Thursday, September 22, 2022
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Elder Law with Frank and Mary: Have you planned for your last year?

As seniors, we understand that everyone eventually dies, and we know, for us, it may be sooner rather than later. Beyond that, it’s all...

Elder Law with Frank and Mary: Living with memory loss

We are all forgetful at times. There is a point, though, when those memory problems get noticeably worse, either for you or for those...

Elder Law with Frank and Mary: Planning to help your children (and grandchildren)

Most people want to leave their assets to their children and grandchildren. However, many families are more complicated, so your estate plan should address...

Elder Law with Frank and Mary: Elder Law for Singles

Probate avoidance Typically, a couple owns their assets jointly. If one dies, the other becomes the sole owner. If you’re single, assets you own in...

Elder Law with Frank and Mary: Protecting your spouse

There are two important strategies for couples to consider that would need to be done while both of you are alive. Qualifying for MassHealth If you...

Elder Law: Planning to Stay Home

Most seniors hope they can live in their home until they die. But hope is not a plan. Here are some tips: Make your...

Elder Law: The planning you need to qualify for MassHealth

In previous columns I have explained how, whether you are single or married, you can always qualify for MassHealth, however, for each the planning...

Elder Law: Giving It All Away (Or at Least Some of It)

Every December, my clients ask whether or not it makes sense to make gifts to their loved ones. In addition to getting to hear...

55Plus: Elder Law – Which Medicare option is right for you?

Every year, you and every other senior on the Vineyard need to think about how you are feeling, make a guess about your health...

55Plus: Elder Law – How to minimize your taxes

Who likes paying taxes? No one! Below are some ways you may be able to minimize or avoid taxes: REAL ESTATE TAXES Abatements. Contact the...

55Plus: Elder Law – Nursing home alternative during COVID-19

What is the alternative to being in a nursing home? That question is top of mind for many seniors now, due to the high...

55Plus: Elder Law – The impact of COVID-19: We are in this together

Well, here we are. We are all living through an emergency that none of us could have foreseen or planned for.  What do you...