Judge steps down from Trustees 

Trustees President and CEO John Judge during a visit to the Vineyard in July. -Rich Saltzberg

After less than a year in the role, President and CEO John Judge will be stepping down from his position, due to “differences in their respective visions and approach,” according to a statement the Trustees of Reservations released Tuesday.

The Trustees and Judge have decided it is “the right moment to separate ways.” 

Judge was initially appointed by TTOR board of directors as the organization’s fifth president and CEO in December 2021, and will be replaced by interim president and CEO Nicie Panetta, effective Oct. 31.

“In my 15 years with the organization, I’ve been a passionate advocate for our climate resiliency work, cultural resources, and efforts to reach diverse new audiences with innovative programming,” Panetta said in the release. “I look forward to working with our strong leadership team and outstanding staff to uphold the Trustees’ ambitions and long-term goals.”

Judge and the Trustees had had a significant swing and miss on the Vineyard when a draft beach management plan was released that almost immediately got significant pushback from the community. Ultimately, the Trustees withdrew the plan and went back to the drawing board.

Cited in the announcement, Trustees board chair Peter Coffin said Panetta, who has been with the Trustees for 15 years, “steps into this position at a point when the organization is well-poised for the future, and for continued impact and success.”

Additionally, the Trustees announced the promotion of chief of marketing engagement and data Christine Morin to TTOR chief operating officer. 

“The board has full confidence in their dedication to the Trustees’ mission, and in the strength of the leadership team,” said Coffin in the statement. 

While Judge “has agreed to work with the Trustees to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities,” he will be furthering his climate resiliency and environmental initiatives outside the organization, and, according to Judge, “continue my work to foster a new vision of more outdoor-centric communities — especially for our cities.” 


  1. John advocated for a beach management plan that put nature first, people freaked out because they want to drive cars on the beach, TTOR was forced to kowtow to the complainers and heads had to roll. Do I have that right?

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