Bradley Cortez promoted to W.T. police sergeant

Bradley Cortez, shown here in 2019, was promoted to West Tisbury Police Department's sergeant. — Rich Saltzberg

The West Tisbury select board voted 2-0 to appoint Bradley (“Brad”) Cortez as a West Tisbury police sergeant during a Wednesday, July 6, meeting. Board member Skipper Manter abstained from voting since he is the current West Tisbury police lieutenant. 

“We’ve completed the restructuring process I wanted to have taken place by the time Lt. Manter retired on August 1,” West Tisbury Police Chief Matt Mincone said. “There were three candidates. One candidate came out on top, earning the recommendation, which is Bradley Cortez.”

Cortez was the first-ever West Tisbury Police Officer of the Year award recipient in 2019. 

Mincone thanked the sergeant interview panelists, Oak Bluffs Police Chief Jonathan Searle, Edgartown Police Lt. Christopher Dolby, and West Tisbury town administrator Jennifer Rand. Mincone recommended Cortez begin his duties as a sergeant starting on August 1, with a three-year term. 

“Definitely earned the promotion, in my opinion,” board chair Cynthia Mitchell said. 

In other business, Island Autism made a request to hold a family picnic at Grange Hall on Saturday, July 23, from 5 to 8 pm. 

“There is no food truck, we are sure,” Mitchell said. “Not that we don’t like food trucks. We just want them to be permitted.” 

Manter expressed concern about “the expansion of nonconforming use” at the hall. 

“Again, nothing against this, but there seems to be a continuing, ongoing uptick in the number of events taking place at the Grange Hall,” he said. “I’m greatly concerned about the use of the property.” 

These sentiments about events at Grange Hall have been expressed by Manter multiple times before. Manter ultimately voted in favor of the picnic, but wanted more information about the number of events that have taken place at Grange Hall. 

The board voted unanimously to award Island Autism the event permit for the picnic. 

Island Autism executive director Kate DeVane, who entered the meeting after the decision was made, explained to the board what the picnic had in store, such as a 5K race and a cookout. 

“The idea is just to have a community day,” DeVane said. 

The board unanimously appointed Amelia Smith to be the energy and climate administrator. 

The board authorized Rand to sign a letter of support for Healthy Aging M.V.’s efforts to recertify the town as a healthy aging town, and to sign the dementia pledge, which is to show support toward making West Tisbury and other towns dementia-friendly.

The board unanimously approved Rand’s request to go to the finance committee for a reserve fund transfer of $686.42 for legal fees. 


  1. Congratulations, Brad! West Tisbury couldn’t have made a better choice. We’re so lucky to have you on the force and in this town.

  2. How lucky we are in West Tisbury to have Brad Cortez taking care of us!! He’s a shining example of a caring professional police officer. Best of luck, Brad. Phyllis (the crazy runner!)

  3. That’s Great well deserved news..Congratulations Brad…I’m very proud of you..Your friend,,Angelo…

  4. Congratulations Brad! West Tisbury is very lucky to have Brad Cortez watching over us. He couldn’t be nicer, more respectful or professional. Brad cares so much about the people in his town and does all he can to help us. Congratulations again Brad! I’m so happy for you and us!

  5. Very rare to see such accolades, must be very well deserved. Stay safe an congrats brother.

  6. we are fortunate to have such great people that are willing to serve, even more so on the choices of amazing officers, to have to choose one must have been a difficult task considering the options. I love this town 🙂

  7. Congratulations, Brad! What a perfect choice for our community. I’m so happy and proud of you.

  8. Bravo Brad!!
    Good choice West Tisbury.
    I have never met such an understanding and patient policeman.

  9. I am so happy to hear this news. Every time I see Brad(even though I don’t know him personally) I say to myself, “This guy is exactly what a police officer should be.” He’s always approachable, professional, kind and has the perfect personality for the job. I hope this isn’t his last promotion.

  10. We second all the accolades in the replies. Most people would be pleased to receive one or two of these complimentary descriptions…..Brad wraps himself in all of them…..CARING…PROFESSIONAL…SHINING EXAMPLE….NICE…RESPECTFUL…CLASS ACT…BIG HEART…APPROACHABLE…KIND…PERFECT PERSONALITY…UNDERSTANDING…and the list will continue to grow. The Town of West Tisbury (and indeed the entire island community) is a better place with Sergeant Brad Cortez. Congratulations !!

  11. Congratulations Brad
    Once again the department made a perfect choice . My family and I are very proud
    that we can say we knew you back when
    Sarah scanlon and family

  12. When will the TPD be sending their officers to WTPD for leadership training classes.
    How to avoid quarter of million dollar payouts for unacceptable behavior?

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