Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Poem: To One Super Scary Critter

It once forced a famous lady named Muffetto hastily vacate her tuffet.

‘Tis The Season

at this December addition at Sunset Lake.

To a Soaring Hawk

A scene on high that's never boring.


Here's a spring-time scene of which I'm fond.

To My Nearest Neighbor

in emptying a full bird-feeder.

From Nest to Label

After a successful first-flight test,this young osprey returns to the nest.

Out on a Limb at Farm Neck

This male osprey has his eyes on me.

Poem: To a Boy with a Belgian Giant

Hoping thousands of spectators would be there,he readied this draft horse for the Fair.

To Hospital Harry

To some, I'm sure it may sound silly:I once named a hawk Windemere Willie.

That’s My Baby

They arrived back late from winter vacationto nest at last year's Vineyard location.

Nice Horsey

For a photog, they proved a winsome pair.

To a nesting pair

A bi-weekly poem from nature photographer Julian Robinson.

To the Next Generation

The urge to migrate did not fail her,after a winter in Venezuela.

Poetry in Motion

From out of the sun and out of the west,this Oak Bluffs osprey descends toward its nest.

Waiting for his mate

On a day when weather proved rather harsh,this osprey returned to Oak Bluffs in mid-March.

To the Easter Bunny

Flowers with the Easter Bunnyon a spring day, bright and sunny.

To the Guinea Fowl

as shown by this pair of guinea fowl.

To a real hawk-eye

it's hard to miss this red-tail's eye.

A Real Head-and-Shoulders Shot

I usually witness quite a lot.

Why did the turtle cross the road?

to cross a double yellow line.