Old Golden Dragon Restaurant demolished


An old restaurant at 14 Water St. in Vineyard Haven, which owner Shop & Shop has used as a warehouse, was taken apart with an excavator beginning on Thursday. The town issued a “remove or make safe” order in June after an inspection revealed building deficiencies. Stop & Stop opted to take the building down and did some preliminary demolition work in July. The grocery chain waited until after the tourist season to do the heavy razing of the structure.

Formerly the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, the building suffered a fire in 1994. As The Times reported then, in addition to heat and smoke damage, the building suffered water damage. 

Local contractor Maciel and Sons executed the demolition Thursday, continued on Friday, and was seen clearing up the now vacant lot on Tuesday.


  1. What a bummer! Great old memories there at the “Harborlight” where I spent most of my coin diving money from each boat that arrived with all my fiends!
    All the great things that were so special, exciting and wonderful about growing up on the island like both my parents have all sadly been destroyed.
    I was go glad at least I got to see and experience the `friendly, beautiful, quiet and simple` things the island had to offered during those times.
    “Everything” on the island had changed and nothing at all for the better.

    • you’re right Woody…the Harborlight and there root beer floats were enough to ride your bike all the way from OB back in the day. Ice creams after beating VH in little league were pretty good too.

      • In the mid-sixties, the concoction called “awful-awful” was heavenly.
        Thirty-five cents, (if memory still serves).

    • Woody. You are spot on. I couldnt agree with you more. I remember the wooden keg filled with root beer on the corner of the counter

  2. What are the plans for the property now? Might Stop and Shop be allowed to expand, or has Steve Bernier, who somehow simultaneously has the reputation of a good man for the community while price gouging that very community, stopped that from being possible?

  3. Do I ever miss those $5.99 General Tso’s “chicken” lunch specials, always served up with a side of indifference and contempt.
    Crunchy broccoli, the right amount of hot peppers, unnaturally red sauce,….
    Ah,.. the good old days.

  4. I have so many warm teen memories of the Harborlight. It was my first real job for four summers working with my cousin Francis Cournoyer the owner and all my other cousins and aunt. There were so many nice summer and local people I got to meet there because Harborlight had everything from root beer floats, ice cream and anything you wanted to eat. If it wasn’t on the menu it we would make it for you. Sad to see the it go.

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