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Vineyard art happenings

What's going on at Featherstone, Louisa Gould, Old Sculpin, and Shephard Fine ArtSpace.

Art critiques at Old Sculpin Gallery

Art Critiques at Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown are selected Thursdays at 6 pm.

The worst president ever

Obama's interest in the welfare of his fellow citizens is just amazing.

To all who came

To all who came to the Built on Stilts shows,thank you so very much.

Thanks to those who helped make us safe

This is a long letter of thanks because so many people volunteered their time and talents to help make a dangerous storm situation into a well managed emergency action.

Hooray for the SSA

On the afternoon of August 25, as I was preparing for Irene's arrival, I received a call from an SSA representative at the Palmer lot asking me if I owned a green Hyundai? My immediate thought, unfortunately was negative.

Hooray for Nstar

I want to say how impressed I am with the crews at NSTAR.

Hooray for the Chappy EMTs and all who helped

On Sunday, the day Irene arrived, our seven-year-old grandson broke his arm.

New bus bench needed at hospital

The bench could have a patriotic message painted on it, like "Remember the Maine" (or the Alamo) or "Hooray for Bill.

No pricing surprises

I feel very strongly about the practice retailers have of not putting the complete price, including tax, on items, be it food, clothing, etc.

It was a pit bull, after all

To the Editor:I was recently told that more people are killed by cows than by pit bulls, so I suppose we should have considered ourselves lucky to find a pit bull, and not a cow, roaming around our yard last night.

Appalling municipal decision in Oak Bluffs

The town of Oak Bluffs is not adequately protecting its residents and visitors.

Proud to be a firefighter’s son

With the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy upon us, bringing back to life the incredible suffering it caused and the remarkable service our nation's police and fire fighters provided, I am prompted to share some thoughts.

Once more, leadership fails emergency information management test

The Code Red alert system, a county-wide venture on Martha's Vineyard, is a promising vehicle for getting important information to Islanders.

Pre-Irene uncertainty and an old saw

Google is the master of algorithms and answers, so I Googled, If I spend Saturday taking care of the boat, will my beloved take care of the garden gnome and the flamingo? (Flamingos can become missiles in hurricane force wind.

Re-entry isn’t easy, although another Vineyard summer will come

Almost every day since I've been back from the Vineyard, I've walked my dogs around Fresh Pond, the local reservoir in Cambridge, a city of 100,000.

Traffic and tuition

Labor Day, each year, concludes the season when we're apt to grow most resentful of the Vineyard's summer people and begins the season when we should be most grateful for them.

Noteworthy events

All summer families have gathered under the Linden Tree in Vineyard Haven on Saturday evenings to enjoy a musical puppet show by Bella, a Brazilian-born performer who now lives on the Island.