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Let the Newtown parents lead

Vice President Joe Biden's panel to study gun violence should include all the parents of the children killed in the recent, horrible school shooting.

Gun laws are not the equal of security

In reading some recent Letters to the Editor, I had to reflect upon the existing gun laws of the state of Massachusetts, which already require that purchasers or possessors of firearms be licensed, that guns are registered at the point of sale, are required to be in locked cabinets or have trigger locks, and unfit individuals are and have always been barred from becoming licensed.

Stop the crazy spending

Regarding the article on the school budget [Chilmark officials say 'Wow' to school costs hike, December 20], I'm really curious as to why the superintendent of schools would need a plush new $3 to $5 million office.

A benefit road race, farmers market, and school break camp

On January 1, kick off the New Year with a 5K run and walk around Oak Bluffs.

Reel Picks

In this comedy, Seth Rogen plays an inventor who is about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

Christopher Plummer brings “Barrymore” to life

Drew Barrymore is the latest in a family line of film and stage actors. This film describes a family's theatrical legacy.

New Year’s Eve celebrating requires New Year’s Eve Shopping

You may want to sharpen your wardrobe for the big party, or find some inspiration for your party cuisine, or if you are at home, you'll need snacks.

Martha’s Vineyard literary community grew vigorously in 2012

My annual Best Reads is based on books I've actually read and reviewed. That doesn't mean there aren't other great reads but I haven't read them.

Celebrate the countdown to 2013 on Martha’s Vineyard

Go retro, rock out, see a movie – choose your celebration for New Year's Eve.

Disaster cannot always be prevented

On December 14, a 20-year-old man named Adam Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School with an assault rifle and killed 20 first-graders and six adults.

Christmas past and present

Christmas morning was different when the children were young.

State aid doesn’t mean much around here

It's budget-building season in Island towns, preparing for annual town meetings this spring when voters will make FY2014 spending decisions.

Oak Bluffs

Here it is the day before Christmas, as I am writing my last column for 2012.


A poem by an anonymous author struck my fancy as I returned home a few days ago after strolling about town with a band of young children spreading love and joy and well wishes for the New Year through rousing renditions of Rudolph and Jingle Bells.

West Tisbury

The sky is inky black, with stars brilliant, as though they had been pasted on.


You know we may be a small town, but we know how to celebrate.


The affordable Small Treasures show at the Louisa Gould Gallery runs through the end of December.


So what are your New Year's resolutions? Let's make some as a town.

Martha’s Vineyard’s menu is full of New Year’s Eve options

From a casual dinner to gourmet prix fixe, find many options, with reservations still available.

Martha’s Vineyard High School celebrates Brazil Day

The specially prepared lunch featured Brazilian specialties and provided much food for thought and friendship.