawn in Florida or Mass.) Stick to your business Carl, I will stick to mine.

          • I did as a business owner. EVerify. Yes enforce all laws including illegal immigration. With 186k new IRS agents go after those who employee illegal immigrants. As an American it is my business.

  49. DeSantis and Abbott both want all of you to react the way you are reacting, but the fact is, colonization created its own problems and most of you want to ignore its generational effects and pretend “this is the way it’s always been.” Maybe it’s time to educate yourselves in great detail about what colonization did to these countries and why we now have a border crisis. You don’t get to pretend this is a Republican or Democrat problem. This is a white supremacy problem.

  50. Where is Keller on this issue.? This phenomenon is just like the global warming issue——- elites flying private jets while lecturing the great unwashed to not idle cars. Have John Kerry house some of these people at his house. The border is sealed but don’t let them cross the MV border.

    • I’ve been here all along, andy–
      I have no problem with them coming here, if they did so voluntarily.
      Otherwise, they should lock that human trafficker up. Even if he is a governor.

  51. Isn’t there a worker shortage on the island, so there are jobs but no housing? There is a lack of housing every place in the USA. Other states are housing the migrants in hotels, etc. I have 2 young adults living with me because they cannot find affordable housing (or really any housing) because of the influx of asylum seekers. This could potentially solve the worker shortage on the island, but a housing solution need to be figured out, just like other communities are doing.

    • Here’s an idea for housing the illegal immigrants. After Labor Day when most of the Neo liberals depart our island, they could ”loan” their homes to our new found Venezuelan friends for the Fall, Winter and Spring months, rent free of course. Our socialist government members could all chip from their hidden campaign donations to defray the expected exorbitantly high cost of winter energy bills. Let them all stay warm and cozy in “paradise”!
      In the meantime, over the winter FEMA could be producing canvas tents with matching Port-o-Potties from Araujo and Dotties’ tax free donations. As summer approaches, the tents would be erected on sympathetic elite liberals beach properies giving preference to those sites that have pools, allowing the immigrants to bathe occasionally. On larger parcels, over 12 acres, such as the Obama fortified compound in Katama, there would be a strict limit of 6 tents per acre. Smaller parcels would abide by a 4 per acre or portion thereof limit. As far as transportation is concerned the islands 4 golf courses could loan their winter dormant golf carts but only to those that get their “Free” government drivers licenses and their promise to get insurance in six months. Locally subsidized food trucks with fine Venezuelan cuisine would circulate to the various tent enclaves, twice per day. Welcome to paradise where elite and super wealthy play without distraction ! The problem becomes panic when these initial fifty ”swimmers” tell their down south families about our opulent island life the Neo liberal’s heads explode at the prospect of more planes and/or buses

      Could “diversity” then help the libs calm down ? Maybe. Secondary flights from Texas and Arizona would surely appease them………They are coming !

  52. let’s talk about the word “illegal”.
    If you arrive in the united States, by any means , like climbing over the wall, and you have no contact with immigration, you are illegally in the country.
    If you are processed by immigration, and are awaiting a hearing to determine whether you can stay, you are here legally.
    That’s the law even if the conservatives don’t like it.
    Now, if there were any truly “illegal” people on this plane, then whoever put them on the plane is a human trafficker. Pure and simple . Aiding and abetting a fugitive across state lines is a felony. If they are illegal, they are fugitives.
    Perhaps these people could be considered kidnapped. They didn’t know where they were going, we have no idea if they had a choice,and they crossed state lines,
    Sounds like kidnapping to me.
    As far as cruelty goes, these cowardly governors don’t have the courage to even let municipalities know they are coming. Pretty disgraceful.
    But when the weather gets cold up here, it would be compassionate for sanctuary cities to offer the homeless, and the destitute a free ride to Florida for the winter, rather than let them freeze to death on the streets.
    By the way, here is a little video from fox news, showing people climbing over our big beautiful impenetrable wall theat Mex– I mean U.S taxpayers paid $5 billion for.

  53. I don’t understand the meltdown over 50 Illegals arriving on our beloved Isle???
    Our fellow Americans in the small border towns have to deal with 50 Illegals every five minutes. What’s the problem? Over 80% of us voted this lunacy.

  54. I think it’s brilliant. The ones claiming they just want a better life should remember we have laws and their is a legal way to come here. Biden limited Ukrainian refugees to an initial 100k. That’s about a weeks worth of people at the Southern border. It’s easy to say your a sanctuary, it’s another to actually be one huh?
    Maybe you will talk to your Democrat buddies who control the government, to stop the human trafficking, stop sending planes in the middle of the night just like this, stop lying to the American people and blaming on Trump lol. Really? Cause under Trump, the crossings we’re at the lowest levels in decades. So spare me. They want illegals here to vote, it’s that simple. Why do you think they say asking for ID is racist lol? We’ve got serious issues in this country and it’s not the Republicans.

