Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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For thirsty marauders

A sight guaranteed to stir my wrathIs that of crows in the small birds' bath.

To three buddies

can be glimpsed some days near Linda Jean's.

The puck stops here…sometimes

To help perform a Herculean task,he wears a helmet and protective mask.

Poem: Catching the wind at Morning Glory

This looks like an interesting story .

Jack-O-Lantern time

With the advent of fall comes a happy story.

To Butter-Scotch

is this Shetland pony on Main Street.


to be the last bird of summer.

Poem “” To a beautiful young predator

I heard neither screech or squawk.

To the Vineyard watermelon

a corn-buying trip to Morning Glory.

Vineyard Verses

as these two bask behind Windemere.

To a Lady with Attitude

this half-built nest on Crystal Lake.

To a lover of peanuts

No ifs, ands, maybes, probablys or buts.

A nursery in the sky

is the osprey nest on the lights.

To an incubating osprey mom

it's hard to forget her intense glare.

New little ones at Quantapog

mom and dad guide six little ones to the pond.

To a nesting pair (Vineyard Verses)

two ospreys posed in their pole-top abode.

They’re back!

I visit osprey nests each day.