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KCT Concert presents Jake Schepps & the Expedition Quartet

Rarely is the Vineyard among the first places to hear great music. However, on Oct. 9, we are invited to witness the debut of something extraordinary

Yom Kippur services on Martha’s Vineyard

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews, begins tomorrow evening, October 7, at sundown.

Shopping at the Airport Business Park

Most of us make at least one weekly pilgrimage across Island, which generally means passing through the heart of the Island, by the airport.

“Gourmet Gifts” – a DIY guide to gift making

This is a cookbook about sharing your cooking abilities with the ones you love, near or far.

“Tabloid” – a new entry in Errol Morris’s documentaries about weirdos

North Carolina-raised former beauty queen Joyce McKinney is the remarkable subject of Errol Morris's latest film, "Tabloid."

Reel Picks

Nathan's (Taylor Lautner) therapist (Sigourney Weaver) tells him not to worry about sometimes feeling as if he's living the wrong life, but when he and his schoolmate (Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins) research missing kids they discover he's making sense.

West Tisbury

Sadness and joy marked the past week.


I know summer is over, but there is a truly remarkable amount of activities to attend this weekend: you would think it was the week of the Fair.

Oak Bluffs

How many ways can you describe the beautiful weather we now have? Even though it has been somewhat sandwiched between rain showers, what more could we ask for? Fall flowers are brightening up the landscape and many people at last have time to catch up on all the outside chores at a more relaxing pace.


The holiday weekend is upon us, and it is looking to be gorgeous — perfect weather for casting a line or tying the knot, which seem to be the two most popular pastimes around here these days.


Tonight (Oct.


Sixteen years ago Allison Flanders was a flower girl at my wedding along with her sisters, Sarah and Genevieve.

Applefest will support the West Tisbury Library expansion

The state's done its part, and the town will too, but now the public has to pitch in to make the West Tisbury library bigger, better.

Bone marrow donors solicited on Martha’s Vineyard

Some cancer patients need a bone marrow transplant to survive, but finding a donor has been very difficult. It is less so these days.

Recalling simpler times, greater abundance on Martha’s Vineyard

Not so long ago fishermen, farmers, and even kids enjoyed a surplus of wild foods, both animal and vegetable.

Overeating can make dogs very sick, even kill them

Some dogs don't know when they've had enough, and the results can be devastating.


ACE MV (Adult Community Education) is offering a history course for college credit this fall in connection with Cape Cod Community College, where it is known as History 103-67.


Thaddeus C.

From Nest to Label

After a successful first-flight test,this young osprey returns to the nest.

Assabet Aztecs impress in win over Vineyard

There were some in the stands at McCarthy Field, Friday, who had never herd of Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School, until they learned that a football team of that name, from Marlboro, aka the Aztecs, would visit the Vineyard.