Glitchless internet opening for SSA


On Tuesday, the Steamship Authority’s held the 2021 general internet opening for the Vineyard reservations, and it proved glitch-free, according to SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll. “Everything performed well yesterday,” Driscoll said Wednesday afternoon. 

Driscoll said 14,997 transactions garnered approximately $3.8 million on Tuesday. Last year, the opening attracted 14,853 transactions, and about $3.3 million in revenue, but was marred by crashes and other delays that sparked customer anger. The IT director left a month later. Another crash occurred in August

Curt Van Riper, who took over for the retired IT director, made system upgrades and announced load testing in December. The upgrades included a virtual waiting room that was used effectively for the Head Start opening on Jan. 5 and the Nantucket general internet opening on Jan. 12, according to Driscoll. He noted the general telephone opening starts Jan. 26 for both the Vineyard and Nantucket.

“I am very pleased for the Vineyard community that the hard work, planning and management by the reservation and technology groups gave us such a successfully uneventful day,” Jim Malkin, the Vineyard’s SSA board representative, said. 


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