Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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No one is safe from intolerance

First they came for the transgender kids in Florida, Texas, Idaho and more than 20 other states, and I did not speak out —...

Just how bad are things for teachers?

My wife and I had dinner in a Vineyard restaurant last week. Our waitress, a very pleasant young woman, appeared to be in her...

Will Martha’s Vineyard continue to ignore the future?

One year ago, this newspaper published my photo essay on the sad condition of the Island’s neglected bike and pedestrian paths, most of which...

Let’s keep things impersonal

The adult and child walking in front of me were complete strangers, people I had never seen before. The man, who looked to be...

Let students make the rules

We’re well into August now, and Island teachers are feeling the familiar dread and excitement of a new school year. I suggest that educators...

My white privilege

“Walt, I think you missed our turn. Weren’t we supposed to turn left back there?” “Shoot, you’re right. I’ll find a place to turn around.” “Well,...

The Island’s bike paths on the road to ruin

The internet loves Martha’s Vineyard’s 44 miles of bike paths! “Martha’s Vineyard is truly a cyclist's paradise.”  “What's unique about biking on Martha's Vineyard is that...

Outrage fatigue

Recently a neighbor of mine asked how I was doing. Sighing, I responded, “I think I have COVID fatigue. The months and months of...

An Island emergency: Not enough bike helmets!

Martha’s Vineyard is suffering from a critical shortage of bike helmets, a situation that is nothing short of life-threatening. According to my own painstaking...

Journalist integrity, thy name is Fox!

The George Foster Peabody Award is broadcasting’s highest honor, and so, when the Peabody Committee announced the creation of a Peabody Award for Journalistic...

‘You knew … and still my boy is dead’

In Steven Spielberg’s iconic 1975 horror film “Jaws,” a drama teacher named Lee Fierro plays the mother whose son was killed by the shark....

Real grownups also wear helmets

Fortunately for me, I was wearing a good bike helmet when a pickup truck ran me off the road early one morning in July....