  55. Where is the empathy for American citizens sleeping on the streets ? I would bet you would not be as magnanimous and sanctimonious for them. The hypocrisy is astounding to call this a political ploy from the right. The many billions we spend to house, cloth, feed, school and provide healthcare for these people who have broken our laws could be used for our own citizens and homeless vets. Most are not even literate in their own language and have no skills. So for any Democrat to call this inhumane and a political ploy, please look in the mirror. When these criminals are interviewed they said they come because they were told to. Better yet, tell the millions who are obeying the law and waiting in line to come her legally, sorry.

    • Jeannine– I think it is you that does not know the law.
      Unless Governor Decovid is really stupid,and has left himself open to numerous felonies ,every one of these people are legally in line waiting to have a hearing on visa status.
      Why do you call them “criminals” ?
      Told to come here by whom ?
      Interesting that you think homeless vets get no funding.
      And finally your comment that ” Most are not even literate in their own language” is wrong , ignorant and racist at its’s core.
      Venezuela’s literacy rate for adults is over 97 %
      The literacy rate for adults in the United States is 88%

      • What proof do you have that these people are legally in line waiting to have a hearing ? We do know that thousands have been waiting for years. They are criminals because we have laws in place, although we have seen that DA’s in cities like San Francisco and NY refuse to enforce them. Just saw a gentleman in front of Kamala Harris’s house on tv. He said he had no problem entering illegally. yes he said he was illegal. He also said, hey were told to come. Biden and Harris said they would welcome them so there should be no confusion on that point. There is nothing racist or ignorant about the fact that they are illiterate. How many of these people have you heard ? Again, will you take in homeless citizens or veterans who have served this country ? I think not. Many decent people,like everywhere, live on Martha’s Vineyard yet thy would not give the time of day to an American in need. I have friends who have served in the military and friends who have children with special needs who cannot get the benefits these people are getting. Texas has thousands coming accross a day and they are expected to feed, clothe, house etc with no help at all from this administration. It’s easy to feel altruistic when you care for a few. I doubt very much that you would feel the same way if they invaded, ransacked, robbed and stole from you. The only inhumanity is that coming from the hypocritts who do not deal with this on a daily basis.

        • Jeannine– Gov Decovid sent them here. He would not have done that if they were “illegal”. If he did he should be locked up for human trafficking.
          As per the current immigration laws, government agencies cannot transport migrants to places within the United States until after they have been interviewed by immigration, and cleared to be released while waiting a more thorough hearing.

          If it were true that these people were illiterate, that would not be racist.
          Calling them illiterate even though the country of Venezuela has a much higher literacy rate than the United States is.
          Assuming they are illiterate and claiming it a fact is.
          There is no basis for your claim other than xenophobic lies.

          You also seem to think that because someone is a veteran, they are incapable of robbing someone. Think again.
          I would not declare all veterans criminals if one invaded my house ransacked it ,and robbed or stole from me.
          I did once have my home ransacked once — It could have been one of those strung out junkie veterans you hear about– could have been . I just don’t know.
          By the way, I actually did have a few “future veterans” steal from me when I was in the Navy.

          • And one more thing, Jeannine, there were plenty of veterans ransacking the “people’s house” on Jan 6th. They also assaulted police officers and stole things.

  56. We’ve been to Venezuela on a Windjammer Cruise when it was more or less free. Even then it was not a place you’d want to live. These people are truly refugees. You can’t blame the people for coming to find a better life, you can blame our government for not having a plan in place to deal with it. So…they’re here on the Island, what’s the plan?

  57. We have budgeted 12 million dollars this Fiscal Year for migrant relocation these 50 people do not even count towards the budget that money becomes available October 1st. That is when we ramp up extradition of all illegal immigrants in Florida whether they have been here 10 years or are new arrivals. With 12 million you can relocate a lot of people to Sanctuary Cities whose leaders have publicly stated they can do a better job than the leaders of the border states.

  58. Today on Twitter:
    The supposedly godless, east coast heathens of Martha’s Vineyard demonstrated more of Christ’s grace and love in welcoming refugees with open arms than the supposedly Christ-loving Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida could ever hope to do.

  59. As an Arizona resident…I thank you for helping, we can not handle this on our own. It’s getting to be just too much for the border states

  60. The number of commenters who do not reside here and only know of the place by some weird concept of the place is actually funny.

