Personal protective gear, volunteers needed

Hand sanitizer and medical masks at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital. — Lexi Pline.

The lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and first responders has been a hot topic nationwide and here on the Island that generated mask donations from contractors, a medical marijuana CEO, has some people sewing up a storm, and even has some 3D printer enthusiasts waiting at the ready.

On Sunday, the Baker-Polito administration announced the creation of an online portal where individuals and companies can donate or sell PPE and volunteer to support the COVID-19 outbreak. Here, on the Island, MV Community Services is leading the effort to gather volunteers.

“Massachusetts has already received generous donations from countless organizations, and by launching this portal we’ll make it easier to streamline these offers and quickly distribute supplies to those in need,” Gov. Charlie Baker said in the release. “We also need more volunteers to help support our response to this unprecedented public health emergency, and urge people to sign up to lend a hand. Our administration will continue making every effort to secure supplies from all possible resources to support our front line workers during these tough times.”

So what’s needed? N95/N99 masks, facemasks with integrated shields, surgical/procedure masks, power air-purifying respirators, goggles, gloves, protective suits/gowns, booties/shoe covers, headcovers, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

Volunteers are also needed. There are immediate needs for respiratory therapists and public health nurses. You can sign up here.


  1. To Andrerw– I assume you saw my e mail to you with my mailing address.
    In case you didn’t, I have decided to donate your thousand dollars to the hospital in the fight against Covid-19.
    They could really use the money now.. please don’t delay.
    To speed up the process you could wire it to me using Zelle– I do not have Venmo, but could sign up for it if you prefer that .
    In case you forgot about what I am talking about let me refresh your memory.
    On March 8 this forum you said :
    “Dondondon. You are always asking me to wager on things. You who politicize the virus and blame it on Trump and exaggerate it beyond proportion, I will now ask you to make a bet with me for one thousand dollars. How about 1000 people in the US die from Coronavirus, Small number since this is a pandemic. If we dont reach that threshold you pay me. You wont take that bet because you know its not gonna happen. As for Trump being a ”complete idiot” will you soon be concerned with Biden’s diminished mental capacity and cognitive decline.? I promise you the 1000 dollars if I lose. I will chase you on your non CO2 spewing bicycle and hand you the money.”

    On March 11 , I replied :
    “andrew–Because I was recently traveling abroad with my small lap top,which is not registered with the mv times , I could only read a few stories once in a while on the Mv times.But I could read the headlines, and see comments.I did not immediately catch your wager offer about the COVID 19 virus
    I can see how some would think such a wager is disgusting, given that it is about people’s lives.
    I somewhat feel my yearly challenge about climate change falls into the same category, as the effects of climate change potentially are going to kill millions, and could bring down our entire civilization.
    But, Andrew, I will take you up on your wager .
    Not because I want anyone to die, nor will I “hope” that number is reached.The course of this pandemic is entirely out of my control. I will take the risk to prove a point.
    As unfortunate as it is,my opinion is that 1,000 deaths in the U.S is a statistical certainty.I will publicly pledge that any money, if and when I get it from you will be donated to Planned parenthood…
    If you win, you can do whatever you want with my hard earned money.
    there is no question that i will pay up–”

    • The number of deaths in the US has more than doubled in the last 24 hours. Andrew, I hope you will do the honorable thing.

  2. Just stop it….please, just stop it. We need protective gear from comments such as this. Fifth grade…and that would be overestimating it.

    • No, deniers and minimizers of this scourge like Andrew have done too much damage by their insistence on false information and downright lies. They absolutely have to be accountable and make up for the damage, lies, and immorality of what they’ve put out into the community. Our hospital can use help, now more than ever.

      • I think some just carry in them an internal anger-bank, – a need to be contrrary, to snipe from afar.Wonder if we all trained ourselves to skip the commentators that are so consistently offensive ( Andrew,,,) for the saner exchange and dialogue.

        • Some things should not be skipped over. Consistent offensiveness is one thing, but false information that can be a threat to the health and safety of others, or worse, deadly, is something that must be confronted. Cult religious zealots who spew indoctrinated falsehoods of insane and false beliefs need to be called out when they try to sway members of our community with lies.
          Look at Liberty University led by the evangelical charlatan, Jerry Falwell, Jr:

          or this from another evangelical pastor:

          I don’t know where Andrew is or why he hasn’t responded. I hope he’s okay. I do know that the hospital needs protective gear for our heroic workers, and no Mr Trump, the courageous heroes on the front lines are not stealing and hoarding these life-saving necessities. The hospital also needs everyone to follow the recommended guidelines. We all need this.

  3. PPE (new, constantly replaceable, and effective PPE) is a crucial element in limiting the spread of COVID-19. It is not only that PPE protects the wearer, but also, it protects patients from each other. Some of those on the Front Line at MVH must come in direct contact with EVERY patient. (Or, so I am told.) A virus is not actually a living thing. A virus cannot walk or crawl, or, even fly, unless it is hitching a ride on someone or something that is doing one of those things for it. So, careful attention to PPE donning and doffing is extremely important in keeping one patient from an unintended introduction to another. Of course, PEE also provides a barrier from contact to the one wearing it. Any compromise in the effectiveness of protective gear compromises the health and safety of all involved.

  4. augusta– what comments are you upset about ?
    Mine,perhaps? Am I being 5th grade for letting Andrew know where he can send the money that he so arrogantly wagered away ?
    First, he was so sure that the corona virus was a hoax, a product of the fake news, and solely an attempt by liberals to discredit trump. Second, he he fell back on his usual lie telling me what I thought, and what I would do. Had this sad threshold not been met, and the virus just went away by some miracle like trump said it would, I would be sending him my $1000 dollars, and I would be feeling pretty humiliated.
    Do you think that Andrew should just ignore his promise to pay up ? He offered the bet– he promised- his words. Before I was out of 5 th grade , I learned that words matter, and when you make a promise , you should do everything you can to keep it. I had an honorable father. He taught me about morality.
    Of course in the age of trump, his supporters feel no need to have any sort of morality, lies don’t matter and as long as he can claim that Hillary lied about something, he can renege on promises and continue to spew unfounded hatred and lies about “lefties”.
    Well, Augusta, I took a risk, and called Andrew on his B.S .
    Are you upset that a self proclaimed moral christian millionaire has to honor his promise and help out the hospital ? I won’t even bother to humiliate him any more than he should be , and make him chase me on my bicycle.
    Or are you upset because Jackie is encouraging Andrew to “do the honorable thing” ?
    Those are the only 2 comments here besides yours at this point.

  5. We are facing deaths across the globe like we have never seen. This is the time for all of us to come together for the good of our country and the world. We will feel the loss of friends, family members, and acquaintances. Things we found to be important last week don’t matter now. It is taking the lives of children, our friends we grew up with, adults and our senior population that made us who we are today. You can’t change it, but we can stand together for the sake of all of us. We only get one life, honor and protect it.

    • I agree with you. In addition, we need scientific facts, truth, and reality along with leadership and guidance. Look at Andrew Cuomo as to who is helping, and not only NY. It is important to weed out the false information that has been put out and make known the sources of unreliability, cavalier attitudes, and lies so that the ongoing disinformation does not damage us further by leading to more spread. Our hospital needs help and part of that help is keeping to the safety guidelines and not believing those who continue to promote lies. Taking care of oneself takes care of the community. So grateful to the heroes here.

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