Individual related to bank robbery in custody 

An individual related to the Rockland Trust bank robbery has been taken into custody. The Dukes County Jail, shown here, is generally where those arrested on the Vineyard are taken. — Rich Saltzberg

Dukes County Sheriff Robert Ogden told The Times Saturday afternoon that someone related to the Thursday morning Rockland Trust bank robbery is in custody. He said a press release from the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office is expected to be issued shortly. Tara Miltimore, a spokesperson for the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office, subsequently emailed the times a brief statement: “There has been an arrest of one individual in connection with the robbery of the Rockland Trust bank. The investigation is ongoing and active.” 

On Friday night, a sedan was seized by police on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven, and someone was questioned. It is unclear if the person who was questioned Friday is the same person who was arrested Saturday, or if someone else was arrested. 

In an email to The Times early Saturday evening, Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost wrote that he cannot release further information at this time because “to do so could jeopardize the integrity of the sensitive and active criminal investigation.”

Habekost indicated he conferred with all the Vineyard chiefs, and they agree information needs to be withheld for now. 

“The safety of the public is assured by all law enforcement officers on this case, as well as our normal patrol and emergency response units,” Habekost wrote. “If anyone feels in immediate danger, please call 911 for an emergency response.” 


  1. Congratulation `Rich, George & the Times` for breaking the news!!
    I sent out everyone on my master email list looking for someone / anybody to bet me that the “TIMES” would break the news before the Gazette!!!
    Not one person person took the bait, and actually many did the same and got the same results!
    Congradulations MV Times, the real Martha`s Vineyard non bias news reporting!


      • Pretty sure Edgartown has the lowest property taxes on MV. I live in Edg and my proximity to the Gazette has had less than zero impact on my life.

        • Pretty sure that Edgartown has the highest average SFR evaluation on the Island.
          Taxes paid equal tax rate times value.
          No matter how close you live to the Gazette offices.
          Gosnold has the lowest tax rate in the county.
          The taxes on a house in Gosnold are twice that of an equivalent in the South End of New Bedford.

    • If god had really blessed our MV police forces, they might not have found themselves the subject of so much litigation and civil rights complaints.
      As it stands, the arrest has been the result of combined local and national resources, far outside the capabilities of those merrymakers at 32 Water St.
      One arrest hardly makes for a responsible police department.

      • James those of us who actually live here are grateful for all the forces involved. So said Tina Bean that you are replying to.

        • Yes.
          Let’s not forget that OB has a new leader. The State Police and FBI are also involved.
          Small town departments do not have the equipment and access to the resources that the FBI has.
          I’m thankful that they are here and getting this solved.

      • James– Isn’t it about time you got over your alleged “victimization” by the police and take a look at reality?
        The truth is that we have outstanding police and police departments on this island.

  2. Interesting that it is not being reported that the person who was arrested was “allegedly”related to this crime.

    • Don’t know how he’s related though. Could be he’s not even one of the three who entered the bank. But if they caught him red handed with evidence he’ll flip on the rest.

      • Albert– Nothing in the article says that the “individual” arrested is related to the robbers. It says they are related to the bank robbery.
        I think carjacking’s are the siblings of bank robberies, and convenience store robberies are the second cousins of bank robberies.
        That means they probably have a carjacking or a convenience store robbery in custody.

        I guess I’m still trying to convince andy that I have a sense of humor.
        Isn’t English fun ?

  3. Well if you have been paying attention and reading from the police reports. This person fits the description of one of the people involved.
    Besides the sneakers, accent, height, skin color and items found in the vehicle that he was driving. Oh yeah and let’s not forget about the sequel bills.
    Um1 down and 2 more to go.
    Hope prison is on their list of places to go.

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