    And Ignorant at the same time

    • Worse, there’s a local character who’s posted 19 times on this article alone. That’s NINETEEN TIMES, saying nothing intelligent, not even once.

      Poor George having to wade through it all. But this newspaper should be commended for how they’ve presented the facts. And providing a link to the GoFundMe page was a mitzvah (blessing).

      • I think George is just fine. I don’t remember any rules saying you can only post once or twice. Someone has to refute a lot of this libsplaining that goes on here so it’s not just one big sounding board. If it weren’t for Engelman and a few others you really would think MV was some utopia. It’s a big works out there you should go see what it’s really all about.

  61. MV is an exclusive place to live, it’s very expensive. It’s an ISLAND. A lot of the houses are massive, and empty for a lot of the year. Wait until they are broken into, squatted in. MV is going to change their tune very quickly – just like NY and Chicago. The fact is there are so many illegals (also, “Illegals”), the US is not capable of housing, feeding, and medically treating millions of people. My son is autistic and I can’t get him medicaid, yet CA is giving “free medicaid” to illegals. TX has seized millions of pounds of drugs, caught criminals coming back into the states, and spent billions trying to take care of US citizens and immigrants that have come here legally. Dems are going to bankrupt the US trying to make a point that no one – including me – understands. What’s the point of this? CA is losing tax-paying citizens by the hundreds of thousands because they are expected to pay more and more taxes to cover expenses for all this nonsense. Dems want illegals to vote. VOTE. So the Dems can stayin power. They want to give them everything that citizens here don’t even get. And we are all paying for it, and it’s not sustainable. They are ILLEGAL. So we are just picking and choosing what laws to follow? That’s what the government is teaching me. What about us?? What about we the people that our government was designed to listen to, to take care of? These so-called sancutary cities, they only have a couple thousand illegals and they are already asking for more federal aid. You know who pays for that? We do. Taxpayers. Screw that. I don’t want to follow that law that says I have to pay taxes. Where’s my say in what my taxes do??

    • Tell me, Paula, who colonized the Americas and perpetrated genocide and religiously-motivated decimation of the Native cultures here that has continued to this very day? Who caused and perpetuates the generational plights these people have suffered from for hundreds for years? You and I are benefiting from the atrocities those before us committed hundreds of years before. All of our institutions perpetuate those injustices. Does that make it okay to deny the victims’ descendants the help they so desperately need? Maybe we are seeing the beginning of the end of white supremacy and colonialism. Is that such a bad thing? You want justice, don’t you? Well, then own up to your part in this problem. Help them, since you care so much about justice. Or is it only okay to invade when white people and corporations do it?

    • You tell me, Paula. Which former president is about to be indicted for the most serious crimes ever to have been committed by any president in U.S. History? Does he get a free pass for being white?

  62. This is great though it should have been a couple 747’s for 500 instead of 50 and it should happen daily to all sanctuary cities. Let the resources be shared by those who happily sit away from the front lines behind their fenced yards and private security. Funny to listen to DC whine about it after only a month and a tiny fraction of what AZ ad TX deal with. Send more to MV, Harris’s house and Brandon’s as well. “Martha’s Vineyard has historically voted heavily Democratic, the island has long been a popular destination for the elite of the Democratic Party.” 50 are easy to deal with, make it 5,000 a week and it will get more interesting. Let’s see how many of these elitists open their homes to illegals and for how long. Any bets…..?

  63. You may not be aware, but the Federal Govt currently contracts with private transportation vendors to ship illegal/undocumented aliens by bus and by plane throughout the country.

  64. First off, I’d like to be clear that I am in no way related to Paula Fischer.

    I am writing from the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. We are a surprisingly diverse and, year-round, predominantly middle class island. Many of the hateful comments here appear to be from off-islanders. They’re disheartening to read, though I imagine, thankfully, not the majority.

    The outpouring of help from churches and the communities here on the island has been gratifying to witness. But not at all a surprise.

    This episode sheds light on the larger issue of immigration, but right now, here today, we have 50 human beings who are deserving our respect and care.

  65. Well, I’m not willing to share my thoughts on immigration in this forum, so my question is: People in need are here, what can I do to help?
    I don’t have a spare house, or even a spare room.
    Where can I donate some money, which always seems better than old clothes, etc., that would do the most good for these folks?
    Maybe a post tomorrow with suggestions?

  66. SHOCKING, SHOCKING, SHOCKING and heartless comments from so many people. De Santis used immigrants fleeing a violent country, looking for a better life and he flew them here. That alone is disgusting, cruel and WRONG, they should not be pawns in his sick political game, they are living, breathing, terrified human beings.
    In typical Vineyard fashion they received food, water and shelter from concerned citizens.
    I’ve lived here for over 40 years and I never knew there was so much cruelty and hate out there.
    All I can say is, look into your hearts and stand in their shoes….

    • .

      I hope, I pray that more states send illegals to these cities and towns. You support the current regime allowing 1.3 million into my state of Arizona and surrounding states but you can’t handle 50? Vote blue and get more 2024….

      • It is so lovely to hear from off Island.
        It looks like you have done your research.
        How many illegals did Trump let in?

  67. I am totally overwhelmed at the vitriol and hatred that have prevailed in reaction to this situation! I had NO idea that such devastatingly cruel attitudes existed on my beloved home island. Sorry to have believed in the decent, caring community that I have been involved with for the 31 years I have lived here. I have nothing more to say, except that the friends I have here would never have such disdain and apathy toward human beings who are so much in need of compassion and care.
    Nothing. More. To say.
    Except (forgive me, my dear deceased minister husband) go live your small selfish hateful lives and may you burn in hell.
    Mary-Jean Miner

    • Now now Mary Jean , that is no way to talk to your fellow man , we are in this all together just like we were in the plandemic were all in it together. Now I think mr minister husband would want you to not just open up your heart but the doors to your island home and give them your home . You’ve have lived in it for thirty one years don’t you think it’s time for you to relinquish your home and finances to these poor immigrants and be a better person and show these people your loving heart! All these maga’s are just full of hate! Show these Maga’s Mary Jean and give your resources to these immigrants love you Mary Jean !

  68. Most of these comments are so distressing and depressing it’s hard to know where to start…I think we humans can recognize a problem with border security and illegal crossings and the need to stem this inflow and at the same time be outraged by the use of unfortunate and suffering human beings as pawns for political gain. It’s a despicable display of hatred, inhumanity, and disrespect. I wish there was a way to know which of the near several hundred comments originate from non-Vineyarders. It would be a small consolation to know that the supporters of this cynical and hateful gesture were disproportionately not “us”.

  69. I guess after reading some of the comments, as a D.P. immigrant who did not speak English on arrival to my adopted country, should go back to where I came from.

  70. Bad timing and there should of been atleast a public meeting on this (year round residents) this is not the place to get a fresh start..especially at the end of the season when everything is closing. We already have a housing crisis on our hands …my question is who knew this was gonna take place and why wasn’t the public and or islanders notified …
    I feel bad for the people on the plane…bad timing and not good odds that they will make it here on isle, honestly the governer of Florida as big as he thinks he is should come on up and explain himself see it was his idea….bet he won’t come here without a couple body gaurds…lol
    Anyhow yeah no disrespect to the illegals…but not the place for a fresh start.

    • It should be limited to year round residents?
      Who gets to decide who is a year round resident?
      What if you winter in Florida?
      For eight months a year.
      And you and your parents were Island born?

    • Mr Lynch. we didn’t know anything about this because the governors of texass and florida did not tell us they were pulling this stunt. You seem to be blaming the immigrants or the local officials because an illegal plane landed and dumped undocumented people seeking a better life in the United States on the tarmac.
      The airport should have declined to refuel the planes, and left the pilots and crew to fend for themselves.

  71. 2 million illegals have entered the United States since Joe Biden took office many of them bussed and flown to other parts of the country in the dead of night by the Biden administration. Dumped in cities of his choosing. Where was your outrage then?

  72. Thank you, citizens of Martha’s Vineyard, for opening your hearts to the migrants and sharing the burden with Texas and Florida. You are doing the Christian thing. Galatians 6:2: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”. You are the hands and feet of Christ.

  73. It’s hard to believe that so many Americans don’t have access to a dictionary. I’m referring to Americans who have no idea how this country defines migrants, refugees, immigrants, and/or asylum seekers. Currently, there are 82 million men, women, and children escaping war, persecution, and political turbulence. These are refugees and asylum seekers. There are others who are looking for jobs or education—they are usually called migrants—and people who want to live permanently in another country—immigrants. The 50 who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard were given asylum which means they are here legally and have permanent permission to live and work in the United States. Several federal laws protect their right to work regardless of where they live in the United States. Heads up: crossing an international border for asylum is not illegal and an asylum seeker’s case must be heard, according to U.S. and international law. The U.S. does NOT have an open border. Not everyone is illegal. Educate yourselves.

    • The people who were flown here by DeSantis were relocated by the governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. He is a Republican. It was his decision, alone.

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